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Interested to join our growing team?! . . .

Today, I finally find something that could be interesting for you. This isn't a post where I give tips and all but surely a big help to our team. As the company grows and other ventures are in motion. We are looking for someone who can engage with us for 3 months part-time and this could be of interest to you!

Social Media Assistant (closed)

This is a job where we need proper documenting and organizing of our photos, videos, stories, and reels. Your task is to curate a month-long social media content to be posted in real-time and store photos for the other content plans such as behind-the-scenes, before and afters, project tours, and other content. So will focus mostly on the Photos and Videos for certain content.  The person in this has a love for interior design and a basic understanding of the industry and needs to come up with new and creative ideas for social media creation, on how to shoot and edit them in creative ways and take the lead for production. Ideally, you'll have an idea of what's going on with the project and come up with a list of ideas on what to shoot and how to shoot and shoot the project with or without me, Emari, the principal designer. Edit the photos, organize the photo securely and work directly with Emari for the final posting schedule. This person must have basic photography skills, editing photoshop, and interior styling ideas to make it look better in photos and videos. Any extra skills would be a huge plus.

Design Associate /Editorial Assistant (closed)

This person would help execute the decoration of any projects, work with Emari directly and the Premiere Design Interiors Team to help get product samples, order materials and take photos of furniture and assist the design team with any drawings in CAD and Rendering Works. This person will also help prepare posts of the backend of the entire social media platforms used not limited to creating floor plan ad renderings and even graphics on photos when necessary, take part in helping curate posts based on the design process, and work with Premiere Design Interiors. Mainly, Your work is on the Design Team where you design and manage the project and when completed you have to do other work necessary for documentation. We are looking for someone who can help create a story through visual content and help our clients make it into reality.

Interior Design Interns

Your task is to be better in your skills, Our program is to make you familiarize all parts involving interior design drawings, project management, and administrative work.

Apply if you are willing for at least a 3-months period. Willing to work on a Hybrid Studio Set-Up (Work from Home, Site, and Co-working).

Send the following

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Portfolio
  • Endorsement Letter is Optional

Let's work on what you can offer and what we have in mind to keep this collaboration going thus any candidate should get along with everyone on the team and be able to work independently as well. We work remotely and once in a while we gather in one of our workshop areas (still in motion). Other concerns raised will be answered directly. Let's hit and looking forward to collaborating with you soon! 

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