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Golden Topper: Investor's Night


It has been a while since I spoke to a "Physical" audience since the Pandemic hit and not only that this would be the first time once again after those 2 years Thanks to Golden Topper's Marketing Team who approached me to become part of their Milestone this coming May 14, 2022.

I am excited to become part of this event and also meet people behind City Clou and be able to meet and see the people who would be attending.

One highlight of this event is that we were invited to be part of this event and talk about Interior Design topics that will give you more insights into the Industry of real estate and interior design and Why you should choose Golden Toppers' City Clou Development as your next investment.

Interested to know more about City Clou Residences and also know the interior design topics that we will be talking about. Register through your Property Consultant. 

No Property Consultant, just yet?

Call Showroom Number: 032-384-8888 and Visit City Clou Showroom, 38 Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City

Book Now and We will see you there.

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