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What do you need to know before renovating your space?


Are you the type of person who asks for the cost before the design of your home or any particular space? Often times we find ourselves deciding based on Cost without getting into details of the project which is crucial during the Initial Consultation.

You can hardly answer the initial questions especially when Interior Designers or Interior Design Firms as more details of your design plans. It is best that you prepare yourself for the long haul.

Often times you just needed to know what to prepare and ask yourself

What do you need to know before renovating a house?

Renovating your home, office or any area that you wish to do a makeover or revamp is a significant undertaking that demands careful attention to every aspect. The home renovation process might be frustrating if you don't prepare ahead. Unexpected costs and complications can complicate the procedure. 

However, if you properly set yourself up with a clear goal in mind, you can avoid headaches. So, before you embark on a renovation project, here are some things to consider.


Decide What You Want Out of Your Renovation

Understanding what you want to achieve and why your renovation is important. If you are renovating to avoid moving, the work you do now should serve for a few years. Consider how many bedrooms and bathrooms you will need in the future, as well as how much living space you will require, especially if you have a growing family.

Even if you don't want to sell your home right now, consider how a renovation could boost its value. A good rule of thumb is to spend around 10% of your home's worth on a kitchen renovation and about 5% on a bathroom renovation and still, this would vary depending on the design and materials you are planning to use.

Realistically Assess Your Budget

Be honest with yourself about how much you can afford. Obtain written quotations from at least three builders and clarify what these estimates include or don't include. You can also entrust the entire project entirely with your Interior Designer who offers Turn-Key Solutions (Interior Renovation or Design and Build Services)

Keep all invoices, receipts, contracts, and plans safe and organized, and make a note in your calendar of any deadlines you need to achieve to ensure the project runs successfully.

Be Specific About Design Ideas

Before you meet with an interior designer, you should narrow down your design preferences. Browse home decorating magazines, interior designing websites, and design shows for ideas. Having a solid grip on a design direction will help you avoid being influenced by your conscious browsing of inspiration which is all beautifully curated in magazines, Pinterest, or your friend's place which may differ from your personal preference and renovation goal. Interior Designers will help you filter your ideas and make the best one suitable for your space. Collaboration between you as the client and the designer are one of the key element of success for your renovation plans.

Also, stick to your budget when hiring an interior designer. You have to be upfront about how much you are willing to invest in your new place. The items you want to keep from your previous home. You have to inform them of your plans for the project. 

Interior Designers can't do the math and magic at the same time but they will surely find a way to meet your needs, budget, and interior magic to create your space close or even more of what you have envisioned for your desired space.

Create a Plan to Move House Material

Interior Renovation could be daunting to your Appliances, furniture, clothing, kitchenware, and other items that exist in a home. It is tough to keep everything organized during the renovation process. This applies well to those who are living in their current home. As a result, making a plan for self-storage materials throughout the renovation time is ideal. 

Private lockups protect the material safe and secure. As a result, you should always look for a reputable self-storage lockup service provider organization that will protect your dwelling items at all times. 

Make reservations with storage service providers before starting the renovation procedure.

Don't Rush the Renovation.

It is important that you find the right contractor or people who would be working on your renovation. An interior designer can assist you with it or you have your preferred contractor. Let them both meet.

Interior Designers has various services, and as for Premiere Design Interiors, One of their services is Full Interior Design, A Service where they design the space and do the project management while you hire a different general contractor or directly hire their recommended specialized contractor such as kitchen, closet, and even furniture makers. 

As a result, You have one or more teams to talk about your ideas most of the time just to make sure that all teams involved are on one page. Though the Interior Designer, Engineer, Architect, Foreman, or even the representatives of the company would communicate. It is best you should host a weekly meeting with all teams involving your project should come or meet altogether.

This is important for everyone to be on the same page, goal, and timeline as they are all interrelated. This way you will be avoiding costly mistakes in the future.

Working with Interior Designers in helping you renovate your space, may feel overwhelming especially if this is your first time to be working with them. Contact a few of your friends or family who have worked with a PRO or someone whom you know who had experience with DIY Renovation and someone who has worked with PRO. In this way, you can gauge how you want to expect to work with a Designer and a Contractor at the same time. 

Have you considered any of our tips above when deciding to renovate your space? Let us know how we can help you.

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