Banner Ads 

Banner Ads are placed in a side bar of our page and can be seen in almost all pages and posts of this blog. It's size is 300 x 300 pixels and will be reviewed before posting all sponsored logos.  Duration will be in 1month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

Sponsored Posts

For product, business features you may opt for a sponsored post. We will approve products that we have used and tried, products or brands that we are most likely to endorse and believe to be beneficial to the user. This type of post will be labeled as Sponsored Post. 

A sponsored post includes a 1000 words write-up about your product and services. An official logo from the sponsor and a link to your site. Additional Prices will be applied for non-inclusion of scope.

Every sponsored post will vary from one post to the other which will differ from a Product Review Post.

Video Post

We are still new to the vlogging world, this won't be done in a professional way. We are most likely to include this in our post as a random feature just yet. We will just include the video process of our documentation when there is actual work being done or experience and will not be considered yet as a sponsored post on our video unless stated.

We got prices and packages available upon request. Please e-mail me at Excited to be working alongside with you! 

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