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Our Top 5 Favorite Animation Projects



Our Top 5 Favorite Animation Projects

In any design project, We love to see how our homes would look like. It gives us the emotion of relentless excitement. We see how it will look like before it begins to see it in real life. 

Animation gives a walkthrough feel that we are in the right place visualizing ourselves as we go through your future home whether you will implement it or wait until its turn-over. Before we dive deeper into this, We want to showcase to you our top 5 favorite interior design projects that we animated for our Interior Design Clients.

Here are our Top 5 Animation Projects we love:

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

This is one of my personal favorites. This is one of our country's Design Projects and we had fun communicating with the client. A collaboration we love to do and living in a High Rise, This Girl Boss (younger than me!) is living her life to the fullest.  Unlocking her next milestone. Check this Video.

A Loft Tropical Minimalist Interior Design

Who needs to go to Bali, When you can achieve have a Tropical Home in your Mother Land. Come on this Girl Boss is unlocking her dream home with Tropical Vibes and We are loving it! Here's to another Girl Boss Home, Enjoy this Video.

Modern Maximalist Interior Design

I would say one of the most challenging projects I ever did and the project that made me feel like a legit interior designer, while creating this design I cracked my brain on getting "the look" and I am just so happy that we will be unlocking this project soon for the mean time watch this video to see what I meant by cracking my brain.  

Zen Minimalist Interior Design

They say Happy Wife, Happy Life. All true to this Out-of-town Design Project we did a couple of months ago. Unlocking another milestone and this milestone is something we enjoyed in which I would love to see the Kitchen and Dining Area come to life. You gotta watch this video to see.

Did you enjoy watching our video? Hit us up on what you like about them and let us know what attracted you to them. Watch out next year for our Next Top 5 Favorite Animation Projects.



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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Merry Christmas! 

Hello! Loves,

As we welcome the birth of Christ in the coming days, I would like to say thanks to all the people who became part of this passion project., My personal blog is where I share my knowledge in the field of Interior Design.

This blog had transitioned countless times, As I grow and navigate this, and still learning. I can't imagine myself without this blog where I can truly express my thoughts and at the same time share a glimpse of myself through projects both personal and business.

Premiere Design Interiors became a business as I started freelancing in 2017 and now we have been growing our team despite the humps and bumps that we stumbled upon especially this very year 2022, Projects that I'm happy to share on this platform. While I juggle my time to be the Writer, Editor, and Producer of this Blogsite, Now, Emari Pimentel Studio.

Without the people behind me, supporting and helping me grow, I can't think of how I can juggle all aspects of my career and personal growth and thus the failures that I learned along the way, It had been such a wonderful experience that no mentor can teach me but only through life experience.

As we welcome another year, I aim to do better this year, and each and every day, and together with my team members expect us to do more improvements to keep you more informed and also enjoy the topics that you can learn from us. We look forward to as we all learn and grow next year.

Hugs and Kisses,


Top 5 Blogpost for 2022



Top 5 Blogpost for 2022

In today's post, we will be covering the top 5 blog posts on what we have written and these posts had most of the time become our Top 5 contenders within the last 12 months. All of our blog posts are evergreen content and here is the List that we wanted to share

1. 22 Days of Rental Property Renovation

This project was done Pre-Pandemic in 2018 When things were normal and I was in my first year in the Interior Design Practice. We did 22 Days of renovation or I would say an upgrade of the unit. The Priority here was the kitchen and was the major thing we did to meet the desired timeline all the rest was done while the contractors were working on the project.

2. How much does it cost to furnish a condominium

This post tackles How much it costs to furnish a condo. This was not the 2022 price just yet as you know 3x - 4x price increase since then on both goods and commodities. However, The client can set a budget and the designer can help you how to come up with a solution. Expectations must also be considered and the budget must be set in stone to identify your requirements.

3. How to make our Living Room Luxurious

Working on a Limited Budget and wanting a re-vamp on the space for an all-year-round season or for holidays. This post is for you! Especially, when you wanted to feel a different feeling that could provide some spark. At one point, We get "tired" of the same look inside of our home and wanted to try something "new". This is your guide.

4. How interior designers charge their fees

In general, Interior Designers and Firms have different Professional fees and it all varies from their experience, the projects they had done, and their growth over the years. 

As per the Minimum Charge according to R.A 10350, Practice of Interior Design. A Minimum Fee is P50,000php to do a Full Interior Design (Schematic Design/Concept Design and Design Development or Working Drawings) with Sign and Seal and Printed Copy. 

5. Get inspired: Yoon Se-Ri Apartment

Who hasn't watched Crash Landing on You (CLOY)? Get some time to binge-watch this K-Drama and surely you'll know where we get our inspiration. This Brutalist Inspired Interior Designer could be your next to go Design theme.  Want to see another K-Drama that we can get tackle and uncover its design themes? Message me.

How to Make Our Living Room Cozy and Still Luxurious


 How to Make Our Living Room Cozy and Still Luxurious


Who doesn't like having a warm and welcoming living room? Everyone does!

However, the primary problem is creating a cozy environment that is also luxurious. Fortunately for homebodies, a preference for comfort should not mean giving up elegance. You can create that look without spending a lot of money.

Focusing on light-filled spaces, natural, high-quality materials, and attention-grabbing focal pieces like artwork or lighting fixtures will help create a luxurious and comfortable living room.

Let's look at some easy edits and improvements that can give you the style you want.


Natural Colors and Materials


To get that classy, comfortable aesthetic, Invest in high-quality materials that create a consistent foundation for brighter colors. To create a modern and lavish environment, you may add wood panels or marble to your walls and chimney.

You can treat these log walls or your panels in different ways.  They can be left in their original wooden hue or painted another color. Just be careful that the theme blends in and that the cozy atmosphere isn't lost.


Add Some Shine


Luxury requires shine. Warm gold, silvers, and bronzes are all gorgeous complements to your living room. Copper and brass with grey and blue walls are particularly attractive. But be careful not to overdo it since it will appear tacky and overdone.

These hues can be incorporated as little highlights. Such as scattering pillows, paintings, picture frames, and teapots; however, if you want something more, you can also add curtains and wallpaper.


Add Carpets to Hard Surfaces


Adding a rug or carpet can add texture and warmth to your living area and improve the room's appearance. You can add a basic carpet or one in bold colors based on the interior design theme. However, adding a faux rug will give your living space a rich, cozy look and a soft, comforting effect. Choose a neutral color like grey or white for a modern finish, or go with natural brown for the appearance of real animal fur.


Adding Layers


Do you want the trick to a warm, inviting living room? Stack it on!

There is nothing more welcoming than that. You can curl up on those soft pillows and blankets. For the coziest atmosphere possible, choose a variety of blankets and pillows made of chunky knit, fake fur, and felted textiles. Wool and silk can also be used for a lavishly luxurious look. To get a nice appearance, drape them over the sofas.


Place Striking Chandeliers


When you think about ceiling light ideas, what is the first thing that springs to mind? Chandeliers, I assume?

Beautiful glass chandeliers can add brightness to your living area. A living room needs a variety of light sources, so in addition to chandeliers, spend money on lamps. They can be set up, whatever you desire, in various corners. The most wonderful benefit is that you can adjust the lighting by brightening or dimming it to match your mood.

Though most of us wanted to have statement pieces such as designer items and so, not everyone would prefer to make a huge investment there will always be a solution to this and that is selecting which value the most in a certain area. 

In most projects, It would be the lighting fixture, specifically by adding a chandelier and the wall decor, where we added some metal items to make it shine on its own. 



Would you like some help Updating the Look of your Living Area? 

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How to add a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom



How to add a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom

A spa day is such a soothing experience; wouldn't it be nice to take one whenever you wanted? Of course, it would. Introducing spa elements into your home bathroom can transform it into a relaxing and refreshing retreat.


It's simple to see why creating an at-home hideaway is a popular home improvement project for many homeowners nowadays. Everyday living can be stressful enough without needing to schedule a time to unwind and recharge at a spa. It's easier than ever to have a functional but luxurious environment at home that satisfies your everyday needs while reducing stress with a spa-like bathroom.

Ideas for a Spa-Like Bathroom that you apply


Walk in showers

Modern showers have come a long way from their older counterparts, from doorless showers and steam systems to glass walls and step-less entries. Today's homeowners want a versatile place that suits their demands and feels vast and elegant but isn't too big. These characteristics can give a sense of extra space.


Add Gold Accents

Incorporate gold details throughout the bathroom for a luxurious feel—cabinet knobs, soap dispenser, mirror frame, towel rack, and so on. This will hint at sophistication and elegance while avoiding the Regency Moderne look.


Use Fancy Towels

If you have a small bathroom, chances are your towels are always visible, which means they're built-in decor whether you want them to be or not. That's why investing in at least one nice-looking pair of towels can transform your area tenfold, ensuring they look intentional rather than untidy.


Include Storage

Congestion is never soothing, so organizing all of your bathroom essentials is critical to creating a clean atmosphere. Whether you go with fully closed cabinetry or some open storage, everything should be nice and orderly. Open shelves items must be precisely piled or stored in visually appealing containers.


Enhanced Lighting

The lighting in today's bathroom has evolved in tandem with its function. Pick the type of lighting that best complements each bathroom section to create a peaceful, spa-like environment. Dimmable lighting near the sink, for example, can contribute to a sense of calm. At the same time, under-vanity lights are excellent for shaving or applying makeup.


Use elegant tile patterns

Tile is a bathroom essential, but picking a unique pattern, texture, or design lifts the area from ordinary to extraordinary. The tile you select should mirror what makes you feel comfortable and tranquil. Shiny metallics may be too daring for some, but they are ideal for others. Because the bathroom is a private space, it should be all about you and your preferences.


Use Neutral Tones

Decorate your bathroom in soft creams, greys, or beige colors to make it feel clean and peaceful. Consider different layering shades of the same tone across the area to create a unified look. You may also add rich wood tones to your home to give it a potent appeal without using too many bright and vibrant colors, which is ideal for resting.



One of the few things we enjoy is taking a good rest and giving ourselves pampering time during our rest days or the times we feel that we needed to unwind. With the hustle and bustle culture that we are experiencing it is good that we take some time to enjoy ourselves and feel good about ourselves what girls and women love to do, is spend time in the bathroom take their time in the shower, or in the tub.



Would you like some help to achieve these design ideas?

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5 Reasons Why We Need to Identify Our Renovation Project



5 Reasons Why We Need to Identify Our Renovation Project


Does your house look all boring and dull? If yes, you might be looking for ways to spice things up. But how do I go about doing that? Well, why not renovate your house?

Yes, RENOVATE. Doing this can give your house the exact look you want. Not only will it refresh your old space, but your house will also seem more appealing and functional.

We're talking about renovation and NOT reconstruction, as often people mix these terms. Renovation is more cost-effective than reconstruction, which is on the expensive side. And while our renovation prices start at 18,000 PHP per square meter, you can get quite a bit done at that price. You can renovate your closets, kitchen, and furniture at this price and subject to design and budget approval based on your requirements.

So let's take a look at the five reasons we need to identify our renovation project.


Increasing Your Usable Space

Space might be a big problem if you have a growing family, need a home office, or want a deck or patio for gathering outdoors. Thus, you should know how to utilize it effectively. The best approach is to renovate your space as needed. But make sure that these improvements don't lower the home's value or reduce the useable space.


Boosts the Value of Your Home


Your home's value may rise as a result of renovations. Even if you don't have any intentions to sell your house, this is something to keep in mind while determining whether or not to undertake a renovation project. A functional home in good shape is worth more than homes with structural, plumbing, or electrical problems. To increase the value of your property, you can do anything from a modest improvement, like replacing a few things in your bathroom. To a significant one, like remodeling your whole kitchen or living room.


Improve Your Home's Efficiency


The cost of your utility can be significantly reduced if you upgrade your house with energy-efficient appliances like new windows, a heat pump, and additional insulation. These improvements can also pay for themselves over time.

Given that you spend most of your time indoors, you'll want to make it as cozy and functional as possible. Consequently, the work will be worthwhile if you can save money and make your home more energy efficient.


Add Your Personal Touch.


It's important to create the ideal space in your house for your needs, preferences, and way of life. Every person eventually needs a change in their home, and some choose renovation. However, it would be best if you were careful about the reasons behind your home renovations. Because you can end up living in a showplace that doesn't feel like a home if you base your renovations on how they will affect the sales price in the future. Your comfort and satisfaction come first, not whatever upgrades would increase the value of your home the most when you decide to sell.


It Can Help You Save Money.


Finally, a well-planned renovation can help you to save money. Most people repaint their walls once a year. However, some choose to do it every six months, and it is a result of their poor quality paint. And this is only one example. But it's time to make changes now. You may avoid having to replace items as frequently by spending money on high-quality materials like nicer carpeting or working with a professional painter.

Materials of higher quality stand up better and endure longer. That implies that you wouldn't need to renew your home frequently.

Before planning to renovate, it is best that you are able to identify the things that you wish to include and be part of the scope in that way both you, the designer, and the contractor will be aligned to your requirements based on your budget. If you are having a hard time identifying your requirements, ask for professional help.



Would you like some help Designing and Implementing your Renovation Plans? 

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5 Ways to use Red in your Home


5 Ways to Apply Red Colors in Your Home


Are you hesitant about using red in your home? Is it because of its high intensity? Or do you worry that it won't go well with your d├ęcor? Whatever the situation. Red is a striking and modern color. You can use red to accessorize your house or paint a wall red, which blends in well with other hues. So let's take a look at how you might use a red color palette in your house.


The Top Five Methods for Incorporating Red into Your Home are Shown Below:


Red Sofas and Armchairs


If you've always wanted to incorporate red into your house but needed to figure out how to add a red couch or armchair to your living room. Since red is a vibrant color, it will go well with natural wood, gray, beige, and white, automatically giving your house a classic modern aesthetic. However, when adding red, every detail must be carefully considered to complement the overall look, or else your house might appear fuller.


Paint Your Wall Red


Painting a wall red doesn't necessarily mean your room will look bold. Nevertheless, if you pair it with white or gray, it'll give it a more subtle look. To do this, paint three walls a lighter color, like gray, and one wall red. Then you may place your television or your bed on the red wall. That way, it will appear less intense, and the entire room will have a unique effect.


Add Ruby Red Curtains


Do you want to include red in your house without making it look too extra?. The most popular solution is to add ruby red curtains. Red curtains work well in all settings.

Note that each design has a unique appearance; it all relies on the fabric you pick for your curtains. The most popular ones at the moment are velvet, linen, cotton, and tulle. You can add red curtains to your dining room or living room to give the area more liveliness.


Add a Red Rug or Carpet.


Another common interior item seen in most homes is a carpet or rug. It adds brightness and fills up space, giving it a fancy appearance.

You can add a red carpet in its whole, or one with a combination of different colors. Red complements white and gray greatly, as has been previously mentioned. However, some people find it too dramatic. So, to neutralize the tone, you can apply a little deeper shade, such as tan or taupe.


Add a Few Little, Adorable Red Decorations.


Your home will look brighter and more beautiful with a touch of red throughout. Red is a highly eye-catching hue that draws attention from others, so if used throughout the house, it will undoubtedly enhance the space.

It's ideal that these red items remain small because only then will they appear attractive. Small flower pots, vases, red paintings, cushions, red candles on grey or silver stands, blankets, curtains, and ceramic figurines can all be added. Everything will look beautiful and enhance the overall look of the house.

What do you think about these 5 suggestions that you can probably apply in your home, as the Christmas season has officially started. Let me know how you are planning to try on these decor hacks.

Editors Note: This was originally posted last February 13, 2017. This article has been updated for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the topic. 



Do you have some suggestions on how we can implement the Red Color into our Homes? 

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How to organize your Closet with Colors


A closet is a place where you store your clothes. It is the place where you can find all the clothes that you have, and it is also the place where they are organized.

A good way to organize your closet for colors is by grouping them together. You can group them by color, or by season, or even according to what type of clothes they are. This way, you will not spend so much time looking for something specific when you want to wear it.

  • Organizing Clothes according to color

Organizing clothes by color is a popular way to make the most of your wardrobe. It’s important to keep in mind that organizing by color is not just about matching colors, but also about finding combinations that work together

  • Organizing Clothes according to seasons

The first thing that you need to do is to identify the different seasons. By doing this, you will know which clothes to put in each section. For example, if it’s summertime, then your clothes should be in the summer section of your closet and so on.

You can use a closet organizer or a shelving unit that has sections for different seasons. You can also use hangers and organize your clothes by color or type of clothing.

  • Organizing Clothes according to a clothing system

There are many ways to organize your closet, but the most common one is by using a three-tier system. This system will help you to see all of your clothes at once and make it easier for you to choose what to wear. You can use a shoe rack, a shelf, or anything else you have in order to create the three levels.

The first level is where you should put the clothes that you wear most often. The second level is where you should put the clothes that are used less often. And finally, on the third level, place any clothes that are rarely worn or need dry cleaning.

Clothes are one of the most difficult items to organize because they are always changing in size and style.

There are many ways to organize your clothes, but it is best to start with the basics. The first step is to create categories for your clothes. This can be done by separating them by type of clothing (tops, bottoms, dresses) or by color. Once you have a system for organizing your clothes, you can then begin sorting them into their respective piles.

Organizing your closet is a tedious task, but it's necessary if you want to keep your clothes in good shape. The first step is to take everything out of your closet and pile it on the floor. Now, you need to categorize everything into piles:

Organizing the closet is not always an easy task. There are many different ways to organize your clothes, but there is no one “correct” way to do it. It all depends on what you need and what works best for you.

The most common way to organize clothes is by category. This includes separating shirts from pants, skirts from dresses, and so on.

January 11, 2017 

How to restaurant design affect customer behavior


How to restaurant design affect customer behavior

Why is the design of the restaurant important?

Ensure proper circulation and mobility of the restaurant personnel as well as the guests in the restaurant is among the most important features of a restaurant layout. The restaurant design should be created in such a way that clients can simply navigate their way into the restaurant and then to the dining room.

Interior design

The physical environment of a restaurant has a considerable impact on its image and can operate positively or negatively on the customer's impression of the restaurant's image, but it has no bearing on the customer's perceived value. Physical surroundings must be maintained throughout time and updated or upgraded in accordance with client desires and the restaurant's image in order to keep up with current market trends.


According to research conducted in 2012 by Piqueras- Fiszman, Alcaide, Roura, and Spence, plate design can have an effect on customer food experience, indicating that there was a difference in flavour intensity between same meals presented on different coloured plates, but plate shape had no effect on flavour intensity. It was discovered that the form of the plate had no effect on the amount of food consumed by customers.

Importance of interior design in restaurants

Interior design that is marketable is good interior design.
People love to feel like they're a part of something special, which is why they'd rush to your restaurant. Most importantly, restaurant interior design has an impact on customer psychology. You can persuade
our consumers to order more, eat more quickly, drink extra, stay less, and so on.

Interior design could be your customer magnet.
Some restaurants have unique interior designs that draw consumers back time and time again. We live in a social media age when individuals are constantly looking for ways to stand out.

People are seeking for better experiences, and an interesting interior design may be able to help you achieve that. You can give your restaurant's interior design a personality by using a superhero-based theme, a Marvel-inspired motif, or anything else that is currently fashionable.

Better interiors are clearly visible on people's social media posts, which will help you acquire customers with only a simple word - of - mouth.

People don't go to restaurants for the food (which they can get at any moment), but for the experience, which is defined by the interior design idea. When waiting for the order, your customer has plenty of opportunities to look around and take in the atmosphere.
The Other Side of Restaurant Interior Design: 


The second part is operations, which is equally vital to the diner's experience. "How do guests come at the restaurant?" Strother wonders aloud. What is the food's journey from of the kitchen to the table, but how is it delivered?" "It doesn't matter how gorgeous a restaurant is if it doesn't work correctly from a functioning standpoint; this will never be a success."

"All of the aspects, from circulation spaces to sitting areas to the bars, all add to the operations of a venue," Sampson says. If guests can't get a beverage or the meal is very cold, the space will fail, and the business will suffer."
Consider the following practical considerations:
• The eating area should take up 60% of the area, while the kitchen, storeroom, and bathrooms should take up 40%.
• The distance between chairs should be sufficient to allow easy movement. However, depending on the style of restaurant, this might have a variety of meanings. If you're operating an fine dining establishment, a good rule of thumb is 20 square feet per guest. You simply need 10 sq ft per person for fast-food outlets.

25 Sqm Contemporary Minimalist Rental Property



This unit is a 25sqm Condominium Property. 

10 inexpensive ways to refresh your bathroom


Giving an upgrade to your existing bathroom can be something and just thinking about it can be exhausting why? Because when we thought of upgrading it seems to imply changing the overall look of the bathroom. It doesn't have to be like that, the upgrade can also be simplified by refreshing the look of your bathroom by having 10 simple ways to refresh your bathroom, Here's what you can do to achieve it.

  • Hardware

Replacing your outdated hardware - doors or hinges, it is worth investing to keep these items looking new and clean. Including your Cabinet Handles, Upgrading the look of your cabinet handles can make a lot of difference. 

  • Mirror

Find a mirror that makes you look slim and also that would fit the look of the overall theme of your space. 

  • Refresh Painting Works

Repainting the walls and even your doors may need some refreshing painting works and also it can be a good choice to keep your bathroom look good and smell good (psychologically).

  • Crisp White Linens

Fabrics such as face towels, hand towels, and bathroom towels look good when everything is organized and have them in a single color. It looks expensive that you would feel like you are living in a hotel room. 

  • Lights

Dim lights in bathrooms are a No-No, As a designer myself, I like having a bright light above me considering the days that could be a gloomy day, at least I'm not bothered or the person using the bathroom not having enough lights. Having well-distributed lights can make anyone of any age love being in your bathroom and it is much better when there are accent lights to add some moody effect.

  • Storage Shelves

Storage shelves have different purposes inside your bathroom, in your shower area, or even in your vanity area. Each shelf has a different function that could be helpful to your every storage needs.

  • Color Contrast

If you have a wall that is painted instead of tiled, you can actually make an accent wall on it and even add some colors.

  • Upgrade Switches and outlets

Got a busted outlet or Switches? How about an outdated design or look that became yellowish over time. Whether you like a white plate cover or a grey one, a new plate cover could always be a good choice and with the help of an electrician to implement this and it can be done not more than a day.

  • Fix Plumbing Fixtures

Who likes water leaks? Not me. Check all your faucets, drains, and plumbing lines if it is working, you'll know that there is no leaking when the bathroom is tried when not in use. Fix any leaking before it becomes a bigger problem for you. 

If no problem with leaks, check your floor drains if it needs replacement including your faucet some stains can't be helped but to be replaced. There are cleaning or polishing detergents that can be used to make shine like it's brand new.

  • Scent

Who doesn't want a good-smelling bathroom? There are a lot of available in the market that you can buy to make your bathroom smell go and that you don't want to leave at all. A scent can be a Candle Scent or a Bathroom Diffuser. I suggest you have both.

Try these 10 inexpensive ways to refresh your bathroom, and you will be surprised at how you can achieve these things. Share with us your experience. 

5 Ways to ensure a stress-free renovation


Planning a Renovation can be stressful just before a project start. We had this long list of works that we wanted to accomplish or even a folder of inspiration we have saved on our desktops or phones that we got from google or from Pinterest how many sleepless nights did you spend on the possible budgets you want to work on.

Renovation in general can be of different sorts and different criteria and plans and for this article let's focus on a Condominium Property.

Here are 5 ways to ensure a stress-free renovation

  • Be upfront about your plans. 

Knowing your goal. What is the reason behind your renovation? It could be to update the look of your existing unit or even get a beautiful space that reflects your heart's desire or maximize the rental value of your property.

Do you plan to keep some of your furniture and the things you had in mind that could probably be in use? 

  • Hiring the right Professionals. 

We are talking about the interiors of your unit, and an interior designer is a suitable professional to work on your project. The role of an interior designer will vary on the services you would require him/her of their firm. An Interior Designer can charge you from Consultancy to Full Interior Design Services. 

A renovation project also involves Architects, Engineers, and Professional Furniture makers and having them work together to achieve your dream space.

  • Setting the Budget. 

Be upfront with your designer about how much you are willing to invest in your unit. In this way, they can help you better on how they can design your space. Giving the budget will both save you time determining your plans and what we can include. Think about your long-term plans and short-term plans for your space. 

Whether you have a flexible budget (willing to upgrade) or a defined budget that you are willing to invest in your current plan. Being decisive on this matter will give you peace of mind and avoid costly mistakes along the way.

  • Accept that design is not just about Aesthetics, It's Essential

It is a misconception that when talking about interior design, it's about a beautiful outcome of the same, a luxe and pictures feel shown in the photos. In fact, before any interior designer achieves the aesthetic look, a Pinterest-worthy image. They had planned it from the very start to accommodate the client's needs based on their lifestyle, the things they enjoyed, and the things they envisioned for themselves, and before they knew it. The designer has thought of the functionality before even presenting it to them, and that's what you see because it reflects your desire of having a functional and beautiful interior - it could be a kitchen, a living room, or a bedroom. The decision is yours to make.

  • Know what is important to you

What is the part of your new home or rental property that you are unwilling to compromise? This thing has to be part of the home and non-negotiable to you. An Interior Designer may know the essentials of what in space, what is that, that you want that you can't just slip away from your mind, because your idea matters, and achieving that to be part of your home is something that you would be happy to see.

Having this in your mind will help you guide your decision-making ideas in shaping your interior design project. Most importantly, the cost of investment for you becomes clearer.

What do you think about this article? Does this help you make a clear planning decision?



Would you like some help Designing and Implementing your Renovation Plans? 

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5 Decorating Ideas for People on a Budget


 5 Decorating Ideas you can try at home

5 Decorating Ideas or People on a Budget

In the coming days, We all know that the Ber Months is something that we look forward to, especially the upcoming holidays and It's not all the time that we have to wait for December to update the look of our space - it could be a home or office.

So, I thought of sharing 5 Decorating Ideas to update the look of your Space.

1. Add Photo Frames

Adding a Photo Frame is one of the Classic Home Decor Ideas that we often use. However, What matters here s the Art that we use to frame. This Art can make or break the overall look of your space.

Here is one of our Projects. We purchased a Photo Frame and looked over the internet for a High-Quality Image of a Vehicle, which by the way is requested by the client himself, A black and White Vintage Car. This is a custom-edited and printed piece of Art to achieve the overall look of the space.

So next time when you are having a hard time looking for a piece of art from your favorite local store. Try Searching over the internet and have it printed. 

Want these black framed Photo Frames and, find the perfect art that you would love to print. 

2. Add some Layers to your Living Room

Investing in your throw pillow can be a lifesaver, either you have pieces of throw pillows or you are just starting to invest and upgrade your Living Area look, it is always a good idea to add some accent colors that would match the space. The power of an odd number is applied when layering 

Find some matching layers of Pillowcases. 

5 Decorating Ideas you can try at home

3. Add Mirrors

It doesn't matter where you purchased your mirror, One important thing is when purchasing a mirror, you should know where to place it and where to use it within the given space.

Mirrors can be a deal breaker when not properly placed. It helps maximize your space and multiply the lighted areas of your space.

Check this quick and easy-to-install Mirror.

4. Replace your Cabinet Handles

You heard it right,  Cabinet handles and some fixture is best when they have the same color or material. Updating the handles of your existing cabinetries can make a lot of difference. Not only does it looks pleasing to the eyes, but it does also look like it was carefully selected and it looks soothing to the eyes. 

5. Blanket

Having an extra blanket in your room is a no-brainer, knowing that we have guests coming to stay a day or two. However, it's best that we find a blanket that also provides an aesthetic look to give our room an upgraded look. Blankets are not just to find comfort but also to allow ourselves ang guests to feel that they are living in a 5 Star Comfort within your home. 

With these simple 5 Decorating Ideas to Upgrade the look of your space, It won't be hard for your to update the look of your current home and if you are having a hard time placing things in one cohesive look.  Let's talk about your plans.



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