". Workshops and Talks

Workshops and Talks


We conduct in-person (life) or online seminars and workshop that talks about Interior Design Topics, from Stying Renovation and Investments for Companies or a Group of people who are interested in Interior Design.

Here are sample topics that I talked about:
  • Basic Interior Design Styling
  • Condominium Tips and Tricks 
  • Space Planning for Small Spaces
  • Home Decluttering and Organization
  • Interior Design Investment in Upselling your Real Property

Do you find your topic of Interest here? No! Then It's time to talk about which topic interests you.

Share with us your Event Details 

The Venue, Your Expected Attendees (Students, Investors, Real Estate Agents), and Your Topics of Interest. We would be glad to brainstorm and collaborate with you to fit into your event, deliver, and give your a good experience.

How to make this happen:

  1. The Venue - Where we will be attending the event
  2. Your Expected Attendees - Who will be the audience, we will curate your topic on who will be the audience 
  3. Travel and Accommodation will be shouldered by the organizer for out-of-town engagements
  4. Number of Topics to Cover

How we can help you:
  1. We will curate our list of topics to fit your event theme and collaborate with you for approval.
  2. Our Research topic will be curated and updated
  3. We will promote the event on our social media channels
  4. We will be available before and after the event
  5. We also bring our own laptops and HDMI cables for the presentation.

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