". Interior Design Services Fees

Interior Design Services Fees




Virtual | On-Site | Designer for a Day

Do you want to ask an on-site design question? We can schedule an ocular meeting at your location or have a physical meet-up.

Consultation only is offering advice and design direction only without the schematic or detailed drawings, and offers a general recommendation either virtual or on-site.

  • P 1,000.00 Online Consultation per hour
  • P  2,500.00 On-site Consultation per hour, + P 500.00 per town after Mandaue City (North) & Talisay City (South)
  • P 5,000.00 Color Design Consultation  for 1 Session 
  • P 15,000.00 Decluttering and Organizing Consultation for 8 hours 

Virtual Interior Design

Conceptual Design |  Animation | Online Styling

Our Virtual Interior Design or E-Design s offers remote work without ever going to your home. Creating Concept Designs based on your provided details.

  •     Virtual Interior Design Starts at 5,000 php*
  •     Animation or Walkthrough Starts: at 15,000 php*
  •     3D Rendering Only Starts at 5,000php per room/area*

Interior Styling.

Designer for a Day 

Our In-Person Stying Services. We transform your space into what you already have and create a beautiful space. We re-arrange furniture and position your decor to improve the look of your space. 

  • Room Styling. P 5,000.00 for 5 hours (Half day)

Re-arranging, Re-decorating and Improving the place base on your existing items and add some new items to make it refreshing. It can be a bedroom, a kids bedroom or your house.

  • Furniture and Decor Shopping. P 10,000.00 for 8 hours (1 day)

Improving your space base on the new items for purchase. We can shop on your behalf or you can shop along with us. 

  • Syling Package 

Starts at P 15,000.00 per square meters to furnish your space with minimal to no installation work to be done. Exclusive of manpower. 


 *Proposal will depend on the area of the space for the project. The above rates are based on 10-30 sqm (100-300 square feet).

Workshop and Talks

  • P 10,000.00 Speaking Engagement
  • Out-of-town and other Requirements is not included

Full Interior Design

Conceptual Design to Working Drawings

We offer this Service for A Full Interior Design from Concept Design upto Technical Drawings whose projects may be implemented by another contractor or a project implemented at a later time

  • Starts at P1,000.00 per m2 for  Residential and Commercial Projects or base on Minimum Project Fee.


Supplementary Services

A Design Management 

A The Management covers the invoice, inventory and logistic side of interior designer where coordination with the vendors, contractors and client is a must to organize every detailed of a design. We offer this as a conceirge work for clients who wanted to course through us the hassle of negotiating and selecting actual selections and choices to cost. This also includes Project Site Inspection to ensure the project is base on the approved design.

  • Project Management - Starts at 2,500php per visit or 25,000 php monthly
  • Design Management - Starts at 25,000 php monthly
  • Concierge Works, and other Works to be included - Starts at 25,000 php monthly


*Price Varies depending on your reguirements 

Turn-Key Services

A Build Services

Our One-Stop-Shop Services for our Projects.

  • Basic Price of P 18,000.00 per square meters for Interior Construction Works (Renovation)
  • Standard Price of 23,000.00 per square meteers for Interior Construction Works (Renovation)
  • High-End Price of 28,000.00 per square meters for Interior Construction Works (Renovation).


*All projects are to be determined base on the Scope of Work required by the owner.


Got more questions?

1. Do you offer Virtual Interior Design where I want to see my space in advance? 

Yes. We offer Virtual Interior Design

2. I don't want to hire a full design but a placement where I can immediately purchase the items at any given time, do you have that kind of service? 

Yes. We have a Virtual Interior Design Package that might be right for you or our Pre-Made Boards that we had curated ahead of time and all you have to do is click and shop.

3. Do you Design and Build? 

Yes, Book us a call, and Let's talk about your design and construction needs.

4. Do you over a Perspective and Drawings to be submitted to the developer and my contractor will execute your design?

Yes. We have Full Design Only or Full Interior Design where we manage the project to ensure our design is met.

5. Do you over animation works, I want to see the drawings in animation?

Yes. We offer Animation Works.

6. Do you over renderings only of the space, no mood board or shopping list?

Yes. Go over to our Virtual Interior Design

7. Do you accept projects that you design and manage and oversee the overall project?

Yes. It is under our Full Interior Design - We Design, We Source, and Manage the Design of Projects related to Interiors.

8. Where can I see most of your work? 

Visit our website www.premieredesigninteriors.com 

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