Thank you for dropping by at my blog. I am Emari Grace Pimentel. I am a licensed Interior Designer and Entrepreneur. I enjoy exploring new things and passionate about creating beautiful spaces for home and businesses. She is the founder of Premiere Design Interiors, interior design studio, and construction firm to help and inspire business owners to realize and discover the style that speaks for their vision. She does residential projects too to help clients create the life they deserve.

In 2016, I created this blog after years and years of attempting and jumping from one topic to the other. I finally found my place on the topics I wanted to share.

This self-titled blog, Emari has opened new doors in my creative field, As I was about to start on doing freelancing works as an Interior Designer and exploring different possibilities and pre-occupying myself in any form.

What's in this blog?

In this blog, you'll find a journal about my work-life, as an interior designer, and most especially on the interior design projects that my team has been worked and will be working on.

In between those are inspiring interior design and lifestyle and sheer experience that I have been through. Being in a creative field and a person who's life can stand a day in being productive, I find a dose of happiness whenever I write, scroll on my phone's photos and Pinterest, reading books and blogs, and having time to share what I could share.

You'll find beautiful photographs, tips and inspiring practical ways to make your space maximized into its full potential. I do accept Full Interior Design Projects under Premiere Design Interiors and also Interior Design Consultation,  Private Workshops, and Speaking Engagement where I could share more great tips and practical ways on how to apply it specifically to your space.

Let's get connected

I'd love to share a lot of things with you and I hope that this blog was able to land some available space on your laptops and mobile phones. I like to hear from you! If you got questions about home and design or anything related to this blog or simply be one of my online and offline friends, connect with me

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Want to get Collaborate?

If you want to have your place, shop or products featured, please E-mail me at thedesigndistrict.media@gmail.com , Don't forget to send me at least one good photo and describe the good things about it, to give me an idea what we will be working together.

and If you are an interior designer, stylist or photographer and want your projects or products to be featured or promoted, please send me an E-mail at thedesigndistrict.media@gmail.com and I'll do the best to reply to you the soonest possible. Caio! 

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