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Why Wool Duvet is better than a Goose-Down Duvet?


Why is a wool duvet better than a goose-down duvet?

Whenever we hear the word "duvet," we imagine the fluffiest, coziest, and most comfy clouds of perfection. Wool can be found in a variety of places. Sheep are, of course, the most common source of wool. However, camels, angora rabbits, and alpacas can provide it.

One of the reasons it is so much less costly is this. It is significantly less expensive to produce and extract wool than to collect it from birds. Duck or goose feathers are commonly used to take down. Naturally, its low cost combined with several benefits has made it a popular choice, and they have a distinct set of qualities.

Better for Temperature Control

When it is cold, wool's natural insulating capabilities trap dry, warmer air near the skin, and when it's hot, it helps to remove moisture and heat away from your body. This ensures a good night's sleep even on the coldest winter evenings or the hottest summer nights.

Even if they share a duvet, wool can help people retain their comfortable temperatures. Although most people produce body heat at various rates, wool better preserves one's microclimate, ensuring a restful night's sleep for all.

Antimicrobial & Antibacterial

You may sleep soundly knowing that your wool duvet is cleaner and fresher than any down or synthetic option. Lanolin is a waxy material found outside completely natural wool fiber. It has fatty acids and other qualities that help prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing.

Easy to Care For

Caring for a wool duvet is as simple as making the bed in the morning. You can hang your duvet outside in the breeze or put it out in the sun to freshen it up. Wool is odor-resistant, so you won't have to worry about your duvet absorbing odors.


Dust mites, mold, and other irritant allergens prefer a warm, damp environment to grow in. Wool's outside is hydrophobic, meaning it repels liquid, and its interior is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture. Wool also tends to stay drier and more relaxed than its surroundings.

Ethical, Sustainable Manufacturing

Last but not least, selecting a wool duvet over down has ethical and environmental benefits. According to a, down bedding feathers are taken from ducks and geese and are sometimes obtained through a painful technique known as "live-plucking." The feathers and undercoating are removed from the animal's skin while still alive. On the other hand, farmers compassionately extract wool by shaving the extra coats of lambs, goats, and llamas, giving no injury or distress to the animals. This grooming procedure is comparable to having a haircut. It's a painless procedure, and the sheep's wool coat will regrow.

These sheep are given the best possible care so that they can continue to produce high-quality wool for many years. The farm also employs sustainable carbon farming practices, ensuring that the produce is climate-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Which type of duvet are you currently sharing? Share your stories with us.


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8 Types of Curtain Styles to consider


 The Different Types of Window Treatments for Your Home Look like a Hotel Finish

A window treatment is a decorative or functional covering that can be used to enhance the visual or functional impact of a window. Blinds, drapes, curtains, and glass blocks are examples of window coverings that can change the lighting, temperature, energy efficiency, and privacy of a room. Custom window treatments may provide a unique touch to your house's decor while also providing practical home comforts.

Different types of window treatments can have a huge impact on your interior design, whether you are moving into a new home or redesigning your apartment. Window treatments come in a variety of styles and can alter the look and feel of a room.



One of the most common window treatments is curtains. Curtain panels are often purchased in pairs and hung from curtain rods. They are available in a variety of materials, thicknesses, patterns, colors, and designs, and can be used to add color and texture to your home. The function of the curtains will determine which type is best for your needs. For example, Sheer fabric curtains will not block sunlight or create seclusion.

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Drapes are much thicker than curtains and give far more privacy. Drapes are widely used to block out light and are usually double-lined. Drapes are more formal than curtains, and they keep cold winds and heat out better.


Valances are decorative tops that hide the curtain, drapery, blind, or shade mounting hardware. These fabric tops are largely decorative and draped around the top of the window frame. Pleated, arched, and flat are some of the styles available.



Unlike drapes and curtains, window blinds are constructed of hard materials such as wood or vinyl. Faux wood blinds are also more stable and moisture-resistant than traditional wood blinds. Slats in blinds can be angled open with a mechanism or pulled open with a cable to control the amount of privacy and light in a room (they also come in cordless versions). Horizontal blinds work well for small windows, while long vertical blinds work well for sliding glass doors.

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Cornices are similar to valances, except they have a box-like shape that fits around the mounting hardware of window treatment. Wood and other hard materials are used to make cornices. Cornices and curtains can be used together to add a coordinated touch to a muted interior.


Treated Glass

You can even treat the window glass itself if you can't find the proper window treatment for your home. If you don't want to install curtains or blinds because you prefer your wide bay windows, frosted glass, stained glass, and window films are all options for maintaining privacy without having to bother with finding the correct drapery for your room.



Panel Tracks

For tall windows or sliding doors, panel tracks are an attractive option. Vertical blinds can be replaced with these fabric sliding window panels, which offer a trendy option. The panels are mounted on the wall or ceiling and move on a track from side to side.



Window swags are long pieces of fabric that wrap around a curtain rod and cascade to the ground. Swags soften and enhance the appearance of windows.

With all these different colors, designs, and styles of curtains. There is so much to know and selecting the perfect fit for your home is something that we would love to take part in.



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Myth Busting: Are Interior Designers for the Wealthy People?


Myth Busting: Are interior designers for the wealthy People?


Interior design is the art and practice of improving a building's interior to make it healthier and much more aesthetically pleasing.

An interior designer determines space needs and selects decorative elements, lighting, and materials to make interior spaces functional, safe, and attractive.

Owning a house is a valuable possession that anybody may strive for. If you own more than one home, it's a good idea to rent or sell to another for a profit. If you want to get the most from your lease or sell, though, your house must appeal to potential buyers. When it comes to selling or renting a house, there are several aspects to consider. 

Finding an agency, devising marketing techniques, identifying the correct audience, and networking are just a few of these considerations. One can sell your property for the most money if you examine these and other variables.

Interior designer is just for wealthy people? Oh no, it's not only for wealthy people a good interior designer has the ability that he will work within the budget of his client and make him satisfied with his talent. If the budget of the client is not enough so the interior designer will understand that client that this budget is not enough and if you want to see your house or any place for which he is hired, that place will not look good as should have to be.

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This is a massive myth that prevents the majority of individuals from seeking professional treatment. With interior design as a growing industry, many individuals are hiring specialists to design their rooms, giving them a touch of style, sophistication, class, and style – depending on individual desire – while also maximizing space. However, many people believe that hiring someone to design the area – both home and commercial – is an unnecessary luxury. For savvy, cost-conscious house owners, appointing an interior designer seems to be extremely typical.

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Some people have seen a talent on their own why employ someone when I can do it myself? Many people believe they have a decent eye for form, function, and color (which isn't totally incorrect), but there are still certain crucial design elements that a designer can provide.

As time getting advances so people also get advanced and opportunities increase day by day nowadays, there are a lot of organizations operating in the sector of interior design nowadays. From there, you can simply engage interior designers based on your budget. You may reach out to them, discuss your preferences, and ask them to put up a whole budget for you, from planning to implementation. It would be simple for you to receive a rough estimate of the cost. Then, based on your available budget for furniture and accessories, you may contact firms.

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You may contact interior and item design businesses from which you can simply discuss your budget and the style of workplace you want, and the company will handle the rest of the job. This is the biggest and most popular option.

Interior design is indeed costly, but the price you pay is primarily determined by the designer you employ. Designers will work under your budget – whether you only need aid for one room, a tiny project, or a wall color, contacting them and asking if they are prepared to undertake a modest, budget-friendly task is the first step toward employing one. 

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Designers would also save you money long-term since they have access to much more quality furniture suppliers than you have, and they aren't limited to a few catalogs. Quality materials and parts last longer, minimizing the need to renew them after several years; this may seem unclear initially, but the investment in quality is well worth it and saves you money.

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Every designer approaches their job in a unique way. Some bill by the hour, a set price, or a portion of the project's expenditures. The common thread is that such fees are in addition to the cost of the things you buy.

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But hiring an interior designer also plays an important role, As there are many ways through which you can hire interior designers the market is evolving, however, owing to a small number of Internet platforms that are bringing interior design more accessible and transparent—while also remaining profitable for designers. Knowing the true cost of an interior designer upfront used to be a pipe dream, but thanks to Decorist, Havenly, Modsy, Decorilla, and roomLift, it's now a reality. Continue reading to learn more about these game-changing businesses.


So from all of the above conversation, it gets clear that interior design is not only for rich people, or only rich people can hire them, but everyone who wants to add something classical in his life and want some coloring in his life can hire and it’s not the only way of hiring through old tactics. 

Now, this is 21-century people are changing and their way of life is also changing and the main thing is they can get everything in the comfort of their home. The question is, Do you still find hiring professional help to help you in your design dilemma hard or you can try and see for yourself what you want and talk about your plans? So the interior designer can help you sort it out.

Editors Note: This was originally posted last February 22, 2017. This article has been updated for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the topic. 



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3 Benefits of having a well-designed office


3 Benefits of having a well-designed office for mental health and productivity

The year 2020 will be remembered for a long time. It has put our mental and physical health to the test. Our lives have indeed been turned upside down, and the way we work has changed for many.

Companies are taking notice of a growing body of data that demonstrates how healthy and happy employees are more productive during this period.


Natural Light 

Natural light - Sunlight, and Day Light is essential, and office workers who are exposed to more daylight report a higher quality of life. Lenovo's Milan office has an empty area along the periphery so that more workstations are close to windows, as well as focus and interaction areas divided by acoustics to maintain acceptable sound levels and reduce stress caused by noise-related disturbances.

Different folks and diverse spaces

Designing multiple sorts of workplaces to meet the work patterns of different employees increases employee engagement, and this worker approach improves the office's quality of life.

This same SAP offices in South Africa, for example, combine open-plan personal workstations with heavily exposed for focus or cooperation, informal business zones and confined intensity rooms, and also patio furniture, balconies, and a body of water for outdoor gatherings, and also patios, balconies, and a pond for open-air gatherings.


Employees' concerns about returning to work can be alleviated by providing areas for them to relax. More businesses are creating quiet spaces for thinking, meditation, or prayer as corporations gradually adhere to calls for just a better work-life balance.

In some situations, these are modest meeting rooms that have been renovated with simple furniture. However, businesses are increasingly considering where these rooms should be located and spending the money on their design, which includes anything from amenities to help individuals wash before praying to mood light and temperature control.


After a long day at work, we've all returned home exhausted. Perhaps you've encountered anxiety as a result of a job emergency. Maybe you had a quarrel with a member of the family. It's possible that you've lost a crucial game. Or perhaps you've lost a loved one. 

Our instincts advise us to return home after a surprise or upset. Unwind. Recharge. Your wounds should be licked. When we need psychological or social security, we withdraw to our private areas.

Our private spaces in our homes set the tone for many of our life's events. Because your personal spaces provide the setting for many significant and stressful events in your life, it's critical that they provide comfort, support, and positive emotional energy.


Anxiety is the most prevalent mental health issue, according to the Mental Health Foundation. Many interior design ideas and approaches, on the other hand, have been found to alleviate stress and despair. 

While the idea of a link between home decorating and emotional stability isn't new, recent research has backed up these claims. The connections are well-documented in the healthcare industry. Creating places to be together and apart can help people's mental health.

How Your Office Space Impacts Employee Well-Being


The real office has experienced several transformations in the previous 20 years. The end of cube farms and the development of open floorplans began in the early 2000s, and 2015 introduced floods of ping pong and volleyball tables to workplaces throughout the world. While office things change and then go, the thing that stays constant is the impact of the workplace on employee happiness and health.

A well-designed office creates less stress and a more productive environment. Employers must take into account their employees' physical working environment. Employees must be at ease and tranquil in their physical workplaces in order to accomplish their best work.

• The vast majority of workers (87 percent) want their present employer to provide healthier workplace advantages, such as wellness rooms, business fitness benefits, sit-stand desks, healthy lunch alternatives, and ergonomic seating.

•Those at younger organizations are much less likely (34 percent) to be denied in-office privileges such as sit-stand desks than employees at older companies (42 percent ).
• In the tech business, 93 percent of employees indicated they might stay longer at a company that provided healthier workplace benefits, such as wellness rooms, corporate fitness benefits, sit-stand desks, healthy lunch alternatives, and ergonomic seating. 

As we all start to go back to the office, Welcoming the clients in consideration of some of the factors will also help in their efficiency and productivity. It is also to take account that having a desk and a chair doesn't make them as efficient as we hoped for as company systems and also equipment can be a factor and having a Physical Environment in which they can enjoy would be a good benefit not just for your employees but also includes the other stakeholders.

What is your take on this article, should we help you assess your office space?



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5 Ways to Stay Organized When Working from Home


5 Ways to Stay Organized When Working from Home

In today’s world, where everything is set towards the digital ocean, work has also been shifted to digital technology which is somehow great, and sometimes it feels exhausted. Working from home is the term extensively being used these days which means you have to control all your workers or team from a digital screen and have to manage it more precisely. Working from home and staying organized in every manner is considered to be difficult because you can’t communicate with anyone around you and have to stick to work alone and managing all the data yourself. But there are some tricks and tips that can help you make your home office look and run smoothly. 

Establish your space.

No matter where you live, you can work attentively if you have a small corner in your bedroom too. Just set up space according to your work, and let your mind think about what you want to do and how you do it. Make it easier for your team to approach you from home by officially setting space. Once you initiate it you can feel the difference in making decisions. 

Organize everything.

Once you set up your space, the next step is to organize and arrange the things i.e. desk and documents. Working from home means working in a consistent area where you have to dispose of every document and file so at the time you don’t get confused or misplace any paper. 

Make a calendar.

The home office can be a headache if you don’t do your homework about meetings and deadlines. To assemble a timetable about your incoming and outgoing calls and meet with your onsite team of designers or workers so plenty of time can be utilized. 

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Interface in line.

Communication is the only way to fly high when you work from home. Remote work can give you Undoubtable opportunities through your team or worker. Communicating consistently would be a surety to spreading a home business. This will organize your upcoming projects and deals by just staying in contact. 

Take a Break.

It seems absurd to take a break when trying to focus and be more organized. But the truth is when you give a five-minute breathing space yourself you will feel more productive and organized than ever. Mini-break can add order to your day.



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