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Guest Post Guidelines

We are looking for a quality content post that is relevant to the interior design industry and therefore contributing writers should be aware that the site is Philippine-based and offers our interior design services to both local and international clients with properties in Asia, particularly in the Philippines. However, with the rise of Virtual Interior Design we are ble to reach more clients worldwide and your expertise would be valueable and has the potential to reach out to you.

We are looking for Design Topics that talk about design advice, industry news, and how-to tips are the most popular choice among our readers.

Please submit your proposed guest post idea to premieredesignph@gmail.com with the 


Blogpost Length

The length of your blog post should be 500 to 1,000 words and submitted using both Word Documents and PDF File and should include the images you have owned or obtained attached to it should be JPEG files of the images to be used.

Number of Words

In 150-250 words introduce yourself and what you do with a link to your blog, social media links, and website. Show a close-up photo of yourself. Include this in the Word Document and PDF.


Each guest post will be shared on our social media such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, and other social media outlets for higher reach.


We retain the copyright of all material published on this blog.


If your submission is related to a promotion of a specific company or product, please directly email premieredesignph@gmail.com with a SUBJECT LINE: COLLABORATION.

We welcome all submissions and we reserve the right to approve and edit your write-up the edited version will be seen upon publishing it in your blog and you will be informed when your blog will be used and will keep in touch with you.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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