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Modern Industrial Bachelor's Pad




One of the recent projects that we have worked on is a 25sqm condominium unit. It is a rental property where the owner, J, has entrusted us to do the project. He is living and working overseas and our communication was mostly online.

The project was to update the look of the space where we must reuse the existing items as much as possible. This still is considered a Full Renovation Work with the scope that we need to work on.

Our work was to re-use the existing furniture while we plan ahead the remaining works to be done in the coming months (future-proofing) when the client is ready to do the base of the remaining work on the original plan and the designer and contractor made sure that it is in place to avoid, the double scope of work. 


We provided an electrical provision in areas that were originally planned and though in actuality the item was hold-off, and when he is ready to purchase it. All he has to do is open the part where the provision was made avoiding, the re-working of the ceiling and electrical works. This saves him time and money.

Back to our project,

The goal was to have a seamless Ceiling and Lighting, Lots of Storage, and ensure that we have this Modern Industrial Look. A lot of textures and colors are involved to achieve the theme.

Despite that we are miles away in physical interaction, We made sure that J, the owner, is still involved in the project. Selecting Colors, Materials, and The decors he wants to achieve, and keeping him in the loop of the project on a weekly basis. This made our collaboration smooth and quick.

In this video, we showcase to you the design of the space that we have worked together. Enjoy! 

Watch out for our Upcoming posts as we share to end result of the Project.



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