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10 inexpensive ways to refresh your bathroom


Giving an upgrade to your existing bathroom can be something and just thinking about it can be exhausting why? Because when we thought of upgrading it seems to imply changing the overall look of the bathroom. It doesn't have to be like that, the upgrade can also be simplified by refreshing the look of your bathroom by having 10 simple ways to refresh your bathroom, Here's what you can do to achieve it.

Check out the 10 inexpensive ways to refresh your bathroom:

  • Hardware

Replacing your outdated hardware - doors or hinges, it is worth investing to keep these items looking new and clean. Including your Cabinet Handles, Upgrading the look of your cabinet handles can make a lot of difference. 

  • Mirror

Find a mirror that makes you look slim and also that would fit the look of the overall theme of your space. 

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  • Refresh Painting Works

Repainting the walls and even your doors may need some refreshing painting works and also it can be a good choice to keep your bathroom looking good and smelling good (psychologically).

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  • Crisp White Linens

Fabrics such as face towels, hand towels, and bathroom towels look good when everything is organized and have them in a single color. It looks expensive that you would feel like you are living in a hotel room. 

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  • Lights

Dim lights in bathrooms are a No-No, As a designer myself, I like having a bright light above me considering the days that could be gloomy day, at least I'm not bothered or the person using the bathroom not having enough lights. Having well-distributed lights can make anyone of any age love being in your bathroom and it is much better when there are accent lights to add some moody effect.

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Product #3 : Vanity Light Bar

  • Storage Shelves

Storage shelves have different purposes inside your bathroom, in your shower area, or even in your vanity area. Each shelf has a different function that could be helpful to your every storage needs.

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Product #3 : Bathroom Shelf

  • Color Contrast

If you have a wall that is painted instead of tiled, you can actually make an accent wall on it and even add some colors.

  • Upgrade Switches and outlets

Got a busted outlet or Switches? How about an outdated design or look that became yellowish over time. Whether you like a white plate cover or a grey one, a new plate cover could always be a good choice and with the help of an electrician to implement this and it can be done not more than a day.

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  • Fix Plumbing Fixtures

Who likes water leaks? Not me. Check all your faucets, drains, and plumbing lines if it is working, you'll know that there is no leaking when the bathroom is tried when not in use. Fix any leaking before it becomes a bigger problem for you. 

If no problem with leaks, check your floor drains if it needs replacement including your faucet some stains can't be helped but to be replaced. There are cleaning or polishing detergents that can be used to make shine like it's brand new.

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  • Scent

Who doesn't want a good-smelling bathroom? There are a lot of available in the market that you can buy to make your bathroom smell go and that you don't want to leave at all. A scent can be a Candle Scent or a Bathroom Diffuser. I suggest you have both.

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Try these 10 inexpensive ways to refresh your bathroom, and you will be surprised at how you can achieve these things. Share with us your experience. 

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