How to define your interior design project?


How to define your interior design project? 

When I initially started my own business, one of the very first stuff I did was create a list of the service kinds I intended to provide. I was all over the place and I quickly realized that I will be leaving out crucial information that would have made it easier for me to talk about our services and ensure that I was recommending the best alternative for my customer.

After a time, I realized I was offering too many services, which was confusing for both me and my potential new clients, and eliminating the services that do not best suit my expertise, most inquired, and closed contracts.

Today, I see the need of providing a well-defined, simplified ladder of services, and I'd want to show you where to go so that you and your clients can leave overwhelming at the door.

What things should be explained first?

Before I start any project, I often ask my potential and existing clients about the colors that attract them and the colors they do not want to see. In this way, they know what colors they will be expecting and that I will be eliminating them.

Start from your favorite color:

Begin with a color scheme that you find appealing. Typically, room design uses subdued and natural tones rather than your particular preferred color. Your preferred colors, on the other hand, may be modulated to reflect gently from every area in the house.

Do you have a thing for blues? Choose blue-tinted greys for the walls to gleam blue in the sun. Your favorite colors are red and purple. For an unobtrusive yet dramatic appearance, pair dusty rose walls and dark stained wood beams.

Next question, I would be discussing the Aesthetics, the look they have envisioned for the space. The concept that they had in mind by identifying their lifestyle and the lifestyle they have envisioned.

The Concept:

Each individual has their own perspective of what is fashionable. Some people like sitting in an elegant Neo-Victorian sitting room. Some people believe that the most appealing approach to arranging a living room is with abstract art and geometrical furniture.

Do you think curving baroque frames or crisp angles appear more stylish? Do you like to display paintings or sculptures? Will you choose swinging drapes or automated electric shades for your window treatments?


Take note of the parallels:

It's time to determine the common threads once you've gathered a good amount of pictures. Is there a particular color scheme that appeals to you? Do jewel tones appeal to you more than pastels? To color, are you neutral? What is the difference between a shiny and a matte finish? What about the furniture's silhouette and shapes? Are they elaborate or straightforward? Is it better to buy an antique or a brand-new item? What about the room's "vibe"? Is it a casual or formal setting? Make a list of the underlying commonalities you see between the spaces you admire.

Lights: Light is used by professionals to alter the size and ambiance of a location. Different forms of lighting may elicit various emotions in space. The sort of lighting used and where it is placed are both important parts of interior design. They function in tandem with the furniture you choose, the amount of natural light you have, the size of the space, and the color you choose.


About the recent project:

Share your latest project load with your customer right away so they understand your capacity and that you could be working with many clients at once. And also share some reviews and that done projects which liked by previous clients. If you are new and don’t have any previous so just make any free offer and design some home office projects and use that as a portfolio and make them sure about the skills that can grab the clients and make you satisfied.

Explain human errors:

Explain to customers that there is always something that goes wrong in interior design jobs; it isn't a precise science. That's the nature of the industry, but it is your responsibility as an interior designer to deal with any complications that emerge.


Take note of the textures of the room. Fabric options for the room's upholstered furniture, drapes or curtains, walls, and wood furniture contribute to the texture factor. Both can be rough-hewn or shiny, highly finished wood, two textures that are vastly different. Cloth texture can be described as nubby, smooth, silky, or tweedy. Rough, rustic, damaged, or smooth textures can be seen on walls. In contrast to the textures detailed here, there are more. Choose the term that best defines the room's overall texture.

At the finishing stage:

Finally, evaluate your accomplishments. When you appreciate the finished product, you've discovered your internal interior design style. Redesign your living space and then take a step back to evaluate if you're happy with the results. What you are seeing will be excellent or give you another few ideas and thoughts on how to improve your design. Your finest design style will emerge as a result of this procedure. 

How do you find this explanation of why it is important to know and define your interior design project?


Golden Topper: Investor's Night


It has been a while since I spoke to a "Physical" audience since the Pandemic hit and not only that this would be the first time once again after those 2 years Thanks to Golden Topper's Marketing Team who approached me to become part of their Milestone this coming May 14, 2022.

I am excited to become part of this event and also meet people behind City Clou and be able to meet and see the people who would be attending.

One highlight of this event is that we were invited to be part of this event and talk about Interior Design topics that will give you more insights into the Industry of real estate and interior design and Why you should choose Golden Toppers' City Clou Development as your next investment.

Interested to know more about City Clou Residences and also know the interior design topics that we will be talking about. Register through your Property Consultant. 

No Property Consultant, just yet?

Call Showroom Number: 032-384-8888 and Visit City Clou Showroom, 38 Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City

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3 Factors to look for when choosing kitchen appliances


3 Factors to look for when choosing kitchen appliances

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is the place where all family members convene at least 2 times a day. A space that is most likely to engage by every family member. It is essential to invest in the most suitable environment in the kitchen that in general made by kitchen appliances. And the selection of perfect appliances is a vital part both in terms of functionality and budget. Because in today’s era there are a lot and lots of choices to avail that can easily confuse someone who desires to invest in a good kitchen. To look for the best appliances one must consider the facts and figures clearly about it. For the starting process to avoid any overwhelmed decision let’s have a look at the guides we are providing below: 

Today’s up-to-the-minute appliances made the selection easier with their dual nature of work and cost-friendly nature that make our cooking journey trouble-free. No kitchen is complete without knowing these factors: 

Ability to perform. 

It depends on the fact that how much importance you give to the performance of appliances. If you just want your machine to work you can go for the model that is under your budget. If you want the advanced version of that appliance i.e., multi-functional easy to clean and use you can invest in the most recent model that is up to your expectations. 


The durability and performance of things can be affected by their efficiency which works in terms of cost-effectiveness and maintenance. The electric appliance is considered to be a major reason to increase the household electric bill so keeping in mind the cost and the cost after using in terms of the bill you should go for the inverter. The great news is the appliances meeting all these qualities are easily approachable in today’s market. So make a checklist and go hunt for the most suitable energy-efficient appliances. 


As far as the ability and efficiency matter, the style and manner of appliances should be up to date. The appearance of anything is a personal choice of every human being. So choose only those appliances which you consider will be the appealing and according to your taste and space. In short, the kitchen outlets and designers can guide you the best about aesthetics performance, and efficiency if you want durable up-to-the-minute appliances for your homely sweet kitchen.

Let me ask you a question. When selecting your preferred items, What do you usually look for? Brand, Cost, the Design, or Quality of the product?

Modern Luxe - a 45sqm Walkthrough Visual Animation



Modern Luxe - a 45sqm Walkthrough Visual Animation

This is a 45sqm 1 bedroom condominium unit located in one of the premier condominium units of Cebu, Philippines. The client is an Overseas Filipino Worker and has invested in a real estate property where she can live while she visits her hometown, Cebu.

The client wanted a Full Renovation of the property that will cater to her requirements. Multi-Functional Spaces and lots of storage space in her unit from functional purposes to aesthetics.

After several project proposals and discussions, we are able to come up with a design that will fit her requirements and also the designs they look forward to seeing when it comes to life.

The design phase took some time in order to meet its needs and we are able to find a solution from the design to the technical aspect of the design challenge that they encountered. 

Check out this video on how we utilize the space and also make sure that the design reflected her taste.

10 Easy Summer Decorating Ideas


10 Easy Summer Decorating Ideas

Summer is only a few weeks away, as well as the sad fact is that because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, most of us will be staying indoors. It's usually the time of year when we spend a lot of time outdoors, taking full advantage of the pleasant weather and bright days. 

However, not all pleasure is lost because there are a variety of indoor activities in which you may participate and spend your summer. If you have a creative bone, you may utilize your house as a platform for summer decoration ideas. Here are ten interior decoration concepts to try this summer.

There are 10 easy summer decorating ideas

Pick some summer flowers

Flowers are a great way to liven up and brighten up a room. They infuse your home with a natural fragrance and a scent that makes your time indoors more enjoyable. Flowers will bring summer to life on your tables and in your house, whether you gather them from your garden, buy those at a regional farm stand, or acquire them from your favorite supermarket. Don't be scared to walk to the end of a road and grab a handful as well!

Paint house

Summer decor is enhanced by the use of white. It's light and airy, with a cooling effect! Choose a few white accent items, regardless of your design, and watch how they help to cool things down in the summer. And also can make a place appear stunning!

Fix a wreath on your front door

A wreath provides visitors a sneak peek at what they'll discover inside your house. And it'll be the first warm greeting everyone who knocks on your door will receive. On your front entrance, hang the largest and most beautiful wreath you can find!

Colorful tissue paper made flowers

Surprisingly, these lovely tissue paper flowers may be used as a decoration. These paper flowers are both cheap and simple to produce. Colorful tissue paper, a stapler, and scissors are required. These gorgeous flowers may be made in only a few steps. Tissue paper flowers may be made in a variety of ways and used in your summer room design project. These bright flowers are ideal for centerpieces, flower vases, doorway swags, and garlands for showers and other special occasions.

Beach in house

It might be a new thing, but nowadays it’s becoming a trend due to the pandemic people start getting benefits of outside in inside home and they start developing a beach from the soil and add a little water so that cant disturb the beach and the painted wall with that beach on white paint.


If you have a fireplace in your home and it’s not in use during summer so try to decorate that place very well so it could not look bad and it looks attractive grab people toward that. You can also fill that with candles etc.

 Frame picture of summers

Create a picture string with all these summer house designs to bring you summer memories into your home. For this garland, choose a few of your old summer photos, family shots in flower gardens, or by the shore. To make this garland more eye-catching, add several old photographs and hanging shells. It's simple and enjoyable to make this picture garland. Collaborate with your children and loved ones to create this lovely summer décor for the house. It would look great in a bedroom with beach-themed summer décor or in the foyer. To hang your garlands, create a background with false wood fences as well as some seashells or synthetic flowers to fit the theme.

 Air fresher

There are many type of air fresher which can use to make you feel fresh and feel you overwhelmed. There are automatic air fresher though which you set time and after 5 or 10 minutes it does by own self and when someone new entrance to the house or room they go into imagination and doesn’t feel themselves in the room but in a garden full of flowers.

 Summer study room

You’re little study room or library, too, needs a refreshing summer makeover. And although classic light wood and earthen tone combinations are perfect for a relevant field of study, some summer decorations can liven up the room's appearance. Summer home designs in the study area will look great with bright flowers, a neutral backdrop, and colorful bookcases. Pick white library shelves and paint your study space white. To draw attention to the shelves, add some flower arrangements. In transparent glass vases, you may use fresh flowers. The minimalist décor style is ideal for the subject.

 Seashell on the wall

With this lovely seashell wall décor, you can make your home appear like it's in the summer. Use it in the room or in a corner nook to draw attention to the wall. Choose from a wide range of beautiful seashell wall decors available in local stores. The seashell freestanding décor gives your interior area a cool touch. If you're looking for a fun DIY project to do today, try to make this seashell wall décor. Choose star-shaped seashells or whatever seashell you choose, then add some lights to complete your wall décor. Hang these seashells on the wall at random to lend a nautical touch to the coastal motif.



What to expect in an Interior Design Consultation


What to expect from an Interior Design Consultation

Inside the interior design profession, charging a consulting fee has become standard practice. However, I have occasionally run into potential clients who wonder why I charge a price while Maggie Q down a street doesn't.

This is an excellent question. I've made numerous assumptions that you, a potential client realize what an Interior Designer does before inquiring from me, and as a result, I've failed to explain things in ways that make sense to you. One of my current priorities is to educate you about what interior designers do and explain the benefits of what we can offer. 

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In this blog post, I'm writing down what to expect during the design consultation and what not to expect. It will also explain why it is such an important component of the home design process.

Let's talk about the Interior Design Consultation.

In our first 15 to 30-minutes Discovery Call, I will ask you the initial questions about your space and your plan for the project that you inquired about. In this way, I am able to have an idea about the space and your possible requirements, and how we can help you.

Once I am able to get the gist of your plans, This is also the time I would be discussing the different services that you may be of interest in and how we can move forward with your initial inquiry.

What happens next after the Discovery Call?

By this time, We have received a copy of our services and the links to our portfolio, and the Next Step was written on that page specifically based on our conversation.

Read Article: Why do I need an Interior Designer?

What If you wanted more clarity?

Now that would depend on what clarity you mean. Clarity over how to help you on your space or clarity on our services.

Let's dive into what you wanted more out of the design consultation. This is the time we charge a design consultation.

Why do we charge for design consultations? 

I did offer free design advice for a number of years in my practice and As a result, I learned that customers didn't respect my services unless they were accompanied by financial investment. 

I'd get no-shows or last-minute cancellations or ghosted me after an IN-DEPTH FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION, and WORST, Coming to their home or unit answering all their questions both design and technical questions and after that, I hear no response from them, and for some and people who were clearly unprepared again for an appointment.

Secrets to a Successful Interior Design Consultation

If creativity isn't your strong suit, you might need some help in terms of decorating your home and creating a relaxing haven. Throughout the planning and decorating process, there is always a slew of decisions to be made, and while you have a vision for your home, achieving your desired outcomes may demand the assistance of a professional.

There seems to be a flurry of decisions to make during the planning and designing process, and while you may have a concept for your house, reaching your intended outcomes may necessitate the help of a professional. If you think that interior design consultation or demonstrated improved design services are frivolous or extravagant, reconsider; with the right mindset and approach, you may have the home of your dreams.

Why is an Interior Design Consultation Conducted?

An Interior Design Consultation allows you and your interior designer to get to know each other as well as the project. Your interior design team works with you just to define the scope of the project during the meeting. They'll try to figure out how you use each room in your house, as well as your preferences for colors, furnishings, plumbing, and lighting.

During the discussion, your interior designer's main goal will be to figure out now and explain what is required, as well as to assist you in prioritizing projects. Meet with your designer at your house so they can get a better sense of the area, as well as take any necessary measures and notes.

Site Visit and Measurement

Depending on the location of the project, The Interior Designer or The design firm may charge you a consultation fee to have an ocular visit of your space. 

The designer may take measurements during the Site Visit to ensure that they have the right specs to work with. This does not necessarily mean that they will take some site measurements depending on what you are consulting about. 

If you are working with an architect, they can also accompany you and assist you to collaborate with the Interior Designer If you aren't working with another allied profession, it's alright. It's not something to be ashamed of! That's why interior designers can also do the measurements as well. 

There's a reason you inquired from a pro in the first place!

You might be wondering, Why does the interior designer ask for assistance from an allied professional, From an Architect, or an Engineer. These 2 professions can assist us with any structural things that we might be asking or the things we need to know especially when we will be doing the renovation works, knowing the provisions in the existing area would help us work smoothly in the process of designing.

They can also assist the interior designer in creating a plan that answers the technical questions and also the interior designer knows how to create a plan that is tailored to your lifestyle and taste.

What is a home-interior design consultation meeting?

The first meeting with an interior designer is critical because it aids in the progress of the project. The consultation meeting for home interior design allows you to get to know the designers and the project.

Making your house into a house can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

Making decisions during restoration or redecorating projects can be difficult. Choosing the proper paint and then the right shade, furniture, upholstery, electrical and plumbing style and equipment, tiles, carpets, decorative items, etc. are all important considerations. The consultation conference will assist all stakeholders in understanding whatever is required and what can be done next. It aids in the establishment of a solid foundation, ensuring that your job begins on the correct foot and proceeds smoothly.

Does this post give you clarity on what to expect in a design consultation? 

7 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer


7 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

7 Benefits of Hiring An Interior Designer

Did you even know that a well-designed and functional house isn't something that happens by accident? Every project, in my opinion, should begin with a well-thought-out plan that is thoughtfully developed to provide you with a house that is not only beautiful but also functional for your lifestyle. You can trust my team of specialists to carefully carry out our design and provide you with a house that genuinely alters the way you live.

If you believe that hiring an interior designer is exclusively for the wealthy, you are mistaken. In fact, the expense of making a single mistake that doesn't work or looks bad might much exceed the cost of engaging an Interior Design professional. Continue reading to learn about the top seven advantages of hiring an interior designer.

Time Efficient

Nobody wants a remodeling or new construction project to drag on forever. Professional interior designers know what has to be done and when it needs to be done. When building a new home, for example, the outside treatments should be the first to be decided. Garage doors and windows, for example, might take up to three months to arrive, delaying the start of interior work if not ordered in a timely way.

When it comes to interior finishes, all of your fixed finishes, such as tile, countertops, cabinet colors, fireplace stone, flooring, and so on, should have been picked by the time your contractor asks for a paint color. Over the years, I've gotten several anxious emails from clients seeking my assistance in selecting paint colors, the majority of whom have yet to select any other finishes. When I inquire what they have picked for bathroom tiling, for example, some people are shocked.

Simply, how can you pick the ideal paint color for your bathroom if you haven't decided on the tile? It's not that it can't be done, but there are far more paint color options than there are tile options. What's the bottom line? A shorter schedule can be achieved by staying ahead of the construction process.

Expertise and Trained Eye

An interior designer can take your thoughts and turn them into a concrete plan, as well as assess what is possible in your area. An experienced designer can advise you on where you should spend your money and where you should save it. They can quickly identify what is working and what isn't in your house; they notice the big picture while also focusing on the little points. A designer will make sure that your space not only suits your lifestyle (kids, pets, entertaining) but also recommend appropriate furniture, all while keeping your particular aesthetic in mind.


7 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

Cohesive Look

Couples might have quite different views about how they want their house to appear, and when you add pets and children to the mix, you have a jumble of requirements and wishes. A design specialist can take all of this information and turn it into a finished product that pleases everyone. They have the ability to skillfully blend a wide range of styles and functions into a single coherent environment.


Unique Space

Designers have access to a wide range of trade-only vendors and bespoke artisans who can assist you in creating a place that none of your neighbors will have. Because a designer knows how to add particular details that make a place seem finished, the outcomes are frequently greater than you could have anticipated. Having said that, in-store designers have their place, but most people want their homes to be a reflection of themselves, not a showcase.


Time and Money Saved

Make sure you don't waste money by buying the wrong furniture and accessories (i.e. wrong scale, size, color, quality, etc). A designer will be able to choose the right furniture for the area, certify that it is constructed of high-quality materials, and guarantee that orders are done correctly. Your designer should be well-versed in material procurement, which saves you time from having to go out and acquire the goods yourself. A designer can also work within your budget and offer advice on how to spend your money effectively in the areas that matter the most.


Project Management

Your interior designer serves as both a project manager and a spokesperson for you. They know who to call when they need anything done. Damages, delivery, and items not arriving on the schedule are all issues that designers must deal with. Frequently, they arrive with a plan of action far before you even realize there is a problem. They function as a "go-between," communicating directly with contractors and tradesmen to verify that things are done correctly (i.e. outlets in the proper place, proper installation, etc). Your role is to relax and enjoy the process, as well as your lovely new room!

 7 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

Creative Thinking

Years of experience and training have armed a competent design professional with more than one approach to meet your objectives. They also have a different perspective on things than you do, which is where their creativity shines through with innovative solutions for tough places and the ability to push the boundaries with your personal style. Do you desire a flawless design that reflects the people who live in your home? Hire someone who thinks and lives beyond the box.


Peace of Mind

When embarking on a remodeling or new construction project, it's common to feel stressed and overwhelmed due to a lack of understanding of the process. You've probably heard the phrase "you don't know what you don't know." As an interior designer, one of the most important aspects of my job is to act as a liaison between you and your contractor or preffered supplier. I've had enough experience to know what questions to ask and when to make decisions. It's a priceless service for keeping your project on track and within budget!

It's one thing to navigate the design/renovation process; it's quite another to choose all of the finishes and materials. I spend a lot of time interviewing my customers to learn about their lifestyles, family situations, color, material choices, and general design aesthetic preferences.

In all of the 7 Benefits of why you should hire an interior designer, what appeals to you the most? My top focus is to put together the ideal design for you and make sure that your design journey would be the best one.  To find out more about how we can help you with your design problems. Book for our Free 30 minutes of Discovery Call.

Let's talk about your Space! 

Book an Interior Designer Cebu

Editors Note: This was originally posted last November 25, 2016. This article has been updated for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the topic. 

The Ultimate Revelation Of Interior Design Trends In 2022


Interior Design Trends in 2022

We are just about to welcome the second quarter of the year. How time flies from Christmas Season to Lenten and Summer Season. It's another brighter day for us to enjoy and see what we can do for our home as we are giving you ideas that you can use this 2022.

This year, design is settling down with long-lasting trends, a few oldies making a comeback, and timeless classics keeping their ground. Interior design ideas for 2022 are more attractive than ever, with looks you will want to replicate in your own home. With so much diversity, you will be able to build a house that is not only on-trend but it will also stay in style for a long period.

Interior trends from past years have continued to emphasize natural and sustainable elements. It's no surprise that their style is growing more elegant and desirable. Following are some of the interior trends in 2022.

Interior Design Trends with Nature

In 2022, take your nature-inspired design to the next level by bringing natural plants into your house. Plants will not only enhance the wild woods and warm browns in your room, but they will also assist in air purification. Furthermore, watching your blossoms grow gives you a tremendous sense of satisfaction and joy. 

Bioliphic Design, Scandinavian and Bohemian design and even contemporary and modern design themes or concepts transitioned to this since the pandemic. It is safe to say that the plant moms, plant dads, and our "planitita's" would all agree to bring the outdoors to indoors.


Multifunctional Spaces

Single-purpose spaces appear to have vanished. Given recent architectural advancements and design, it is expected that interior design trends in 2022 will include clever concepts for multifunctional rooms. With neat and creative room-dividing tactics, make the most of every nook and cranny.

Within every given room, there are a variety of possibilities. Shelving, platforms, and ladders can be used to open and close doors and act as room dividers. Many people seem to miss these opportunities because they overlook the vertical space available in the room.


Rounded Edges

During the pandemic, the 2022 curvy furniture design style not only survived but thrived. Furniture and decor with softer edges are both feminine and accommodating. These softened outlines give interiors a sense of lightness and charm. It can better match angled pieces while also adding a romantic touch to a room. Rounded furniture is another modern era artifact that has made a comeback. This time, the curve includes everything from soft-edge tables to redesigned contemporary seats, in addition to luxurious C-shape sofas.

Light Floors

Light floors can help to bounce light throughout the space, allowing natural light to shine brightly. It contributes to a more minimalistic appearance, especially if you want to highlight a few brighter colors. Warm it up with soft textures and art that you have carefully selected.

The use of light flooring materials is recommended when you wanted to make your space look bigger and brighter. It is also easy to change Design Themes as you please in every season.

Painted Doors & Trims

Statement doors and trimmings can be used to fill in blank spaces. You will not need much. A feature doorway may be made out of leftover paint. This is an attractive technique to integrate colors into your interiors and exteriors without introducing any new colors.

Zen Interiors

Interior design that promotes sustainable living has a dual purpose. On one side, it highlights the innovative and eco-friendly design. On the other side, it reflects a clear and uncluttered mind. This may inspire others to consider eco-friendly options for their own homes.
The Zen-like atmosphere is set by simple lines, light wood, and floating surfaces. The decor in these locations is natural and organic. Plants are frequently used to achieve this relaxing effect. 

As we are welcoming the second quarter of 2022 and have been able to relax from the Post-Christmas Season. It is time that this summer, we start to think fresh and update the look of our space. After all, It's Summer and Summer as we know the sun is up and bright. Let's see how we enjoy and feel the summer applying some of the design trends.

What do you need to know before renovating your space?


Are you the type of person who asks for the cost before the design of your home or any particular space? Often times we find ourselves deciding based on Cost without getting into details of the project which is crucial during the Initial Consultation.

You can hardly answer the initial questions especially when Interior Designers or Interior Design Firms as more details of your design plans. It is best that you prepare yourself for the long haul.

Often times you just needed to know what to prepare and ask yourself

What do you need to know before renovating a house?

Renovating your home, office or any area that you wish to do a makeover or revamp is a significant undertaking that demands careful attention to every aspect. The home renovation process might be frustrating if you don't prepare ahead. Unexpected costs and complications can complicate the procedure. 

However, if you properly set yourself up with a clear goal in mind, you can avoid headaches. So, before you embark on a renovation project, here are some things to consider.


Decide What You Want Out of Your Renovation

Understanding what you want to achieve and why with your renovation is important. If you are renovating to avoid moving, the work you do now should serve for a few years. Consider how many bedrooms and bathrooms you will need in the future, as well as how much living space you will require, especially if you have a growing family.

Even if you don't want to sell your home right now, consider how a renovation could boost its value. A good rule of thumb is to spend around 10% of your home's worth on a kitchen renovation and about 5% on a bathroom renovation and still, this would vary depending on the design and materials you are planning to use.

Realistically Assess Your Budget

Be honest with yourself about how much you can afford. Obtain written quotations from at least three builders and clarify what these estimates include or don't include. You can also entrust the entire project entirely with your Interior Designer who offers Turn-Key Solutions (Interior Renovation or Design and Build Services)

Keep all invoices, receipts, contracts, and plans safe and organized, and make a note in your calendar of any deadlines you need to achieve to ensure the project runs successfully.

Be Specific About Design Ideas

Before you meet with an interior designer, you should narrow down your design preferences. Browse home decorating magazines, interior designing websites, and design shows for ideas. Having a solid grip on a design direction will help you avoid being influenced by your conscious browsing of inspiration which is all beautifully curated in magazines, Pinterest, or your friend's place which may differ from your personal preference and renovation goal. Interior Designers will help you filter your ideas and make the best one suitable for your space. Collaboration between you as the client and the designer are one of your key element of success for your renovation plans.

Also, stick to your budget when hiring an interior designer. You have to be upfront on how much you are willing to invest in your new place. The items you want to keep from your previous home. You have to inform them of your plans for the project. 

Interior Designers can't do the math and magic at the same time but they will surely find a way to meet your needs, budget, and interior magic to create your space close or even more of what you have envisioned for your desired space.

Create a Plan to Move House Material

Interior Renovation could be daunting your Appliances, furniture, clothing, kitchenware, and other items exist in a home. It is tough to keep everything organized during the renovation process. This applies well to those who are living in their current home. As a result, making a plan for self-storage materials throughout the renovation time is ideal. 

Private lockups protect the material safe and secure. As a result, you should always look for a reputable self-storage lockup service provider organization that will protect your dwelling items at all times. 

Make reservations with storage service providers before starting the renovation procedure.

Don't Rush the Renovation.

It is important that you find the right contractor or people who would be working on your renovation. An interior designer can assist you with it or if you have your preffered contractor. Let them both meet.

Interior Designers has various services, and as for Premiere Design Interiors, One of their services is Full Interior Design, A Service where they design the space and do the project management while you hire a different general contractor or directly hire their recommended specialized contractor such as kitchen, closet, and even furniture makers. 

As a result, You have one or more teams to talk about your ideas most of the time just to make sure that all teams involved are on one page. Though the Interior Designer, Engineer, Architect, Foreman, or even the representatives of the company would do communicate. It is best you should host a weekly meeting with all teams involving your project should come or meet altogether.

This is important for everyone's to be on the same page, goal, and timeline as they are all inter-related. This way you will be avoiding a costly mistake in the future.

Working with Interior Designers in helping you renovate your space, may feel overwhelming especially if this is your first time to be working with them. Contact a few of your friends or family who have worked with a PRO or someone whom you know who had experience DIY Renovation and someone who has worked with a PRO. In this way, you can gauge how you want to expect to work with a Designer and a Contractor at the same time. 

Have you considered any of our tips above when deciding to renovate your space? Let us know how we can help you.

How to slow down and take care of our mental health


Give yourself self-care at home after a day of work.

Remember the last time you rested and slowed down? Humans live in a system where we'll be always on the go, and we seldom take the time to relax and unwind. I’ve seen firsthand how engrossed we may become in our work schedule that we fail to take the time to just be.

Being busy became the norm for me once I began "adulting," and at first, I thought this was how it was meant to be: always on the fly, becoming pulled in various directions, your mind racing at a million miles per hour, and so on, that I did forget how to slow down and relax. 

I couldn't remember the last time that I was relaxed. I often find myself racing after a race and when there is an opportunity to slow down. I looked for another race and it had led so many wonderful journeys and at one point and even more, I searched and try to practice slowing down.

Why do we always busy?

We may be pursuing our objectives, managing our businesses, or just meeting our necessities. So, in general, we're really busy. But what else keeps us occupied?

Consider how much time you spend on Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as playing video games on your gadgets, responding to e-mails, and watching your favorite shows. Granted, we sometimes just want to unwind after a long day, and certainly, emails must be answered.

However, consider how much time you'd save every day if you didn't spend quality time on either of those activities. Is it really two hours? How about five hours? Perhaps eight hours? Do you think you'd be as busy if you could have an extra five hours in your day? We occupy ourselves with things that are generally preventable and then marvel why we are so occupied.

How to slow down and relax?

It is critical for our really well mental well-being to take a bit of time to unwind and calm down after a busy day! Having the freedom to do all we want at the end of the day is a gift. This opportunity is not available to everyone. However, everyone should take a couple of minutes to unwind in the evening. We must strike a work-life balance in order to avoid burnout. You can't be doing anything all of the time. To offer your bodies and minds the rest they need, you must relax and slow down. So, when you have the opportunity, unplug and appreciate the small pleasures in your evenings and life. These are little pleasures. They also have the ability to improve your joy and well-being!

Here are a few steps which will make me feel relaxed after a long day of work:

Taking a Bath and shower

After a long day of work, one should have to take bath or take a hot shower can feel relaxed and make you also comfortable. Taking bath can play a big role in relaxing after a long day of work.

Take a massage

You need to do a massage on a chair or tell your spouse to massage you through this act all your pressure points will be pressed and you will feel relaxed after a long day of work.

Drink tea or coffee

As many kinds of research show that tea is less effective than coffee in reducing tension, depression, or burden, but green tea can do more than coffee, Green tea contains folate, which may also reduce your burden and feel relaxed.

Go to some seaside

I'm not talking about SM Seaside but a literal Beach Front or Sea Side of Il Corso in which you can stay and have some walk. It would be worth your while.

After a long day of work you want to be relaxed so you need to go seaside and see many people their relaxed and the environment does affect a person and you will be around relaxed people so you will forget all your unrelaxed thoughts and you will feel relaxed after long day work.

Watch a sunset

Why not capture and appreciate the sunset while you're outside? We should take more time to appreciate the lovely small things in life.

Watch Netflix

After all day work, you need time for your own self so you need to play your favorite show which gives you pleasure so it will also help In relaxing after all-day work. If you want to binge-watch your favorite movie or simply watch a movie. It's alright to watch and chill Just don't forget to put some limit on your screen time.

Read a book

Reading books have a high impact on personality, attitude and can increase your knowledge, Books can also disconnect you from the technology world, so after all-day work, you need to read books about your favorite topic and writer.

Make a mask for your face

It is critical for overall mental health to take care of the skin and treat yourself. And I believe it to be a wonderful way to unwind, especially after a long and stressful day.

Spend time with your pet

Set aside some time to interact with your dog or groom your cat because they've undoubtedly missed you while you've been gone all day. To benefit both of you, lavish them with love and attention.  Make this a special time for both of you. Don't try to bathe your dog or trim your cat's nails right now. That's not an enjoyable hobby, it's a chore!

With so many activities and plans, we had set for ourselves and our family Was there just a time you just want to escape and do these wonderful things and still feel guilty about having self-care. Don't be. Taking yourself is one of the most important things that matter to you. Give yourself that long, often postponed activities and you'll never regret giving into self-care. Remember, these things can be done at home and let you don't have to go to a far place to give yourself a pampering. So make this a habit and you'll thank yourself later.

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