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5 Ways to ensure a stress-free renovation


Planning a Renovation can be stressful just before a project start. We had this long list of works that we wanted to accomplish or even a folder of inspiration we have saved on our desktops or phones that we got from google or from Pinterest how many sleepless nights did you spend on the possible budgets you want to work on.

Renovation in general can be of different sorts and different criteria and plans and for this article let's focus on a Condominium Property.

Here are 5 ways to ensure a stress-free renovation

  • Be upfront about your plans. 

Knowing your goal. What is the reason behind your renovation? It could be to update the look of your existing unit or even get a beautiful space that reflects your heart's desire or maximize the rental value of your property.

Do you plan to keep some of your furniture and the things you had in mind that could probably be in use? 

  • Hiring the right Professionals. 

We are talking about the interiors of your unit, and an interior designer is a suitable professional to work on your project. The role of an interior designer will vary on the services you would require him/her of their firm. An Interior Designer can charge you for Consultancy to Full Interior Design Services. 

A renovation project also involves Architects, Engineers, and Professional Furniture makers and having them work together to achieve your dream space.

  • Setting the Budget. 

Be upfront with your designer about how much you are willing to invest in your unit. In this way, they can help you better on how they can design your space. Giving the budget will both save you time determining your plans and what we can include. Think about your long-term plans and short-term plans for your space. 

Whether you have a flexible budget (willing to upgrade) or a defined budget that you are willing to invest in your current plan. Being decisive on this matter will give you peace of mind and avoid costly mistakes along the way.

  • Accept that design is not just about Aesthetics, It's Essential

It is a misconception that when talking about interior design, it's about a beautiful outcome of the same, a luxe and pictures feel shown in the photos. In fact, before any interior designer achieves the aesthetic look, a Pinterest-worthy image. They had planned it from the very start to accommodate the client's needs based on their lifestyle, the things they enjoyed, and the things they envisioned for themselves, and before they knew it. The designer has thought of the functionality before even presenting it to them, and that's what you see because it reflects your desire of having a functional and beautiful interior - it could be a kitchen, a living room, or a bedroom. The decision is yours to make.

  • Know what is important to you

What is the part of your new home or rental property that you are unwilling to compromise? This thing has to be part of the home and non-negotiable to you. An Interior Designer may know the essentials of what in space, what is that, that you want that you can't just slip away from your mind, because your idea matters, and achieving that to be part of your home is something that you would be happy to see.

Having this in your mind will help you guide your decision-making ideas in shaping your interior design project. Most importantly, the cost of investment for you becomes clearer.

What do you think about this article? Does this help you make a clear planning decision?



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