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25sqm Modern Industrial Interior Design



Modern Industrial Interior Design 1 Bedroom Unit turned Studio Unit

I wanted to tell you a design story about a couple who contacted me a few months ago to design their 25sqm Rental Apartment in Manila. 

Let's name them Carl and Carla, both are working overseas, and once they have a newly turned over unit in Manila and are planning their property to be used as a vacation and rental unit. Unfortunately, they have limited time to work on the renovation works while they are back in their hometown. 

They wanted to work first on the design look and when the renovation would start even if they won't be physically there to monitor the project. They wanted to the contractor have the vision that they had for their space. 

Since we are miles away from each other and I can't physically be on-site and manage the project, they availed of our Virtual Interior Design Service to do the planning and Visualization of their space. 

We did a lot of online communication to meet their needs on how the design is and how it's possible to achieve the design and how it will be implemented.

The problem

What pains them is that they won't be there for the whole duration of the project and wanted to convey the correct message to the maker and they want to see the plan and look of their space before it would be implemented sometime in the future and they wanted professional help to ease up their worries. (elow po, clasmeyt!)

They were clear about the 3 dilemmas they are facing that pain them to deal with:

  • Maximizing the space looks very small 
  • the concrete-finished kitchen does not fit how they envisioned,
  • lastly, the window area that has an access to the condenser is very small to lounge or enjoy the busy streets of Manila.

Things they wanted to have and see

They are also clear on what they want us to consider and what they wanted to see in their unit.

  • Modular Kitchen
  • Maximize Storage areas just for anything
  • Work Desk
  • Dining Area for at least 2 people
  • Toilet and Bathroom Essentials
  • Industrial Meet and Movable Furniture
  • Work around the current electrical plans, especially on the ceiling area

How did we help solve their concerns in this project?

They provided all the images and measurements of the space to keep us all align and of course their timely feedback, speaking of online communication.

The Top 3 design dilemmas were addressed by Bringing down the partition and concrete kitchen and working on the remaining area to give each space to have a bigger space and make use of modular cabinetry not just for the kitchen but for the entire unit needs it.

Since they approved the suggestions made, it was easier to work on the available space. 

The solutions

  • Find someone or a company to do the general construction works and cabinetry works.
  • Bring down the partition to make the space bigger
  • Demolish the Concrete Kitchen and replace it with a modular type of cabinetry
  • Make use of the wall for tall and overhead cabinets to fit their requirements such as a Work Desk and Chair, a Media, and a 2-seater dining
  • While the window area has a small table and a chair 
  • The ceiling in concrete finish uses industrial lighting to make it a statement piece since we can't do anything much on the wall area - priorities for the space as considered intensively more than aesthetics.
  • The toilet and bath area were totally revamped as they deemed fit and ensure that it is still on the concept that they envisioned. Tiles and concrete finish with a modern look vanity.

Check this video to find out:

How do you find the outcome of this project? 

The small space dilemma is easy when planned and well coordinated with the client's vision for the space. Having an interior design professional to help you with this would ease up your problems even if you are miles away. 

Does this case study resonate with you? You're away and needed help to design the space and implement it at your convenience. 

Let's have a 15-minute Initial Consultation and see what would work for you. Give us a call.

45 Sqm 1 Bedroom Modern Luxe Vacation Unit

The Design Concept: Modern Luxury Vacation Unit

Project Type: Turn-Key Project

The Client Overview:

This 1 Bedroom Unit is located in the Heart of a Business District.  It has a 1 Full-Length Functional Kitchen and a Bar. This has a 4 Seater Dining Table made in Glass and Wood and a 2 Seater Bar.

A Leather Sofa with a Pull-Out Bed in Queen Size Bed and a Minimalist Media Console that makes your home a good place with Wallpaper around it.

The Bed is a Custom Bed in White Beige Leatherette and A Full Custom Material to match the Writing Desk and the Side Table with Table Lamps in Pairs.

The Moodboard:

Before Images:

See the Before and After Images of this Project

After Images:

See the Before and After Images of this Project

The Project Reveal:

See the Interior Design Project Reveal of this 1 Bedroom Apartment


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