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7 Ways to Declutter and Organize your Bathroom



Although bathrooms are typically the clean tiniest rooms in the house, tend to accumulate the most junk! Here are five methods for decluttering and organizing your bathroom, making it much easier to repair and sanitize. Check out the tips at the bottom of this page for ideas on how to make your little bathroom feel bigger! Do your restrooms serve as a catch-all space? Do you have a lot of lotions and hair products on your counter? Is each one of the drawers stuffed with everything you can think of, as well as other items you had no idea you owned? It's really simple to have a bathroom that looks like this! They're usually a little space with little storage, and also because people start our days in the bathroom, there are a lot of items in there that we need.

In this post, I'll show you how to declutter and arrange your bathroom so that you can see your counters, find out exactly what you need without digging through cupboard doors, open your medicine cabinet with vitamins falling on you, and learn to appreciate your small bathroom! The best news is that organizing small places is rather affordable, so it shouldn't take us long.

1. Declutter first

Decluttering the bathroom should be the first step in organizing it. Before you get started on the actual organization, read this thread for a list of 20 items to eliminate from your bathroom, as well as some helpful decluttering methods. It's pointless to organize things you don't use or need!

Free Prinatable: Download the Free Decluttering Checklist

2. Keep the counter clutter-free

Keep as few objects as possible out on the counters, using a tray to confine any products that must be out. This gives your surface a cleaner appearance and makes it a lot easier to clean. To make room for getting ready, keep things on the counter restricted to the back ⅓ of the counter space. This foamy soap pump is not only attractive, but it also helps you save a lot of soap. Simply fill it up to approximately 1/4 full with any liquid soap of your choice, then top it off with water. The printable labels may be found at the bottom of the page.


3. Take everything out. 

It's a lot easier to pick what to keep than it is to choose what to get go to. So empty the bathroom cabinet, underneath the sinks, and from the countertops. Purge outdated, old, unused for more than 6 months, or broken things (expired prescriptions, old cosmetics, half-used body lotion you can't recall when you used it, beauty and personal care samples, etc.). Don't put it off until later. If you haven't used this in the last six months or haven't used it at all, you're unlikely to use it again.


4. Eliminate duplicates. 

Extra hairdryer, brush (keep a bunch of different kinds), thermometer, loofahs, body scrubbers, and other duplicates should be discarded. Replace new items with old ones as you receive them to avoid clutter... like that new hair straightener. Extra shampoo, conditioners, bar soap, body lotions, and other consumer skincare products should be kept in mind. Allow them to go if you haven't used them in the last six months.

 5. Add beautiful details

 Add attractive elements to your bathroom space, such as a bright towel, matched woven basket, and open shelves, and you'll fall in love with it. To add to a bathroom design, place items you use frequently in attractive containers, such as cosmetic brushes and cotton swabs in Mason jars. When you establish a lovely place, you'll be more motivated to keep it clutter-free.

As you return goods to their proper places, make sure they are nicely organized. Turn the labels outwards so they're simple to read. Towels should be folded and neatly arranged. Make your own lilac bath salts and display them in a glass preservation jar.


6. Simple everyday strategies

There are a few basic things you could do to keep bathroom clutter under control once you've sorted everything. The most crucial step is to develop the habit of always returning items to their proper places.

In the restroom, do you get clothed or undressed? Put your soiled clothing and towels in a hamper or hang a wash bag from the bottom of the door.

Open the new product only when the previous one has been used up. Before buying new products, "shop" your own inventory, and attempt to buy only what you need, when you need it.


By following these guidelines, you may make your bathroom a lovely, relaxing environment that you can enjoy every day!

7. Expand storage space

Many bathrooms have the problem of having too little space and too much to store.

Adjusting the elevation of the shelves in bathroom vanities to better suit the contents is one approach to creating extra storage space. If your shelves aren't adjustable, check for bathroom organizing alternatives like stacking, clear plastic lidded bins, pull-out wire baskets, or shelving that make better use of cupboard space.

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Consider acquiring a new vanity with more shelves or cabinets if you're ready for a total makeover—or if your present vanity is lacking in storage. A new vanity may be placed in an hour and immediately organizes your space.




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