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What to expect in an Interior Design Consultation


What to expect from an Interior Design Consultation

Inside the interior design profession, charging a consulting fee has become standard practice. However, I have occasionally run into potential clients who wonder why I charge a price while Maggie Q down a street doesn't.

This is an excellent question. I've made numerous assumptions that you, a potential client realize what an Interior Designer does before inquiring from me, and as a result, I've failed to explain things in ways that make sense to you. One of my current priorities is to educate you about what interior designers do and explain the benefits of what we can offer. 

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In this blog post, I'm writing down what to expect during the design consultation and what not to expect. It will also explain why it is such an important component of the home design process.

Let's talk about Interior Design Consultation.

In our first 15 to 30-minutes Discovery Call, I will ask you the initial questions about your space and your plan for the project that you inquired about. In this way, I am able to have an idea about the space and your possible requirements, and how we can help you.

Once I am able to get the gist of your plans, This is also the time I would be discussing the different services that you may be of interest in and how we can move forward with your initial inquiry.

What happens next after the Discovery Call?

By this time, We have received a copy of our services and the links to our portfolio, and the Next Step was written on that page specifically based on our conversation.

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What If you wanted more clarity?

Now that would depend on what clarity you mean. Clarity over how to help you on your space or clarity on our services.

Let's dive into what you wanted more out of the design consultation. This is the time we charge a design consultation.

Why do we charge for design consultations? 

I did offer free design advice for a number of years in my practice and As a result, I learned that customers didn't respect my services unless they were accompanied by financial investment. 

I'd get no-shows or last-minute cancellations or ghosted me after an IN-DEPTH FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION, and WORST, Coming to their home or unit answering all their questions both design and technical questions and after that, I hear no response from them, and for some and people who were clearly unprepared again for an appointment.

Secrets to a Successful Interior Design Consultation

If creativity isn't your strong suit, you might need some help in terms of decorating your home and creating a relaxing haven. Throughout the planning and decorating process, there is always a slew of decisions to be made, and while you have a vision for your home, achieving your desired outcomes may demand the assistance of a professional.

There seems to be a flurry of decisions to make during the planning and designing process, and while you may have a concept for your house, reaching your intended outcomes may necessitate the help of a professional. If you think that interior design consultation or demonstrated improved design services are frivolous or extravagant, reconsider; with the right mindset and approach, you may have the home of your dreams.

Why is an Interior Design Consultation Conducted?

An Interior Design Consultation allows you and your interior designer to get to know each other as well as the project. Your interior design team works with you just to define the scope of the project during the meeting. They'll try to figure out how you use each room in your house, as well as your preferences for colors, furnishings, plumbing, and lighting.

During the discussion, your interior designer's main goal will be to figure out now and explain what is required, as well as to assist you in prioritizing projects. Meet with your designer at your house so they can get a better sense of the area, as well as take any necessary measures and notes.

Site Visit and Measurement

Depending on the location of the project, The Interior Designer or The design firm may charge you a consultation fee to have an ocular visit of your space. 

The designer may take measurements during the Site Visit to ensure that they have the right specs to work with. This does not necessarily mean that they will take some site measurements depending on what you are consulting about. 

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If you are working with an architect, they can also accompany you and assist you to collaborate with the Interior Designer If you aren't working with another allied profession, it's alright. It's not something to be ashamed of! That's why interior designers can also do the measurements as well. 

There's a reason you inquired from a pro in the first place!

You might be wondering, Why the interior designer asks for assistance from an allied professional, From an Architect, or an Engineer. These 2 professions can assist us with any structural things that we might be asking or the things we need to know especially when we will be doing the renovation works, knowing the provisions in the existing area would help us work smoothly in the process of designing.

They can also assist the interior designer in creating a plan that answers the technical questions and also the interior designer knows how to create a plan that is tailored to your lifestyle and taste.

What is a home-interior design consultation meeting?

The first meeting with an interior designer is critical because it aids in the progress of the project. The consultation meeting for home interior design allows you to get to know the designers and the project.

Making your house into a house can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

Making decisions during restoration or redecorating projects can be difficult. Choosing the proper paint and then the right shade, furniture, upholstery, electrical and plumbing style and equipment, tiles, carpets, decorative items, etc. are all important considerations. The consultation conference will assist all stakeholders in understanding whatever is required and what can be done next. It aids in the establishment of a solid foundation, ensuring that your job begins on the correct foot and proceeds smoothly.

Does this post give you clarity on what to expect in a design consultation? 

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