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Zen Minimalist Interior Design for a Residential Property in Ilo-ilo City




This 250 sqm single-detached house is located in Ilo-ilo, Philippines. They are both professionals in the region and are building their dream homes. 

The Project Brief in this is to have a Zen Minimalist and make use of Filipino Inspired Furniture. 

Since this project is currently being constructed the couple decided to have their home designed ahead of time just before the completion of the structure.

This 2 Storey Loft Type Residential Project. The high ceiling was one of the highlights of their house as light transcends the entire house. Considering the height of the Ceiling and Its maintenance, Smart Blinds were recommended. 

While the Kitchen and Dining add the character of their home, it is the highlight of the house where they would make food and enjoy a good conversation.

We made use of each corner to be functional and aesthetically good which would fit their taste. Including the stairs were made into a functional space for storage.

The selection of materials is considered according to the project brief including their personal opinions and concerns about the proposed designs and to come up with a final design that they can visualize to enjoy their stay.

Planning the design ahead of time gave them an idea of what they wanted and solve the storage solutions for the available space without compromising on how it would look. This also gives them the time to prepare the budget and source and select a vendor for their home.

Do you have a project that we can collaborate on?

How can we help you envision your home before you build it? 

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The Design Concept: Modern Luxury Vacation Unit

Project Type: Turn-Key Project

The Client Overview:

This 1 Bedroom Unit is located in the Heart of a Business District.  It has a 1 Full-Length Functional Kitchen and a Bar. This has a 4 Seater Dining Table made in Glass and Wood and a 2 Seater Bar.

A Leather Sofa with a Pull-Out Bed in Queen Size Bed and a Minimalist Media Console that makes your home a good place with Wallpaper around it.

The Bed is a Custom Bed in White Beige Leatherette and A Full Custom Material to match the Writing Desk and the Side Table with Table Lamps in Pairs.

The Moodboard:

Before Images:

See the Before and After Images of this Project

After Images:

See the Before and After Images of this Project

The Project Reveal:

See the Interior Design Project Reveal of this 1 Bedroom Apartment


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Worlds Interiors Day: Pride of the Past, Incentive for the Future


"Pride of the Past, A Incentive for the Future"

The international day of interior design is observed on May 27th all across the world. The theme this year is "Interior Design for Generations," which looks at the concept of time and how it affects the philosophies and visions of different generations.

The International Union of Interior Architecture (IFI), which has been established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1963, commemorates World Interior Design Day. 

World Interior Day is a forum that recognizes the importance of interior design for our culture today by encouraging cultural interaction as well as the movement of creativity on a global scale.

Interior spaces are frequently responsible for the overall performance of our existential settings, making them vital to our daily lives. This initiative promotes partnerships between organizations and up-and-coming design firms in order to create new and interesting public events. The conference intends to analyze the dynamics between accessibility, usefulness, and sustainability in relation to human welfare while acknowledging evolution and change.

Pride of the Past, An Incentive for the Future

Take part in Insurer WID 2022 in just about any way that is significant to you. Your creativity should be expressed and shared. 

It might be as simple as showcasing your work, growing a larger design-aware community, or speaking with your local government on the importance of Interior Architecture/Design. Or to learn more about the importance of our building design on all human agency and behavior, advocate for just an issue, network, or enjoy it.

IFI welcomes you to study "Pride of the Past, A Incentive for the Future" and share what it means to you as a design champion and enthusiast for your specific context and community with your colleagues and the rest of the world.


What are my thoughts on, "Pride of the Past, A Incentive for the Future".

As a designer myself, The success of a project determines whether my team and I outdo ourselves in the previous project and whether the clients' requirements are met. To see the project become a reality and great feedback given is something that we look at and feel rewarding.  

As we move forward, progress and innovation come along with the experience in our practice, and those practices will be improved and innovated over time.

What's Next?

In celebration of World Interiors Day, the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers, Here are some of the events that you can join.

May 23 - 27, 2022 5:00pm to 7:30pm via Zoom
Inside Look: PIID X KANTO Design Watch Party
Exclusive for Licensed Interior Designers

May 27, 2022
10:00am to 12:00pm via Zoom
CIDE Kidlat Interschool Thesis Lightning Talks

May 28, 2022 
1:00pm to 4:00pm via Zoom
Kohler Bold Talks: Going Green
Interior Designers as Advocates for Environmental Protection

May 27 and 28, 2022
PIID Cebu Chapter In partnership with Habitat for Humanity's Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter presents:
Emerging Greentrepreneurs: Its Perspective and Future
Register Here to attend the webinar.

Here's another webinar you can attend by Hurray Designs who are celebrating their 13th year anniversary in the industry.

  • Scandinavian and Nordic Design for Filipino Homes
  • May 28,2022:4:00pm via Zoom

  • Project Management for Building Your Dream House

  • Why you should invest in City and Residential Development outside Metro Manila

  • The secrets of Residential Lighting Design

There are a lot of Webinars offered by the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers and Fellow Practitioners. With all the different topics to choose from. It is best that we register and mark our calendars to attend these educational events prepared to enrich our knowledge and be a part of a bigger community.

How to define your interior design project?


How to define your interior design project? 

When I initially started my own business, one of the very first stuff I did was create a list of the service kinds I intended to provide. I was all over the place and I quickly realized that I will be leaving out crucial information that would have made it easier for me to talk about our services and ensure that I was recommending the best alternative for my customer.

After a time, I realized I was offering too many services, which was confusing for both me and my potential new clients, and eliminating the services that do not best suit my expertise, most inquired, and closed contracts.

Today, I see the need of providing a well-defined, simplified ladder of services, and I'd want to show you where to go so that you and your clients can leave overwhelming at the door.

What things should be explained first?

Before I start any project, I often ask my potential and existing clients about the colors that attract them and the colors they do not want to see. In this way, they know what colors they will be expecting and that I will be eliminating them.

Start from your favorite color:

Begin with a color scheme that you find appealing. Typically, room design uses subdued and natural tones rather than your particular preferred color. Your preferred colors, on the other hand, may be modulated to reflect gently from every area in the house.

Do you have a thing for blues? Choose blue-tinted greys for the walls to gleam blue in the sun. Your favorite colors are red and purple. For an unobtrusive yet dramatic appearance, pair dusty rose walls and dark stained wood beams.

Next question, I would be discussing the Aesthetics, the look they have envisioned for the space. The concept that they had in mind by identifying their lifestyle and the lifestyle they have envisioned.

The Concept:

Each individual has their own perspective of what is fashionable. Some people like sitting in an elegant Neo-Victorian sitting room. Some people believe that the most appealing approach to arranging a living room is with abstract art and geometrical furniture.

Do you think curving baroque frames or crisp angles appear more stylish? Do you like to display paintings or sculptures? Will you choose swinging drapes or automated electric shades for your window treatments?


Take note of the parallels:

It's time to determine the common threads once you've gathered a good amount of pictures. Is there a particular color scheme that appeals to you? Do jewel tones appeal to you more than pastels? To color, are you neutral? What is the difference between a shiny and a matte finish? What about the furniture's silhouette and shapes? Are they elaborate or straightforward? Is it better to buy an antique or a brand-new item? What about the room's "vibe"? Is it a casual or formal setting? Make a list of the underlying commonalities you see between the spaces you admire.


Light is used by professionals to alter the size and ambiance of a location. Different forms of lighting may elicit various emotions in space. The sort of lighting used and where it is placed are both important parts of interior design. They function in tandem with the furniture you choose, the amount of natural light you have, the size of the space, and the color you choose.

Read: Natural Light vs. Artificial Light


About the recent project:

Share your latest project load with your customer right away so they understand your capacity and that you could be working with many clients at once. And also share some reviews and done projects which liked by previous clients. If you are new and don’t have any previous so just make a free offer and design some home office projects and use that as a portfolio and make them sure about the skills that can grab the clients and make you satisfied.

Explain human errors:

Explain to customers that there is always something that goes wrong in interior design jobs; it isn't a precise science. That's the nature of the industry, but it is your responsibility as an interior designer to deal with any complications that emerge.


Take note of the textures of the room. Fabric options for the room's upholstered furniture, drapes or curtains, walls, and wood furniture contribute to the texture factor. Both can be rough-hewn or shiny, highly finished wood, two textures that are vastly different. Cloth texture can be described as nubby, smooth, silky, or tweedy. Rough, rustic, damaged, or smooth textures can be seen on walls. In contrast to the textures detailed here, there are more. Choose the term that best defines the room's overall texture.

At the finishing stage:

Finally, evaluate your accomplishments. When you appreciate the finished product, you've discovered your internal interior design style. Redesign your living space and then take a step back to evaluate if you're happy with the results. What you are seeing will be excellent or give you another few ideas and thoughts on how to improve your design. Your finest design style will emerge as a result of this procedure. 

How do you find this explanation of why it is important to know and define your interior design project?


Golden Topper: Investor's Night


It has been a while since I spoke to a "Physical" audience since the Pandemic hit and not only that this would be the first time once again after those 2 years Thanks to Golden Topper's Marketing Team who approached me to become part of their Milestone this coming May 14, 2022.

I am excited to become part of this event and also meet people behind City Clou and be able to meet and see the people who would be attending.

One highlight of this event is that we were invited to be part of this event and talk about Interior Design topics that will give you more insights into the Industry of real estate and interior design and Why you should choose Golden Toppers' City Clou Development as your next investment.

Interested to know more about City Clou Residences and also know the interior design topics that we will be talking about. Register through your Property Consultant. 

No Property Consultant, just yet?

Call Showroom Number: 032-384-8888 and Visit City Clou Showroom, 38 Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City

Book Now and We will see you there.


3 Factors to look for when choosing kitchen appliances


3 Factors to look for when choosing kitchen appliances

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is the place where all family members convene at least 2 times a day. A space that is most likely to engage every family member. It is essential to invest in the most suitable environment in the kitchen that in general made by kitchen appliances. And the selection of perfect appliances is a vital part both in terms of functionality and budget. Because in today’s era, there are a lot and lots of choices to avail that can easily confuse someone who desires to invest in a good kitchen. To look for the best appliances one must consider the facts and figures clearly about it. For the starting process to avoid any overwhelming decision let’s have a look at the guides we are providing below: 

Today’s up-to-the-minute appliances made the selection easier with their dual nature of work and cost-friendly nature that make our cooking journey trouble-free. No kitchen is complete without knowing these factors: 

Ability to perform. 

It depends on the fact that how much importance you give to the performance of appliances. If you just want your machine to work you can go for the model that is under your budget. If you want the advanced version of that appliance i.e., multi-functional easy to clean and use you can invest in the most recent model that is up to your expectations. 


The durability and performance of things can be affected by their efficiency which works in terms of cost-effectiveness and maintenance. The electric appliance is considered to be a major reason to increase the household electric bill so keeping in mind the cost and the cost after using in terms of the bill you should go for the inverter. The great news is that appliances meeting all these qualities are easily approachable in today’s market. So make a checklist and go hunt for the most suitable energy-efficient appliances. 


As far as the ability and efficiency matter, the style and manner of appliances should be up to date. The appearance of anything is a personal choice of every human being. So choose only those appliances which you consider will be appealing and according to your taste and space. In short, the kitchen outlets and designers can guide you to the best about aesthetics performance, and efficiency if you want durable up-to-the-minute appliances for your homely sweet kitchen.

Let me ask you a question. When selecting your preferred items, What do you usually look for? Brand, Cost, Design, or Quality of the product?


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