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A year in Review 2022



A year in Review 2022

As we embraced 2023, Wonderful things are happening. After being in a challenging state last 2022 and Thank Goodness, those things had to happen to make us align for 2023. 

This post was written in December 2022 and in which I was hesitant to share it. My overthinking mind is always working 24/7 with this many versions of the outcome and as I was reading the drafts on which ones to be posted. I felt the urge to share this post, A year in review for 2022,  not to brag but to inspire. 

As Everyone I have talked to has felt that 2022 was a Personal Growth Year and a Business Growth which I hadn't realized until it had to happen to me. Words are hard to express but all I can say for now is that 2022 was a Blessing all along that prepared me, including you for what is coming in 2023.

Once again, I can't thank you enough for supporting me and joining me in my journey for your continued growth. I look forward to seeing you grow with us and see how our 2023 would unfold. 

Let me share a few things that We had accomplished.

(3 Events) Speaking Engagements

We had been into 2 Speaking Engagements with City Clou and 1 Interview with Family Construction to showcase our field of profession and also how we can collaborate with each other for the benefit of the homeowners may the purpose is to Live in the space or Use the space to generate an active income. 

Do you have a company event? Invite us to be part of your event.

(14 Posts) Walk-through Animations

We relaunched our YouTube Channel for Premiere Design Interiors last April 2022. I thought this day would not happen yet but it did in the Second Quarter of 2022. These are projects that our clients had trusted us to do for both Residential and Commercial, and its Virtual Interior Design and (physical) Interior Design Projects. This Channel is intended to showcase our Walkthrough Animation and which we post once a month.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get inspired.

Read and Watch our Youtube Videos

(43 posts) Our Blog Growth

We have been consistently posting every month sharing Interior Design Topics to help you understand interior design and design solutions that can help you awaken your design passions and know more about our industry by knowing how we can help you. 

Whether you are looking for answers about interior design solutions, Read our Blogor want to collaborate with us to feature your product or services, Send us a Direct Message (DM).

The Business Life

Though Most of my written plans both personal and business plans for the year had not come to fruition. It opened new doors that would soon lead me there. As a business grows you realize those things written things in the plan seem only a result and there is more to it which are our wins. It is not something that people would be able to see right away but the Progress that is happening is worth celebrating.

  • A more efficient way to work with the team using Trello, A Project management System that I had been using since 2020.
  • Innovating Solutions for both Team and Clients
  • Our team grew with incredible Interior Design Associates
  • The ever growing Interior Design Projects we continue to create and build 
  • The People we meet and experience warmth and learning
  • Our rooster of clients who continue to trust us and believe in our work

Read: The Productivity Apps that we love to use

This year is an evolution, a growth for us, and this small unseen progress made us simultaneously do the groundwork as we continue to evolve and serve you better. 

Thank you

We can't emphasize to you all the details that we have been brewing this year and it's something we would definitely reveal soon to share with you all. Stay tuned for all these incredible projects we will be sharing in 2023. 

We are always progressing and learning and this doesn't happen overnight nor without you being part of our progress. We kept moving to improve and do better than we are yesterday. 

Thank you for joining us this year! We hope you enjoyed this look back at 2022.
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