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Modern Luxe - a 45sqm Walkthrough Visual Animation



Modern Luxe - a 45sqm Walkthrough Visual Animation

This is a 45sqm 1 bedroom condominium unit located in one of the premier condominium units of Cebu, Philippines. The client is an Overseas Filipino Worker and has invested in a real estate property where she can live while she visits her hometown, Cebu.

The client wanted a Full Renovation of the property that will cater to her requirements. Multi-Functional Spaces and lots of storage space in her unit from functional purposes to aesthetics.

After several project proposals and discussions, we are able to come up with a design that will fit her requirements and also the designs they look forward to seeing when it comes to life.

The design phase took some time in order to meet its needs and we are able to find a solution from the design to the technical aspect of the design challenge that they encountered. 

Check out this video on how we utilize the space and also make sure that the design reflected her taste.

45 Sqm 1 Bedroom Modern Luxe Vacation Unit

The Design Concept: Modern Luxury Vacation Unit

Project Type: Turn-Key Project

The Client Overview:

This 1 Bedroom Unit is located in the Heart of a Business District.  It has a 1 Full-Length Functional Kitchen and a Bar. This has a 4 Seater Dining Table made in Glass and Wood and a 2 Seater Bar.

A Leather Sofa with a Pull-Out Bed in Queen Size Bed and a Minimalist Media Console that makes your home a good place with Wallpaper around it.

The Bed is a Custom Bed in White Beige Leatherette and A Full Custom Material to match the Writing Desk and the Side Table with Table Lamps in Pairs.

The Moodboard:

Before Images:

See the Before and After Images of this Project

After Images:

See the Before and After Images of this Project

The Project Reveal:

See the Interior Design Project Reveal of this 1 Bedroom Apartment


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10 Easy Summer Decorating Ideas


10 Easy Summer Decorating Ideas

Summer is only a few weeks away, as well as the sad fact is that because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, most of us will be staying indoors. It's usually the time of year when we spend a lot of time outdoors, taking full advantage of the pleasant weather and bright days. 

However, not all pleasure is lost because there are a variety of indoor activities in which you may participate and spend your summer. If you have a creative bone, you may utilize your house as a platform for summer decoration ideas. Here are ten interior decoration concepts to try this summer.

There are 10 easy summer decorating ideas

Pick some summer flowers

Flowers are a great way to liven up and brighten up a room. They infuse your home with a natural fragrance and a scent that makes your time indoors more enjoyable. Flowers will bring summer to life on your tables and in your house, whether you gather them from your garden, buy those at a regional farm stand, or acquire them from your favorite supermarket. Don't be scared to walk to the end of a road and grab a handful as well!

Paint house

Summer decor is enhanced by the use of white. It's light and airy, with a cooling effect! Choose a few white accent items, regardless of your design, and watch how they help to cool things down in the summer. And also can make a place appear stunning!

Fix a wreath on your front door

A wreath provides visitors a sneak peek at what they'll discover inside your house. And it'll be the first warm greeting everyone who knocks on your door will receive. On your front entrance, hang the largest and most beautiful wreath you can find!

Colorful tissue paper made flowers

Surprisingly, these lovely tissue paper flowers may be used as a decoration. These paper flowers are both cheap and simple to produce. Colorful tissue paper, a stapler, and scissors are required. These gorgeous flowers may be made in only a few steps. Tissue paper flowers may be made in a variety of ways and used in your summer room design project. These bright flowers are ideal for centerpieces, flower vases, doorway swags, and garlands for showers and other special occasions.

Beach in house

It might be a new thing, but nowadays it’s becoming a trend due to the pandemic people start getting benefits of outside in inside home and they start developing a beach from the soil and add a little water so that cant disturb the beach and the painted wall with that beach on white paint.


If you have a fireplace in your home and it’s not in use during summer so try to decorate that place very well so it could not look bad and it looks attractive grab people toward that. You can also fill that with candles etc.

 Frame picture of summers

Create a picture string with all these summer house designs to bring you summer memories into your home. For this garland, choose a few of your old summer photos, family shots in flower gardens, or by the shore. To make this garland more eye-catching, add several old photographs and hanging shells. It's simple and enjoyable to make this picture garland. Collaborate with your children and loved ones to create this lovely summer décor for the house. It would look great in a bedroom with beach-themed summer décor or in the foyer. To hang your garlands, create a background with false wood fences as well as some seashells or synthetic flowers to fit the theme.

 Air fresher

There are many type of air fresher which can use to make you feel fresh and feel you overwhelmed. There are automatic air fresher though which you set time and after 5 or 10 minutes it does by own self and when someone new entrance to the house or room they go into imagination and doesn’t feel themselves in the room but in a garden full of flowers.

 Summer study room

You’re little study room or library, too, needs a refreshing summer makeover. And although classic light wood and earthen tone combinations are perfect for a relevant field of study, some summer decorations can liven up the room's appearance. Summer home designs in the study area will look great with bright flowers, a neutral backdrop, and colorful bookcases. Pick white library shelves and paint your study space white. To draw attention to the shelves, add some flower arrangements. In transparent glass vases, you may use fresh flowers. The minimalist décor style is ideal for the subject.

 Seashell on the wall

With this lovely seashell wall décor, you can make your home appear like it's in the summer. Use it in the room or in a corner nook to draw attention to the wall. Choose from a wide range of beautiful seashell wall decors available in local stores. The seashell freestanding décor gives your interior area a cool touch. If you're looking for a fun DIY project to do today, try to make this seashell wall décor. Choose star-shaped seashells or whatever seashell you choose, then add some lights to complete your wall décor. Hang these seashells on the wall at random to lend a nautical touch to the coastal motif.


What to expect in an Interior Design Consultation


What to expect from an Interior Design Consultation

An Interior Desing Consultation can be free or paid, and here's why? Charging a consulting fee is standard practice in the interior design profession. However, I've had some potential clients ask me why I charge a fee while other designers in the area don't.

This is a fair question. I've made the assumption that potential clients understand what an interior designer does, but I've realized that I haven't always explained things in a way that makes sense. One of my priorities is to educate potential clients about what interior designers do and the benefits of working with one.

Here are a few reasons why interior designers charge a consulting fee:

  • Our expertise. Interior designers have years of experience and training in interior design. We know the latest trends, we understand the principles of design, and we have a deep understanding of how to create beautiful and functional spaces.
  • Our time. Consulting with a potential client takes time. We need to meet with you, learn about your needs, and discuss your budget. We also need to do research and create a proposal.
  • Our value. The value of working with an interior designer is significant. We can help you save time, money, and stress. We can also help you create a space that you'll love for years to come.If you're considering working with an interior designer, I encourage you to schedule a consultation. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have and to show you how I can help you create the space of your dreams.

If you're considering working with an interior designer, I encourage you to schedule a FREE consultation - DISCOVERY CALL.I'd be happy to answer any questions you have and to show you how I can help you create the space of your dreams.

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Not sure yet, whether you want to have a Discovery Call?

Here's a link to our Client Inquiry form

In this way, you get to be prepared on the questions, we will be asking in the Discovery Call and We can have more clarity of what you want as an outcome.

Let's talk about FREE Interior Design Consultation.

In this blog post, I'll discuss what to expect during a FREE design consultation - The Discovery Call, as well as what not to expect. I'll also explain why a consultation is an important part of the home design process.

A design consultation is a meeting between you and an interior designer to discuss your project. During the consultation, the designer will ask you questions about your space, your needs, and your budget. They will also discuss their services and how they can help you achieve your goals.

A consultation typically lasts for 15-30 minutes. In that time, the designer will:

  • Ask you questions about your space and your needs.
  • Ask about your design likes and dislikes
  • Discuss their services and how they can help you achieve your goals.
  • Provide you with a quote for their services.
  • Answer any questions you have.

A consultation is not a design contract. It's an opportunity for you to meet with the designer and see if they're a good fit for you. If you're happy with the deigner and their services, you can then move forward with a design contract.

Here's a link to our Client Inquiry form

What happens next after the Discovery Call?

After you had signed up for the Client Inquiry form, We had the Discovery Call and Talked about your project pain points and goals.

Which led to this point, After the Discovery Call. we will send you a copy of our services and links to our portfolio after our initial consultation - The Discovery Call. This helps you give understand our offerings and our compatibility to work together.

We will send a proposal customized to your specific needs, based on our conversation. This would help you understand our design process to move forward with us. This helps build trust and ensure both you, the client and us, the design team are on the same page for your project.

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Can you have a site visit on my site?

In the past, I offered free design consultations on-site or in-person, but I found that many people didn't take them seriously. They would either no-show, cancel last-minute, or ghost me after the consultation. I also had some people come to my home for a consultation and then never respond to me again.

I realized that charging for design consultations that will take more more of my time, value and expertiese. It would help me weed out people who weren't serious about working with me. It would also show that I value my time and expertise.

I understand that some people may be hesitant to pay for a design consultation, but I believe that it's worth the investment.

A consultation is an opportunity to get to know me and my work, and to see if I'm a good fit for your needs. It's also an opportunity to get my advice and expertise on your project.

If you're considering working with an interior designer, I encourage you to schedule a consultation. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have and to show you how I can help you create the space of your dreams. 

Are you ready to start your renovation project? We can help you design and implement your dream space. Book a consultation today and let's get started!

7 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer


7 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

7 Benefits of Hiring An Interior Designer

Did you even know that a well-designed and functional house isn't something that happens by accident? Every project, in my opinion, should begin with a well-thought-out plan that is thoughtfully developed to provide you with a house that is not only beautiful but also functional for your lifestyle. You can trust my team of specialists to carefully carry out our design and provide you with a house that genuinely alters the way you live.

If you believe that hiring an interior designer is exclusively for the wealthy, you are mistaken. In fact, the expense of making a single mistake that doesn't work or looks bad might much exceed the cost of engaging an Interior Design professional. Continue reading to learn about the top seven advantages of hiring an interior designer.

Time Efficient

Nobody wants a remodeling or new construction project to drag on forever. Professional interior designers know what has to be done and when it needs to be done. When building a new home, for example, the outside treatments should be the first to be decided. Garage doors and windows, for example, might take up to three months to arrive, delaying the start of interior work if not ordered in a timely way.

When it comes to interior finishes, all of your fixed finishes, such as tile, countertops, cabinet colors, fireplace stone, flooring, and so on, should have been picked by the time your contractor asks for a paint color. Over the years, I've gotten several anxious emails from clients seeking my assistance in selecting paint colors, the majority of whom have yet to select any other finishes. When I inquire what they have picked for bathroom tiling, for example, some people are shocked.

Simply, how can you pick the ideal paint color for your bathroom if you haven't decided on the tile? It's not that it can't be done, but there are far more paint color options than there are tile options. What's the bottom line? A shorter schedule can be achieved by staying ahead of the construction process.

Expertise and Trained Eye

An interior designer can take your thoughts and turn them into a concrete plan, as well as assess what is possible in your area. An experienced designer can advise you on where you should spend your money and where you should save it. They can quickly identify what is working and what isn't in your house; they notice the big picture while also focusing on the little points. A designer will make sure that your space not only suits your lifestyle (kids, pets, entertaining) but also recommend appropriate furniture, all while keeping your particular aesthetic in mind.


7 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

Cohesive Look

Couples might have quite different views about how they want their house to appear, and when you add pets and children to the mix, you have a jumble of requirements and wishes. A design specialist can take all of this information and turn it into a finished product that pleases everyone. They have the ability to skillfully blend a wide range of styles and functions into a single coherent environment.


Unique Space

Designers have access to a wide range of trade-only vendors and bespoke artisans who can assist you in creating a place that none of your neighbors will have. Because a designer knows how to add particular details that make a place seem finished, the outcomes are frequently greater than you could have anticipated. Having said that, in-store designers have their place, but most people want their homes to be a reflection of themselves, not a showcase.


Time and Money Saved

Make sure you don't waste money by buying the wrong furniture and accessories (i.e. wrong scale, size, color, quality, etc). A designer will be able to choose the right furniture for the area, certify that it is constructed of high-quality materials, and guarantee that orders are done correctly. Your designer should be well-versed in material procurement, which saves you time from having to go out and acquire the goods yourself. A designer can also work within your budget and offer advice on how to spend your money effectively in the areas that matter the most.

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Project Management

Your interior designer serves as both a project manager and a spokesperson for you. They know who to call when they need anything done. Damages, delivery, and items not arriving on the schedule are all issues that designers must deal with. Frequently, they arrive with a plan of action far before you even realize there is a problem. They function as a "go-between," communicating directly with contractors and tradesmen to verify that things are done correctly (i.e. outlets in the proper place, proper installation, etc). Your role is to relax and enjoy the process, as well as your lovely new room!

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 7 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

Creative Thinking

Years of experience and training have armed a competent design professional with more than one approach to meet your objectives. They also have a different perspective on things than you do, which is where their creativity shines through with innovative solutions for tough places and the ability to push the boundaries with your personal style. Do you desire a flawless design that reflects the people who live in your home? Hire someone who thinks and lives beyond the box.


Peace of Mind

When embarking on a remodeling or new construction project, it's common to feel stressed and overwhelmed due to a lack of understanding of the process. You've probably heard the phrase "you don't know what you don't know." As an interior designer, one of the most important aspects of my job is to act as a liaison between you and your contractor or preferred supplier. I've had enough experience knowing what questions to ask and when to make decisions. It's a priceless service for keeping your project on track and within budget!

It's one thing to navigate the design/renovation process; it's quite another to choose all of the finishes and materials. I spend a lot of time interviewing my customers to learn about their lifestyles, family situations, color, material choices, and general design aesthetic preferences.

In all of the 7 Benefits of why you should hire an interior designer, what appeals to you the most? My top focus is to put together the ideal design for you and make sure that your design journey would be the best one.  To find out more about how we can help you with your design problems. Book our Free 30 minutes of Discovery Call.

Let's talk about your Space! 

Book an Interior Designer Cebu

Editors Note: This was originally posted last November 25, 2016. This article has been updated for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the topic. 

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