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Top 5 Blogpost for 2022



Top 5 Blogpost for 2022

In today's post, we will be covering the top 5 blog posts on what we have written and these posts had most of the time become our Top 5 contenders within the last 12 months. All of our blog posts are evergreen content and here is the List that we wanted to share

1. 22 Days of Rental Property Renovation

This project was done Pre-Pandemic in 2018 When things were normal and I was in my first year in the Interior Design Practice. We did 22 Days of renovation or I would say an upgrade of the unit. The Priority here was the kitchen and was the major thing we did to meet the desired timeline all the rest was done while the contractors were working on the project.

2. How much does it cost to furnish a condominium

This post tackles How much it costs to furnish a condo. This was not the 2022 price just yet as you know 3x - 4x price increase since then on both goods and commodities. However, The client can set a budget and the designer can help you how to come up with a solution. Expectations must also be considered and the budget must be set in stone to identify your requirements.

3. How to make our Living Room Luxurious

Working on a Limited Budget and wanting a re-vamp on the space for an all-year-round season or for holidays. This post is for you! Especially, when you wanted to feel a different feeling that could provide some spark. At one point, We get "tired" of the same look inside of our home and wanted to try something "new". This is your guide.

4. How interior designers charge their fees

In general, Interior Designers and Firms have different Professional fees and it all varies from their experience, the projects they had done, and their growth over the years. 

As per the Minimum Charge according to R.A 10350, Practice of Interior Design. A Minimum Fee is P50,000php to do a Full Interior Design (Schematic Design/Concept Design and Design Development or Working Drawings) with Sign and Seal and Printed Copy. 

5. Get inspired: Yoon Se-Ri Apartment

Who hasn't watched Crash Landing on You (CLOY)? Get some time to binge-watch this K-Drama and surely you'll know where we get our inspiration. This Brutalist Inspired Interior Designer could be your next to go Design theme.  Want to see another K-Drama that we can get tackle and uncover its design themes? Message me.



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