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Zen Minimalist Interior Design for a Residential Property in Ilo-ilo City




This 250 sqm single-detached house is located in Ilo-ilo, Philippines. They are both professionals in the region and are building their dream homes. 

The Project Brief in this is to have a Zen Minimalist and make use of Filipino Inspired Furniture. 

Since this project is currently being constructed the couple decided to have their home designed ahead of time just before the completion of the structure.

This 2 Storey Loft Type Residential Project. The high ceiling was one of the highlights of their house as light transcends the entire house. Considering the height of the Ceiling and Its maintenance, Smart Blinds were recommended. 

While the Kitchen and Dining add the character of their home, it is the highlight of the house where they would make food and enjoy a good conversation.

We made use of each corner to be functional and aesthetically good which would fit their taste. Including the stairs were made into a functional space for storage.

The selection of materials is considered according to the project brief including their personal opinions and concerns about the proposed designs and to come up with a final design that they can visualize to enjoy their stay.

Planning the design ahead of time gave them an idea of what they wanted and solve the storage solutions for the available space without compromising on how it would look. This also gives them the time to prepare the budget and source and select a vendor for their home.

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