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Thank you for dropping by my blog. I am Emari Pimentel. I am a licensed Interior Designer and Entrepreneur ( and self-proclaimed wanderer). 

I am Emari, the founder / Principal Interior Designer of Premiere Design Interiors, a full-service Interior Design and Construction Firm in Cebu.

I hope you find something hopeful and inspirational here where design interiors and build interior construction projects and create YouTube Videos to share about my knowledge. Want to know more, feel free to ask! 

What's in this blog?

This blog started as a passion blog or I would say I "hobby" blog. I had this since 2016 and since then it had a lot of changes and directions until I decided to make this part of my profession which I had initially thought. 

Fast forward, This website now serves to share mostly interior design-related topics, careers, self-development, and lifestyles. 

On this site, you will also find the following things

  • Interior Design Topics
  • Productivity 
  • Lifestyle

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Want to get Collaborate?

If you want to have your place, shop or products featured, please E-mail me at ( ), Don't forget to send me at least one good photo and describe the good things about it, to give me an idea of what we will be working on together.

and If you are an interior designer, stylist, or photographer and want your projects or products to be featured or promoted, please send me an e-mail at ( ) and I'll do my best to reply to you the soonest as possible. Caio! 

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