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Worlds Interiors Day: Pride of the Past, Incentive for the Future


"Pride of the Past, A Incentive for the Future"

The international day of interior design is observed on May 27th all across the world. The theme this year is "Interior Design for Generations," which looks at the concept of time and how it affects the philosophies and visions of different generations.

The International Union of Interior Architecture (IFI), which has been established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1963, commemorates World Interior Design Day. 

World Interior Day is a forum that recognizes the importance of interior design for our culture today by encouraging cultural interaction as well as the movement of creativity on a global scale.

Interior spaces are frequently responsible for the overall performance of our existential settings, making them vital to our daily lives. This initiative promotes partnerships between organizations and up-and-coming design firms in order to create new and interesting public events. The conference intends to analyze the dynamics between accessibility, usefulness, and sustainability in relation to human welfare while acknowledging evolution and change.

Pride of the Past, An Incentive for the Future

Take part in Insurer WID 2022 in just about any way that is significant to you. Your creativity should be expressed and shared. 

It might be as simple as showcasing your work, growing a larger design-aware community, or speaking with your local government on the importance of Interior Architecture/Design. Or to learn more about the importance of our building design on all human agency and behavior, advocate for just an issue, network, or enjoy it.

IFI welcomes you to study "Pride of the Past, A Incentive for the Future" and share what it means to you as a design champion and enthusiast for your specific context and community with your colleagues and the rest of the world.


What are my thoughts on, "Pride of the Past, A Incentive for the Future".

As a designer myself, The success of a project determines whether my team and I outdo ourselves in the previous project and whether the clients' requirements are met. To see the project become a reality and great feedback given is something that we look at and feel rewarding.  

As we move forward, progress and innovation come along with the experience in our practice, and those practices will be improved and innovated over time.

What's Next?

In celebration of World Interiors Day, the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers, Here are some of the events that you can join.

May 23 - 27, 2022 5:00pm to 7:30pm via Zoom
Inside Look: PIID X KANTO Design Watch Party
Exclusive for Licensed Interior Designers

May 27, 2022
10:00am to 12:00pm via Zoom
CIDE Kidlat Interschool Thesis Lightning Talks

May 28, 2022 
1:00pm to 4:00pm via Zoom
Kohler Bold Talks: Going Green
Interior Designers as Advocates for Environmental Protection

May 27 and 28, 2022
PIID Cebu Chapter In partnership with Habitat for Humanity's Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter presents:
Emerging Greentrepreneurs: Its Perspective and Future
Register Here to attend the webinar.

Here's another webinar you can attend by Hurray Designs who are celebrating their 13th year anniversary in the industry.

  • Scandinavian and Nordic Design for Filipino Homes
  • May 28,2022:4:00pm via Zoom

  • Project Management for Building Your Dream House

  • Why you should invest in City and Residential Development outside Metro Manila

  • The secrets of Residential Lighting Design

There are a lot of Webinars offered by the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers and Fellow Practitioners. With all the different topics to choose from. It is best that we register and mark our calendars to attend these educational events prepared to enrich our knowledge and be a part of a bigger community.

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