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How To Add A Little Sparkle To Your Life Starting Now


 How To Add A Little Sparkle To Your Life Starting Now

Oh! It's February. How the month fly by unnoticed. January went on a whim and now we are on our second month of the year, Love Month. The Holiday Season may have ended and another one begins and we couldn't be happier to look forward to another season for us. The glitzy and sparkly Christmas decorations are about to be kept in the coming weeks and Sparkling things don't end there. 

We all wanted a sparkling clean home as we go for all-year-round seasonal decorations and we can't emphasize it even more. Decluttering and Cleaning your home around February to start the spring cleaning around the house to kick off your New Year! 

 The benefits of adding spark to your home

The benefits of cleaning your home around February will give you a stress-free cleaning period. It allows you to enjoy the time to enjoy your space and relax as you settled again into your back-to-work routine and as you start slowing down back to your normal and new routine.

1. Make an Intentional List

Cleaning comes to us naturally when necessary. Seeing the unusual look of the home gives us the vibe to declutter and organize the home to make it look better If you wanted to keep things as Organized as possible having a checklist is a must for you to get started. 

This would help you address the things you want to address in the area or room that made you cringe to clean it in a snap. Prioritize this by adding a Focused Schedule time every week to get you started.

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2. Tackle it Room by Room

Cleaning a home can be exhausting even spending an hour or two makes us want to stop because we overwhelmed ourselves to finish it within the day. Tackling the Room by Week or Day as is the most efficient time that you can do. It satisfies you and you know you are productive without stressing yourself. 

Download our Free Printable List

3. Declutter your Closet

Have you ever found yourself saying, "I've no dress to wear!", Come on you know that's a lie you tell yourself unless you really do have nothing to wear for the dress code written in the invitation (e-) card. This is the time you start purging your clothes, from Marie Kondo's teaching, "Does it spark joy to me?" 

May those old clothes be found and used by someone who would love to wear them. Either you donate or sell them, your choice. Let someone feel the joy of your item.

4. Use the right Equipment and Products

There is a saying "Work Smart not Hard." We live in a hustle culture, in a rat race where time is always running out.  The quote in my opinion that At one point we have to work hard and then apply work smart. In order for us to work smart we got to have the knowledge and learn how to do things. From Katharina Joyce Watson, "You can't teach what you don't know and You can't lead where you want."

Learn to use equipment that can make your cleaning easier and know the product benefits that can offer you that you would like to use most importantly choose equipment that can last for multiple uses.

Use the right product for each item for every material application that you want to use. 

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What spring cleaning activity helped you enjoy it? How about you share us your activity and tips in our comment section! 



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