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25 Sqm Contemporary Minimalist Rental Property



This unit is a 25sqm Condominium Property. 

10 inexpensive ways to refresh your bathroom


Giving an upgrade to your existing bathroom can be something and just thinking about it can be exhausting why? Because when we thought of upgrading it seems to imply changing the overall look of the bathroom. It doesn't have to be like that, the upgrade can also be simplified by refreshing the look of your bathroom by having 10 simple ways to refresh your bathroom, Here's what you can do to achieve it.

  • Hardware

Replacing your outdated hardware - doors or hinges, it is worth investing to keep these items looking new and clean. Including your Cabinet Handles, Upgrading the look of your cabinet handles can make a lot of difference. 

  • Mirror

Find a mirror that makes you look slim and also that would fit the look of the overall theme of your space. 

  • Refresh Painting Works

Repainting the walls and even your doors may need some refreshing painting works and also it can be a good choice to keep your bathroom look good and smell good (psychologically).

  • Crisp White Linens

Fabrics such as face towels, hand towels, and bathroom towels look good when everything is organized and have them in a single color. It looks expensive that you would feel like you are living in a hotel room. 

  • Lights

Dim lights in bathrooms are a No-No, As a designer myself, I like having a bright light above me considering the days that could be a gloomy day, at least I'm not bothered or the person using the bathroom not having enough lights. Having well-distributed lights can make anyone of any age love being in your bathroom and it is much better when there are accent lights to add some moody effect.

  • Storage Shelves

Storage shelves have different purposes inside your bathroom, in your shower area, or even in your vanity area. Each shelf has a different function that could be helpful to your every storage needs.

  • Color Contrast

If you have a wall that is painted instead of tiled, you can actually make an accent wall on it and even add some colors.

  • Upgrade Switches and outlets

Got a busted outlet or Switches? How about an outdated design or look that became yellowish over time. Whether you like a white plate cover or a grey one, a new plate cover could always be a good choice and with the help of an electrician to implement this and it can be done not more than a day.

  • Fix Plumbing Fixtures

Who likes water leaks? Not me. Check all your faucets, drains, and plumbing lines if it is working, you'll know that there is no leaking when the bathroom is tried when not in use. Fix any leaking before it becomes a bigger problem for you. 

If no problem with leaks, check your floor drains if it needs replacement including your faucet some stains can't be helped but to be replaced. There are cleaning or polishing detergents that can be used to make shine like it's brand new.

  • Scent

Who doesn't want a good-smelling bathroom? There are a lot of available in the market that you can buy to make your bathroom smell go and that you don't want to leave at all. A scent can be a Candle Scent or a Bathroom Diffuser. I suggest you have both.

Try these 10 inexpensive ways to refresh your bathroom, and you will be surprised at how you can achieve these things. Share with us your experience. 

5 Ways to ensure a stress-free renovation


Planning a Renovation can be stressful just before a project start. We had this long list of works that we wanted to accomplish or even a folder of inspiration we have saved on our desktops or phones that we got from google or from Pinterest how many sleepless nights did you spend on the possible budgets you want to work on.

Renovation in general can be of different sorts and different criteria and plans and for this article let's focus on a Condominium Property.

Here are 5 ways to ensure a stress-free renovation

  • Be upfront about your plans. 

Knowing your goal. What is the reason behind your renovation? It could be to update the look of your existing unit or even get a beautiful space that reflects your heart's desire or maximize the rental value of your property.

Do you plan to keep some of your furniture and the things you had in mind that could probably be in use? 

  • Hiring the right Professionals. 

We are talking about the interiors of your unit, and an interior designer is a suitable professional to work on your project. The role of an interior designer will vary on the services you would require him/her of their firm. An Interior Designer can charge you from Consultancy to Full Interior Design Services. 

A renovation project also involves Architects, Engineers, and Professional Furniture makers and having them work together to achieve your dream space.

  • Setting the Budget. 

Be upfront with your designer about how much you are willing to invest in your unit. In this way, they can help you better on how they can design your space. Giving the budget will both save you time determining your plans and what we can include. Think about your long-term plans and short-term plans for your space. 

Whether you have a flexible budget (willing to upgrade) or a defined budget that you are willing to invest in your current plan. Being decisive on this matter will give you peace of mind and avoid costly mistakes along the way.

  • Accept that design is not just about Aesthetics, It's Essential

It is a misconception that when talking about interior design, it's about a beautiful outcome of the same, a luxe and pictures feel shown in the photos. In fact, before any interior designer achieves the aesthetic look, a Pinterest-worthy image. They had planned it from the very start to accommodate the client's needs based on their lifestyle, the things they enjoyed, and the things they envisioned for themselves, and before they knew it. The designer has thought of the functionality before even presenting it to them, and that's what you see because it reflects your desire of having a functional and beautiful interior - it could be a kitchen, a living room, or a bedroom. The decision is yours to make.

  • Know what is important to you

What is the part of your new home or rental property that you are unwilling to compromise? This thing has to be part of the home and non-negotiable to you. An Interior Designer may know the essentials of what in space, what is that, that you want that you can't just slip away from your mind, because your idea matters, and achieving that to be part of your home is something that you would be happy to see.

Having this in your mind will help you guide your decision-making ideas in shaping your interior design project. Most importantly, the cost of investment for you becomes clearer.

What do you think about this article? Does this help you make a clear planning decision?



Would you like some help Designing and Implementing your Renovation Plans? 

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5 Decorating Ideas for People on a Budget


 5 Decorating Ideas you can try at home

5 Decorating Ideas or People on a Budget

In the coming days, We all know that the Ber Months is something that we look forward to, especially the upcoming holidays and It's not all the time that we have to wait for December to update the look of our space - it could be a home or office.

So, I thought of sharing 5 Decorating Ideas to update the look of your Space.

1. Add Photo Frames

Adding a Photo Frame is one of the Classic Home Decor Ideas that we often use. However, What matters here s the Art that we use to frame. This Art can make or break the overall look of your space.

Here is one of our Projects. We purchased a Photo Frame and looked over the internet for a High-Quality Image of a Vehicle, which by the way is requested by the client himself, A black and White Vintage Car. This is a custom-edited and printed piece of Art to achieve the overall look of the space.

So next time when you are having a hard time looking for a piece of art from your favorite local store. Try Searching over the internet and have it printed. 

Want these black framed Photo Frames and, find the perfect art that you would love to print. 

2. Add some Layers to your Living Room

Investing in your throw pillow can be a lifesaver, either you have pieces of throw pillows or you are just starting to invest and upgrade your Living Area look, it is always a good idea to add some accent colors that would match the space. The power of an odd number is applied when layering 

Find some matching layers of Pillowcases. 

5 Decorating Ideas you can try at home

3. Add Mirrors

It doesn't matter where you purchased your mirror, One important thing is when purchasing a mirror, you should know where to place it and where to use it within the given space.

Mirrors can be a deal breaker when not properly placed. It helps maximize your space and multiply the lighted areas of your space.

Check this quick and easy-to-install Mirror.

4. Replace your Cabinet Handles

You heard it right,  Cabinet handles and some fixture is best when they have the same color or material. Updating the handles of your existing cabinetries can make a lot of difference. Not only does it looks pleasing to the eyes, but it does also look like it was carefully selected and it looks soothing to the eyes. 

5. Blanket

Having an extra blanket in your room is a no-brainer, knowing that we have guests coming to stay a day or two. However, it's best that we find a blanket that also provides an aesthetic look to give our room an upgraded look. Blankets are not just to find comfort but also to allow ourselves ang guests to feel that they are living in a 5 Star Comfort within your home. 

With these simple 5 Decorating Ideas to Upgrade the look of your space, It won't be hard for your to update the look of your current home and if you are having a hard time placing things in one cohesive look.  Let's talk about your plans.



Would you like some help Decorating? 

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Modern Industrial Bachelor's Pad




One of the recent projects that we have worked on is a 25sqm condominium unit. It is a rental property where the owner, J, has entrusted us to do the project. He is living and working overseas and our communication was mostly online.

The project was to update the look of the space where we must reuse the existing items as much as possible. This still is considered a Full Renovation Work with the scope that we need to work on.

Our work was to re-use the existing furniture while we plan ahead the remaining works to be done in the coming months (future-proofing) when the client is ready to do the base of the remaining work on the original plan and the designer and contractor made sure that it is in place to avoid, the double scope of work. 


We provided an electrical provision in areas that were originally planned and though in actuality the item was hold-off, and when he is ready to purchase it. All he has to do is open the part where the provision was made avoiding, the re-working of the ceiling and electrical works. This saves him time and money.

Back to our project,

The goal was to have a seamless Ceiling and Lighting, Lots of Storage, and ensure that we have this Modern Industrial Look. A lot of textures and colors are involved to achieve the theme.

Despite that we are miles away in physical interaction, We made sure that J, the owner, is still involved in the project. Selecting Colors, Materials, and The decors he wants to achieve, and keeping him in the loop of the project on a weekly basis. This made our collaboration smooth and quick.

In this video, we showcase to you the design of the space that we have worked together. Enjoy! 

Watch out for our Upcoming posts as we share to end result of the Project.



Would you like some help Designing and Implementing your Renovation Plans? 

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How to choose your wardrobe closet


How to choose the right wardrobe closet for you

How often do you tell yourself that you need more closet cabinets to fit in your wardrobe? How many times do you wish you could find a better solution base on your requirements. How many times to see yourself, "Wow" this photo has a nice wardrobe and you'd like to have one for yourself.  

Subconsciously, We have said these things and the question is, How can you choose the right closet for you. External Cabinetry is one factor to consider but the question here is does the internal cabinetry caters to what you need and how you want to arrange your clothes?

Let's know more about how to select the right wardrobe closet and why we should often consider these factors.


A clothing cupboard is indeed furniture that serves the same purpose as a wardrobe but is not built into the wall. This piece of wood is frequently used to store apparel and accessories in rooms and dressing rooms. 

The length of the wardrobe closet varies greatly depending on the amount of clothing it is intended to hold and the number of people it is intended to serve. 

For example, a single child's wardrobe closet might be relatively small, and it might even be short enough for the youngster to access all the racks and drawers. A closet cupboard for just a pair of clotheshorses, on either hand, maybe as long as six feet (1.8 meters) and occupy a whole bedroom wall.

Let's dig deeper into why it is important to choose the right closet.

Additional Room

Another significant advantage of having a closet wall unit is the additional room it provides. Because of the multiple storage choices offered, all of your coats, shoes, scarves, and folded clean items sitting on the bed will now have a place. 

You might discover that when you've carefully tucked away all of your belongings, you have more space than you imagined. This is a fantastic reason to indulge in some retail therapy


You can make good use of a small amount of area for illumination. All you have to do now is insert those glass shelves between the flexible wardrobe and add some unique lighting. Lights in various hues, including white, blue, red, and green, will enhance the appearance. Furthermore, by carefully positioning the lights, you can improve the appearance of your medals and trophies.


A boost in clarity

A busy environment can frequently lead to mental notes. The vibe in a room can grow agitated, making decision-making more difficult. An organized room, on the other hand, clears the clutter and makes it easy to choose the perfect attire. You'll have a nicer attitude when you wake up.


The most enjoyable aspect of having constructed wardrobes is seeing your imagination come to life. You are a participant in the design process. 

In addition, you can customize it to match the decor of your space. Make an effort to select materials that go well with everything.

You can go for a fresh style by using a sleek acrylic finish. Traditional interiors are also an option. For rustic decor, walnut or other woods are a good choice.

Aside from being storage for our clothes,  A closet is being used as a multi-functional way in today's time. Especially when we live in micro-home.

Use in the Workplace

Stacks and stacks of files and papers make your area look cluttered and filthy. All of your office supplies, such as folders, pencils, staple pins, and diaries, can be kept. Aside from that, you can store laptop bags and folders.


Storage Areas

The majority of people construct closets in order to store their clothing and accessories. Closets come in all shapes and sizes, but 60–100 square feet is a popular size. This provides a vast amount of storage, especially for those that employ shelves to maximize vertical space.


Wardrobes in the corners

Also known as "L-molded Wardrobes," these might be the ideal solution for making the most of a bed corner. They take advantage of the room's sides, which are typically unused. The sliding doors on a fitting L-shaped closet add both aesthetic and storage capacity, making it a good choice.

A Shoe-Organizing System

Do you still find yourself, tossing your shes in were anywhere in the house you should not be throwing your shoes on the floor or putting them under your bed at all, as there are other ways to organize your shoes. There is specific room for footwear of all times that can store whether in single item cabinetry or custom cabinetry. 


The right hooks and closet accessories are ideal to store most of your beloved items. Protecting them in the forms of damages both external and internal. Clothing hooks were mostly seen inside your cabinetry and it is also best to place them around the walls for the wet ones to avoid damaging your closet.

A closet has become a helpful item in tiny spaces where the home decorating requirements must be met. A cupboard can be found in local stores or on the internet. You can also contact a cabinet maker or carpenter who can give you a variety of personalized wardrobe design possibilities. 

Editors Note: This was originally posted last January 4, 2017. This article has been updated for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the topic. 



Would you like some help with your room makeover? 

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Why baths are good for you?


Why Baths are good for you

For millennia, bathing has been an essential aspect of human health. Each country and continent appear to have its bathing traditions, ranging from the Romans who loved a good bath to the Scandinavians who take cold water plunges after a sauna.

Finding time to relax in the bath might be difficult with so much going on in your lives. However, it's important to realize the health benefits of setting out time for yourself and engaging in some self-care activities. However, in this digital era, where the rise of technology has many of us concerned and stressed, we frequently choose the quicker bathing option. Following are some points that show why baths are good for you.


Improves Your Brain and Nervous System

Bathing can benefit persons with Parkinson's disease since it provides comfort and a higher quality of life. Inflammation and pain are typically reduced while bathing, and your nervous system usually is calmer. Your stress levels will eventually drop, and your mood will improve.


Baths Can Make Your Heart Healthy

According to some studies, taking a frequent warm bath can reduce blood pressure. This is important since lower blood pressure can help avoid more severe heart problems like heart attacks or strokes. You are giving your body a mini-workout by using heat to improve blood flow and circulation.


Hot Bath Can Help Relieve Muscle Pain

Heat will get your blood flowing, which is important for circulation and relaxing painful or tight muscles. Epsom salts added to a warm bath have been shown to help reduce joint inflammation caused by arthritis or other muscle disorders. Salt baths' anti-inflammatory capabilities have also been demonstrated to benefit those suffering from metabolic illnesses, including type 2 diabetes.

Cleanses and Hydrates Your Eyes, Hair, and Skin

Supple skin, good hair, and bright eyes appeal to everyone. These natural qualities can be obtained by moisturizing your skin with water. On the other hand, bathing has a similar impact due to the high water content of the human body.

Bathing with specific salts or oils can enhance your natural beauty even more. You can achieve the same results by swimming in a pool or a natural body of water. Bathing in hot water cleanses the skin by opening pores and causing sweating. On the other hand, cold showers cause your skin to tighten, shutting pores and hydrating your skin.


Relieves Headaches and Migraines

Narrow blood vessels are to blame for headaches and migraines, which may make anyone miserable for most of the day. However, take a hot shower to relieve the pain because the water lowers the pressure that produces the pain. This is one of the most effective methods to reduce your need for aspirin. It's also a natural and safe way to deal with discomfort without worrying about dosage.


Helps You Sleep Better

The hot water relaxes your body, making it simpler to fall asleep. Your muscles will relax, and your body temperature will rise due to the water's heat. When your muscles relax, your mind relaxes as well. This is why it is advisable to take a bath at the end of a long, stressful day.

Having a good place to stay makes our daily activities get easier and taking good care of ourselves makes our mental and physical well-being much better. 

Do you include a good warm bath every night? If so, that's great! and if you haven't taken some consideration about why it's good for you!



7 Ways to Declutter and Organize your Bathroom



Although bathrooms are typically the clean tiniest rooms in the house, tend to accumulate the most junk! Here are five methods for decluttering and organizing your bathroom, making it much easier to repair and sanitize. Check out the tips at the bottom of this page for ideas on how to make your little bathroom feel bigger! Do your restrooms serve as a catch-all space? Do you have a lot of lotions and hair products on your counter? Is each one of the drawers stuffed with everything you can think of, as well as other items you had no idea you owned? It's really simple to have a bathroom that looks like this! They're usually a little space with little storage, and also because people start our days in the bathroom, there are a lot of items in there that we need.

In this post, I'll show you how to declutter and arrange your bathroom so that you can see your counters, find out exactly what you need without digging through cupboard doors, open your medicine cabinet with vitamins falling on you, and learn to appreciate your small bathroom! The best news is that organizing small places is rather affordable, so it shouldn't take us long.

1. Declutter first

Decluttering the bathroom should be the first step in organizing it. Before you get started on the actual organization, read this thread for a list of 20 items to eliminate from your bathroom, as well as some helpful decluttering methods. It's pointless to organize things you don't use or need!

2. Keep the counter clutter-free

Keep as few objects as possible out on the counters, using a tray to confine any products that must be out. This gives your surface a cleaner appearance and makes it a lot easier to clean. To make room for getting ready, keep any things on the counter restricted to the back ⅓ of the counter space. This foamy soap pump is not only attractive, but it also helps you save a lot of soap. Simply fill it up to approximately 1/4 full with any liquid soap of your choice, then top it off with water. The printable labels may be found at the bottom of the page.


3. Take everything out. 

It's a lot easier to pick what to keep than it is to choose what to get-go too. So empty the bathroom cabinet, underneath the sinks, and from the countertops. Purge outdated, old, unused for more than 6 months, or broken things (expired prescriptions, old cosmetics, half-used body lotion you can't recall when you used it, beauty and personal care samples, etc.). Don't put it off until later. If you haven't used this in the last six months or haven't used it at all, you're unlikely to use it again.


4. Eliminate duplicates. 

Extra hairdryer, brush (keep a bunch of different kinds), thermometer, loofahs, body scrubbers, and other duplicates should be discarded. Replace new items with old ones as you receive them to avoid clutter... like that new hair straightener. Extra shampoo, conditioners, bar soap, body lotions, and other consumer skincare products should be kept in mind. Allow them to go if you haven't used them in the last six months.

 5. Add beautiful details

 Add attractive elements to your bathroom space, such as a bright towel, matched woven basket, and open shelves, and you'll fall in love with it. To add to a bathroom design, place items you use frequently in attractive containers, such as cosmetic brushes and cotton swabs in Mason jars. When you establish a lovely place, you'll be more motivated to keep it clutter-free.

As you return goods to their proper places, make sure they are nicely organized. Turn the labels outwards so they're simple to read. Towels should be folded and neatly arranged. Make your own lilac bath salts and display them in a glass preservation jar.


6. Simple everyday strategies

There are a few basic things you could do to keep bathroom clutter under control once you've sorted everything. The most crucial step is to develop the habit of always returning items to their proper places.

In the restroom, do you get clothed or undressed? Put your soiled clothing and towels in a hamper or hang a wash bag from the bottom of the door.

Open the new product only when the previous one has been used up. Before buying new products, "shop" your own inventory, and attempt to buy only what you need, when you need it.


By following these guidelines, you may make your bathroom a lovely, relaxing environment that you can enjoy every day!

7. Expand storage space

Many bathrooms have the problem of having too little space and too much to store.

Adjusting the elevation of the shelves in bathroom vanities to better suit the contents is one approach to creating extra storage space. If your shelves aren't adjustable, check for bathroom organizing alternatives like stacking, clear plastic lidded bins, pull-out wire baskets, or shelving that make better use of cupboard space.

Consider acquiring a new vanity with more shelves or cabinets if you're ready for a total makeover—or if your present vanity is lacking in storage. A new vanity may be placed in an hour and immediately organizes your space.



25sqm Modern Industrial Interior Design



Modern Industrial Interior Design 1 Bedroom Unit turned Studio Unit

I wanted to tell you a design story about a couple who contacted me a few months ago to design their 25sqm Rental Apartment in Manila. 

Let's name them Carl and Carla, both are working overseas, and once they have a newly turned over unit in Manila and are planning their property to be used as a vacation and rental unit. Unfortunately, they have limited time to work on the renovation works while they are back in their hometown. 

They wanted to work first on the design look and when the renovation would start even if they won't be physically there to monitor the project. They wanted to the contractor have the vision that they had for their space. 

Since we are miles away from each other and I can't physically be on-site and manage the project, they availed of our Virtual Interior Design Service to do the planning and Visualization of their space. 

We did a lot of online communication to meet their needs on how the design is and how it's possible to achieve the design and how it will be implemented.

The problem

What pains them is that they won't be there for the whole duration of the project and wanted to convey the correct message to the maker and they want to see the plan and look of their space before it would be implemented sometime in the future and they wanted professional help to ease up their worries. (elow po, clasmeyt!)

They were clear about the 3 dilemmas they are facing that pain them to deal with:

  • Maximizing the space looks very small 
  • the concrete-finished kitchen does not fit how they envisioned,
  • lastly, the window area that has an access to the condenser is very small to lounge or enjoy the busy streets of Manila.

Things they wanted to have and see

They are also clear on what they want us to consider and what they wanted to see in their unit.

  • Modular Kitchen
  • Maximize Storage areas just for anything
  • Work Desk
  • Dining Area for at least 2 people
  • Toilet and Bathroom Essentials
  • Industrial Meet and Movable Furniture
  • Work around the current electrical plans, especially on the ceiling area

How did we help solve their concerns in this project?

They provided all the images and measurements of the space to keep us all align and of course their timely feedback, speaking of online communication.

The Top 3 design dilemmas were addressed by Bringing down the partition and concrete kitchen and working on the remaining area to give each space to have a bigger space and make use of modular cabinetry not just for the kitchen but for the entire unit needs it.

Since they approved the suggestions made, it was easier to work on the available space. 

The solutions

  • Find someone or a company to do the general construction works and cabinetry works.
  • Bring down the partition to make the space bigger
  • Demolish the Concrete Kitchen and replace it with a modular type of cabinetry
  • Make use of the wall for tall and overhead cabinets to fit their requirements such as a Work Desk and Chair, a Media, and a 2-seater dining
  • While the window area has a small table and a chair 
  • The ceiling in concrete finish uses industrial lighting to make it a statement piece since we can't do anything much on the wall area - priorities for the space as considered intensively more than aesthetics.
  • The toilet and bath area were totally revamped as they deemed fit and ensure that it is still on the concept that they envisioned. Tiles and concrete finish with a modern look vanity.

Check this video to find out:

How do you find the outcome of this project? 

The small space dilemma is easy when planned and well coordinated with the client's vision for the space. Having an interior design professional to help you with this would ease up your problems even if you are miles away. 

Does this case study resonate with you? You're away and needed help to design the space and implement it at your convenience. 

Let's have a 15-minute Initial Consultation and see what would work for you. Give us a call.

Would you like some help Designing and Implementing your Renovation Plans? 

Send us an e-mail and we'll be happy to have a chat with you about how we can help you with your project and talk about how we can achieve it. We would love to have you on board with us, We Can't wait to hear from you! 

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When is best time to hire interior designer?


When is the best time to hire an Interior Designer?

Was there a time you wished you hired a professional Interior Designer, sooner? Most clients that I have encountered often hire an interior designer when the unit is ready. Either it can be a home or a commercial building. There are external factors that they hired an interior designer at a later time.

In some few cases, this is where they encountered some dilemma's in these dilemmas are the following:

  1. Budget. They have an unprepared budget base on the ideas they wanted
  2. Timeframe because it also takes time to design, they thought it can be created in a week and implemented the following week after it has been made and these also caused some concerns especially when the unit is used for rental or has to operate the businesses sooner.
  3. People. It takes a village to actually have these works come to life and managing different people for a project can be overwhelming.

Here are some explanations about when is the best time to hire an interior designer:

When is the best time to hire an interior designer?

Interior designers, according to conventional belief, design your house to their taste. The opposite is not anything like the truth.

An interior design team works with you just to know about your hobbies and preferences before designing your home. Using your existing ideas for your place as a starting place, improving them, and creating new ones along such lines might result in an area that reflects your individuality. 

Your home should reflect your unique design, the manner you spend your days, and your overall view of life. If you look around your house and see that it is lacking in vibrancy and individuality, you should hire an interior designer. 

An interior designer may assist you if you used to like your home but have moved on and want a fresh perspective and touch. Some individuals have the skill and patience to devote themselves to selecting d├ęcor, hues, and finishes, while others are daunted by the vast array of color and design options available. 

Continue reading to see if you have to employ a specialist in the field.

To properly plan, design, and furnish a house, a condominium unit, a commercial, or even a workspace, there are numerous factors to consider. When you're trying to tackle everything on your own, it might feel overwhelming. This procedure will be guided and navigated for you by a qualified and experienced interior designer.

They are well-versed in the numerous resources they use on a regular basis.

To properly plan, design, and furnish a house, there are numerous factors to consider. When you're trying to tackle everything on your own, it might feel overwhelming. This procedure will be guided and navigated for you by a qualified and experienced interior designer. 

They are well-versed in the numerous resources they use on a regular basis.

Time is money:

Interior designers have worked on home renovation projects before, so they are familiar with the process. They apply their firm knowledge to help you simplify your project and avoid costly mistakes.

For example, expressing your opinion about your bathroom remodeling tile floor after it is installed will be a time-consuming error. An interior designer in Oakland County can assist you in visualizing the adjustments you want to make to the space you're redesigning so you're less likely to alter your mind.

Do you enjoy repurposing your space?

Can you envision how you want your space to look in your spare time? 

Could you design a space entirely out of white, without furniture or finishes, and be happy with the results? 

Many times high at visualizing things in their thoughts, then moving that concept to papers to express themselves, and lastly into the real world. You may not need the skills of an interior designer if you enjoy these activities and the process. You may already own all of the tools need to begin developing your own design concepts.

Interior design and decoration

You may wish to keep the majority of your decor and furnishings, but add items strategically to make your home appear trendier in some circumstances. In this instance, you have the option of doing it yourself or hiring an interior decorator/stylist who can assist you with your job.

Styling and designing your own house may be a joyful and fulfilling activity that allows you to connect more deeply with your own place. Anecdotes about your buying and style adventures are often wonderful conversation starters.


To solve your challenge, you'll need to think beyond the box:

A tiny area necessitates inventive and ingenious solutions. Furthermore, certain regions have symmetry and illumination challenges. Trying to do the area yourself with minimal expertise and skills might end up being a disaster. 

An interior designer, on the other hand, is armed with tools and then-out ideas that can elevate a room's spirits without breaking the bank. Playing around with colors and lighting effects can bring a lot of personality to a space.

With all the given factors and considerations we have shared with you. When is the best time to hire an interior designer? 

  1. For Condominium Units. You can hire them 1 or 2 months prior to turning over your unit from the developer. 
  2. For Houses built from scratch, Right after the Structural Engineer and Architect have completed their work because the Architect and the designer will work hand-in-hand, especially on the technical side of the project.
  3. For Projects that you find urgent to finish after it was turned over. 2 Things to consider. 

    1. Either you decide that the design is based on a budget you have set and are willing to invest, or
    2. You decide based on the look regardless of the possible cost. This means you have a budget on hand and are willing to invest based on the criteria you have set.

We work with the later selection, which is based on design then we discuss the budget on which one you are willing to invest. This is also a better option for clients who wanted to know their interior design investment's worth.

If you are to hire right now, what do you think is the best time for you to hire a professional, and what is the status of your real estate investment? 


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