Modern Luxe - a 45sqm Walkthrough Visual Animation



Modern Luxe - a 45sqm Walkthrough Visual Animation

This is a 45sqm 1 bedroom condominium unit located in one of the premier condominium units of Cebu, Philippines. The client is an Overseas Filipino Worker and has invested in a real estate property where she can live while she visits her hometown, Cebu.

The client wanted a Full Renovation of the property that will cater to her requirements. Multi-Functional Spaces and lots of storage space in her unit from functional purposes to aesthetics.

After several project proposals and discussions, we are able to come up with a design that will fit her requirements and also the designs they look forward to seeing when it comes to life.

The design phase took some time in order to meet its needs and we are able to find a solution from the design to the technical aspect of the design challenge that they encountered. 

Check out this video on how we utilize the space and also make sure that the design reflected her taste.

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