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Thank you for dropping by my blog.

I'm Emari. I'm a licensed Interior Designer living in Cebu, Philippines. I am an Independent Interior Designer and Entrepreneur.

My goal is to educate and empower home owners and business owners to live in an elevated environment to be more productive in building their careers and do what they love doing. 

On this site, I create practical resources to help you, a homeowner, realestate owner and business owner to understand that importance of interior design and you will find helpful resources to better understand our work in making it easier for you while sharing a glimpse of my life.

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As I strive to live in minimal , intentional life while doing what I love: Designing meaning experiences and elevated lifestyle, creating and developing new ideas in this different platforms and share it with you.

Aside from these, I am exploring new things in YouTube which is still finding my way on how on finding may path through this.


  • 2015 - I passed the Philippine Interior Design Licensure Exam and still working on the same company while I was studying

  • 2016 - Started Writing in my blog which is now, www.emaripimentel.com while doing some freelance work on the side.

  • 2017- I left the company whom I had worked for about 6-7 years with different company roles and by the last guarter, I became a solopreneur as an Interior Designer

  • 2018 - I got 2 recognition awards for being top independent interior design studio as a start-up and had my very first speaking engagement

  • 2019 - I opened my first physical office and started to grow a team

  • 2020 - Lock-Down Started and Closed the Office and Ventured in Virtual Interior Design and these are the times I tried different things that could work for me including YouTubing but then I halted to find purpose on what I'm offering and still am...

  • 2021 - Getting back on my feet and growing my team of 5 including part-timers and still exploring. This time I began to write intetionally in my blog talking about interior design. 

  • 2022 - Present , I continue to work as an Interior Designer and Writing on my Blog and started to be more consistent in one platform at a time and Still figuing out what to do next as new adventures and challenges comes along. 

Speaking and Interviews

Ayala Land - Amai Steps Residences
Golden Toppers Inc - City Clou Residences

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Want to get Collaborate?

If you want to have your place, shop or products featured, please E-mail me at premieredesignph@gmail.com, Don't forget to send me at least one good photo and describe the good things about it, to give me an idea of what we will be working on together.

and If you are an interior designer, stylist, or photographer and want your projects or products to be featured or promoted, please send me an e-mail at (premieredesignph@gmail.com ) and I'll do my best to reply to you the soonest as possible. Caio! 

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