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25 Sqm Contemporary Minimalist Rental Property



The Design Concept: Modern Luxury Vacation Unit

Project Type: Turn-Key Project

The Client Overview:

This 1 Bedroom Unit is located in the Heart of a Business District.  It has a 1 Full-Length Functional Kitchen and a Bar. This has a 4 Seater Dining Table made in Glass and Wood and a 2 Seater Bar.

A Leather Sofa with a Pull-Out Bed in Queen Size Bed and a Minimalist Media Console that makes your home a good place with Wallpaper around it.

The Bed is a Custom Bed in White Beige Leatherette and A Full Custom Material to match the Writing Desk and the Side Table with Table Lamps in Pairs.

The Moodboard:

Before Images:

See the Before and After Images of this Project

After Images:

See the Before and After Images of this Project

The Project Reveal:

See the Interior Design Project Reveal of this 1 Bedroom Apartment


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  • Product #1
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  • Product #3

  • Product #1
  • Product #2
  • Product #3

  • Product #1
  • Product #2
  • Product #3

  • Product #1
  • Product #2
  • Product #3

  • Product #1
  • Product #2
  • Product #3

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10 inexpensive ways to refresh your bathroom


Giving an upgrade to your existing bathroom can be something and just thinking about it can be exhausting why? Because when we thought of upgrading it seems to imply changing the overall look of the bathroom. It doesn't have to be like that, the upgrade can also be simplified by refreshing the look of your bathroom by having 10 simple ways to refresh your bathroom, Here's what you can do to achieve it.

Check out the 10 inexpensive ways to refresh your bathroom:

  • Hardware

Replacing your outdated hardware - doors or hinges, it is worth investing to keep these items looking new and clean. Including your Cabinet Handles, Upgrading the look of your cabinet handles can make a lot of difference. 

  • Mirror

Find a mirror that makes you look slim and also that would fit the look of the overall theme of your space. 

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  • Refresh Painting Works

Repainting the walls and even your doors may need some refreshing painting works and also it can be a good choice to keep your bathroom looking good and smelling good (psychologically).

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  • Crisp White Linens

Fabrics such as face towels, hand towels, and bathroom towels look good when everything is organized and have them in a single color. It looks expensive that you would feel like you are living in a hotel room. 

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  • Lights

Dim lights in bathrooms are a No-No, As a designer myself, I like having a bright light above me considering the days that could be gloomy day, at least I'm not bothered or the person using the bathroom not having enough lights. Having well-distributed lights can make anyone of any age love being in your bathroom and it is much better when there are accent lights to add some moody effect.

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Product #3 : Vanity Light Bar

  • Storage Shelves

Storage shelves have different purposes inside your bathroom, in your shower area, or even in your vanity area. Each shelf has a different function that could be helpful to your every storage needs.

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Product #3 : Bathroom Shelf

  • Color Contrast

If you have a wall that is painted instead of tiled, you can actually make an accent wall on it and even add some colors.

  • Upgrade Switches and outlets

Got a busted outlet or Switches? How about an outdated design or look that became yellowish over time. Whether you like a white plate cover or a grey one, a new plate cover could always be a good choice and with the help of an electrician to implement this and it can be done not more than a day.

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  • Fix Plumbing Fixtures

Who likes water leaks? Not me. Check all your faucets, drains, and plumbing lines if it is working, you'll know that there is no leaking when the bathroom is tried when not in use. Fix any leaking before it becomes a bigger problem for you. 

If no problem with leaks, check your floor drains if it needs replacement including your faucet some stains can't be helped but to be replaced. There are cleaning or polishing detergents that can be used to make shine like it's brand new.

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  • Scent

Who doesn't want a good-smelling bathroom? There are a lot of available in the market that you can buy to make your bathroom smell go and that you don't want to leave at all. A scent can be a Candle Scent or a Bathroom Diffuser. I suggest you have both.

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Try these 10 inexpensive ways to refresh your bathroom, and you will be surprised at how you can achieve these things. Share with us your experience. 

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5 Ways to ensure a stress-free renovation


Planning a Renovation can be stressful just before a project start. We had this long list of works that we wanted to accomplish or even a folder of inspiration we have saved on our desktops or phones that we got from google or from Pinterest how many sleepless nights did you spend on the possible budgets you want to work on.

Renovation in general can be of different sorts and different criteria and plans and for this article let's focus on a Condominium Property.

Here are 5 ways to ensure a stress-free renovation

  • Be upfront about your plans. 

Knowing your goal. What is the reason behind your renovation? It could be to update the look of your existing unit or even get a beautiful space that reflects your heart's desire or maximize the rental value of your property.

Do you plan to keep some of your furniture and the things you had in mind that could probably be in use? 

  • Hiring the right Professionals. 

We are talking about the interiors of your unit, and an interior designer is a suitable professional to work on your project. The role of an interior designer will vary on the services you would require him/her of their firm. An Interior Designer can charge you for Consultancy to Full Interior Design Services. 

A renovation project also involves Architects, Engineers, and Professional Furniture makers and having them work together to achieve your dream space.

  • Setting the Budget. 

Be upfront with your designer about how much you are willing to invest in your unit. In this way, they can help you better on how they can design your space. Giving the budget will both save you time determining your plans and what we can include. Think about your long-term plans and short-term plans for your space. 

Whether you have a flexible budget (willing to upgrade) or a defined budget that you are willing to invest in your current plan. Being decisive on this matter will give you peace of mind and avoid costly mistakes along the way.

  • Accept that design is not just about Aesthetics, It's Essential

It is a misconception that when talking about interior design, it's about a beautiful outcome of the same, a luxe and pictures feel shown in the photos. In fact, before any interior designer achieves the aesthetic look, a Pinterest-worthy image. They had planned it from the very start to accommodate the client's needs based on their lifestyle, the things they enjoyed, and the things they envisioned for themselves, and before they knew it. The designer has thought of the functionality before even presenting it to them, and that's what you see because it reflects your desire of having a functional and beautiful interior - it could be a kitchen, a living room, or a bedroom. The decision is yours to make.

  • Know what is important to you

What is the part of your new home or rental property that you are unwilling to compromise? This thing has to be part of the home and non-negotiable to you. An Interior Designer may know the essentials of what in space, what is that, that you want that you can't just slip away from your mind, because your idea matters, and achieving that to be part of your home is something that you would be happy to see.

Having this in your mind will help you guide your decision-making ideas in shaping your interior design project. Most importantly, the cost of investment for you becomes clearer.

What do you think about this article? Does this help you make a clear planning decision?



Would you like some help Designing and Implementing your Renovation Plans? 

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5 Decorating Ideas for People on a Budget



5 Decorating Ideas you can try at home

5 Decorating Ideas or People on a Budget

In the coming days, We all know that the Ber Months is something that we look forward to, especially the upcoming holidays and It's not all the time that we have to wait for December to update the look of our space - it could be a home or office.

So, I thought of sharing 5 Decorating Ideas to update the look of your Space.

1. Add Photo Frames

Adding a Photo Frame is one of the Classic Home Decor Ideas that we often use. However, What matters here s the Art that we use to frame. This Art can make or break the overall look of your space.

Here is one of our Projects. We purchased a Photo Frame and looked over the internet for a High-Quality Image of a Vehicle, which by the way is requested by the client himself, A black and White Vintage Car. This is a custom-edited and printed piece of Art to achieve the overall look of the space.

So next time when you are having a hard time looking for a piece of art from your favorite local store. Try Searching over the internet and have it printed. 

Want these black framed Photo Frames and, find the perfect art that you would love to print. 

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2. Add some Layers to your Living Room

Investing in your throw pillow can be a lifesaver, either you have pieces of throw pillows or you are just starting to invest and upgrade your Living Area look, it is always a good idea to add some accent colors that would match the space. The power of an odd number is applied when layering 

Find some matching layers of Pillowcases. 

5 Decorating Ideas you can try at home

3. Add Mirrors

It doesn't matter where you purchased your mirror, One important thing is when purchasing a mirror, you should know where to place it and where to use it within the given space.

Mirrors can be a deal breaker when not properly placed. It helps maximize your space and multiply the lighted areas of your space.

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Product #3 : Vanity Light Bar

4. Replace your Cabinet Handles

You heard it right,  Cabinet handles and some fixture is best when they have the same color or material. Updating the handles of your existing cabinetries can make a lot of difference. Not only does it looks pleasing to the eyes, but it does also look like it was carefully selected and it looks soothing to the eyes. 

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Product #1 : Etsy | Antigue Twigs

Product #2 : Etsy | Gold Brass

Product #3 : Etsy | Modern Leaf Handle

5. Blanket

Having an extra blanket in your room is a no-brainer, knowing that we have guests coming to stay a day or two. However, it's best that we find a blanket that also provides an aesthetic look to give our room an upgraded look. Blankets are not just to find comfort but also to allow ourselves and guests to feel that we are living in a 5 Star Comfort within your home. 

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With these simple 5 Decorating Ideas to Upgrade the look of your space, It won't be hard for your to update the look of your current home if you are having a hard time placing things in one cohesive look.  Let's talk about your plans.



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