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Emari Pimentel is a dynamic and engaging Interior Design and Lifestyle Blog that offers readers a unique perspective on creating beautiful and functional spaces. With a focus on empowering her readers to transform their homes and lives, Emari Pimentel shares insightful tips and strategies for designing spaces that reflect individual styles and personalities. From decorating ideas to home renovation projects, Emari Pimentel's blog covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to anyone looking to elevate their living space. With a growing audience of loyal followers, Emari Pimentel's blog is the perfect platform for brands and advertisers looking to connect with a diverse and engaged audience. Her content is visually stunning and thoughtfully written, offering a valuable opportunity to reach readers who are passionate about design and lifestyle. Contact Emari Pimentel today to learn more about collaborating on sponsored content or advertising opportunities.


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Banner Ads
Banner Ads are placed in a sidebar of our page and can be seen in almost all pages and posts of this blog. The size is 300 x 300 pixels and will be reviewed before posting all sponsored logos.  Duration will be for 12 months for $100.

Blog Article + Social Share
A long-form blog article accompanying social shares devoted to promoting your offering.

For product, business features you may opt for a sponsored post. We will approve products that we have used and tried, products or brands that we are most likely to endorse and believe to be beneficial to the user. This type of post will be labeled as Sponsored Post and it differs from a "Review Post" and "Featured Post". A sponsored post may include a 750 words write-up about your product and services with an official logo and image from the sponsor and a link to your site. This will also be distributed across social media platforms and to our related businesses.

Creating a Magazine Look of your products from our projects or User Generated Content

Event Coverage
Bloggers from trade shows, showrooms, factories and etc. Sharing about the brands I love

Speaking Engagement


Reach us via E-mail, premieredesignph@gmail.com 
for Interior Design Services and Blog Inquiry 

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