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The Indoor Plants Are So Famous, But Why?


The Top 5 Indoor Plant that is commonly used, and here's why?

Plants have increasingly grown from small potted plants to enormous giant plants that became a hobby of many people, especially during the pandemic, the lockdown has brought many Filipinos an increased love of plants. My mother had it started nursing plants even around 2015-2016 little by little and it never stopped if almost the variety of plants from cactus to trees. She seemed to enjoy it to pieces. 

However, Let's face it we still need help from someone who knows about plants and will all the information available on the internet we wonder which one's should we be using and We have the ideas you need to bring the most significant indoor plants and a little more nature into your surroundings; whether you want to utilize classic yet ingenious hydroponics or DIY, your green area is set up in a tiny corner of your kitchen or even bedroom. This natural touch is a beautiful way to lift your spirits, add color to your home, and practice your gardening abilities. Only attractive aesthetics and easy maintenance plants are considered in this list.


Dwarf Sansevieria Snake Plant – Perfect for lightening condition

Most plants require additional care when it comes to lighting, but the Dwarf Sansevieria Snake Plant is an exception: it thrives in a wide range of settings, from low to bright light. It's ideal for use in your bedroom because it releases oxygen primarily at night. This plant is a good choice since it promotes optimism into your life, increasing your productivity, happiness, and joy, as well as improving your overall well-being.


Silver Queen Plant – Air purifying plant

The Silver Queen plant is one of the top air-purifying plants and is even suggested by NASA. When used indoors, they have the best capacity to decrease Benzene and Formaldehyde pollutants. The leaves also grow erect, which helps to keep your home tidy.


Golden Pothos Plant – Carbon monoxide Absorber

The golden pothos plant is another air purifier worth considering because it helps you breathe more oxygen by removing carbon monoxide from your environment. If you spend your days staring at a screen, golden pothos is a good choice because they relieve eye fatigue. Leave it dry and refrain from watering it daily—give it one or two weeks between watering.


Neon Pothos – Good for bathroom

Neon pothos is another pothos plant that will be added to the list. The condition of its leaves can quickly reveal its demands: drooping yellow leaves signal too much water, while brown leaf tips indicate that the air is too dry and needs to be placed in a more humid environment. A humid area like your bathroom would be ideal for this intriguing bright-green plant.


Peace Lily – Mould Absorber

Flowering plants can be the most difficult to keep healthy; however, this white-flowered plant purifies the air and absorb the Mould spores.

Although peace lilies are forgiving, they thrive in indirect sunshine with some shadow. For optimal results, wait until the leaves begin to droop before watering the plant. These plants require consistent drainage. Consider planting in a simple planter to highlight the gorgeous blossoms.


Zebra Cactus Plant – Perfect for dry environment

The zebra cactus merits an honor for being the plant that can flourish in the smallest quantity of water. This is because it only requires watering once a month when kept in a warm environment away from direct sunshine. It is abundant in antioxidants, protecting you from damaging free radicals and reducing stress.

What kind of indoor plans do you use? 

Send us an e-mail and we'll be happy to have a chat with you about how we can help you with your project and talk about how we can achieve it. We would love to have you on board with us, We Can't wait to hear from you! 

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