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What is the best kitchen countertop to use?


 What is the best kitchen countertop to use?

If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen or renovating your house, you’re probably asking yourself what is the best kitchen countertop to use. While the kitchen can be one of the hardest rooms in the house to remodel or renovate, it’s also one of the most important areas to get right from day one. So it’s worth doing your homework before you start tearing out old countertops and laying down new ones.

In this article, we’ll cover the best countertop materials so that you can make an informed decision on what will work best in your kitchen.



Granite countertops are the most well-known to homeowners and have been popular for decades. Although the material has received a poor reputation because of its starburst pattern, there are many advantages to using a natural stone like granite for your kitchen worktops, as the material is economical, heat and stain-resistant, and incredibly durable, and it can be an attractive choice when leaning on the side of simplicity.



Soapstone is a natural stone that has a smooth, silky feel and is usually dark gray. It has recently gained popularity as a substitute for granite. Soapstone is commonly seen in old homes but is also used as a countertop and sink material in modern houses as well. Soapstone develops an antique-like sheen over time, which can be very appealing for certain kitchen layouts.



Quartz is a man-made surface that is exceptionally durable, low-maintenance, and tough. Quartz countertop, as opposed to natural stone counters, are non-porous (meaning it does not stain or scratch and do not require sealant). 

Quartz countertops are made to seem like practically any other design, including natural textures and patterns. Slabs are available in various color variants and thicknesses, making them an attractive option for any house style.


Solid Surface

Solid surface countertops are made from alumina tri-hydrate, acrylic, epoxy, or polyester resins and pigments and are non-porous and low-maintenance. It is a low-cost countertop solution with a unified look and feels.

Solid surface countertops can resemble the appearance of granite, marble, and other naturally formed materials. Yet, they lack the depth of detail that actual stone does.

Wood/Butcher Block

A butcher block-style countertop may give any home a cozy, cottage-like feel. Wood counters are perfect for food preparation when properly sealed since they do not harbor harmful microorganisms on the surface.

Teak, acacia, cherry, and American walnut are just a few of the wood varieties that can accommodate different looks and feelings for your surface. Wood countertops are also frequently utilized in conjunction with other countertop surfaces to enhance the other designs in the room. Wood countertops in an all-white kitchen can add warmth while giving different colors and textures.


Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is long-lasting and easy to clean. It is far less expensive than natural stone, quartz, or solid-surface counters, especially for do-it-yourself.

Recent advancements in porcelain tile design provide far more design alternatives than ever, including tiles resembling wood, marble, or even leather or cork. Ceramic and porcelain tiles offer more design possibilities than any other tabletop material.

However, This is not something I would recommend even if you thought of using this as it's not aesthetically pleasing it is also best to invest a bit on your countertop for durability and its lifespan.

As an interior design practitioner, I have biases in terms of Material Selection because you deserve a good quality product that budget considerations were often considered upon selecting which materials are best suited. As much as I like to use Calcatta Marble and Onyx Stone which would be a hefty price to consider.



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