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5 Decorating Ideas for People on a Budget



5 Decorating Ideas you can try at home

5 Decorating Ideas or People on a Budget

In the coming days, We all know that the Ber Months is something that we look forward to, especially the upcoming holidays and It's not all the time that we have to wait for December to update the look of our space - it could be a home or office.

So, I thought of sharing 5 Decorating Ideas to update the look of your Space.

1. Add Photo Frames

Adding a Photo Frame is one of the Classic Home Decor Ideas that we often use. However, What matters here s the Art that we use to frame. This Art can make or break the overall look of your space.

Here is one of our Projects. We purchased a Photo Frame and looked over the internet for a High-Quality Image of a Vehicle, which by the way is requested by the client himself, A black and White Vintage Car. This is a custom-edited and printed piece of Art to achieve the overall look of the space.

So next time when you are having a hard time looking for a piece of art from your favorite local store. Try Searching over the internet and have it printed. 

Want these black framed Photo Frames and, find the perfect art that you would love to print. 

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2. Add some Layers to your Living Room

Investing in your throw pillow can be a lifesaver, either you have pieces of throw pillows or you are just starting to invest and upgrade your Living Area look, it is always a good idea to add some accent colors that would match the space. The power of an odd number is applied when layering 

Find some matching layers of Pillowcases. 

5 Decorating Ideas you can try at home

3. Add Mirrors

It doesn't matter where you purchased your mirror, One important thing is when purchasing a mirror, you should know where to place it and where to use it within the given space.

Mirrors can be a deal breaker when not properly placed. It helps maximize your space and multiply the lighted areas of your space.

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Product #3 : Vanity Light Bar

4. Replace your Cabinet Handles

You heard it right,  Cabinet handles and some fixture is best when they have the same color or material. Updating the handles of your existing cabinetries can make a lot of difference. Not only does it looks pleasing to the eyes, but it does also look like it was carefully selected and it looks soothing to the eyes. 

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Product #1 : Etsy | Antigue Twigs

Product #2 : Etsy | Gold Brass

Product #3 : Etsy | Modern Leaf Handle

5. Blanket

Having an extra blanket in your room is a no-brainer, knowing that we have guests coming to stay a day or two. However, it's best that we find a blanket that also provides an aesthetic look to give our room an upgraded look. Blankets are not just to find comfort but also to allow ourselves and guests to feel that we are living in a 5 Star Comfort within your home. 

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With these simple 5 Decorating Ideas to Upgrade the look of your space, It won't be hard for your to update the look of your current home if you are having a hard time placing things in one cohesive look.  Let's talk about your plans.



Would you like some help Decorating? 

Send us an e-mail and we'll be happy to have a chat with you about how we can help you with your project and talk about how we can achieve it. We would love to have you on board with us, We Can't wait to hear from you! 

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