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What's the Difference? Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator


whats the difference? interior designer and interior decorator

What’s The Difference? Interior Designer Vs Interior Decorator


So you've chosen to make some adjustments at home, and you've realized you'll need some assistance. When you start exploring for suitable services, you discover that some experts call themselves interior designers, while others call themselves interior decorators. You're suddenly confronted with fresh inquiries, such as "What's the difference?" "Which one do I require?" is a more critical question?


The phrases interior design and interior decoration are sometimes confused; however, they are not totally interchangeable. There are numerous parallels between the two jobs—so many, in fact, those perspectives differ on where the line should be drawn. There are also a number of distinctions between the professions, some minor, some important. Understanding the distinctions between professional designers and decorators—their training, accreditation, services, and clientele—will help you decide which sort of expertise you need when making improvements in your house.

Interior designer


Interior design is a career that necessitates professional education and training. Color and fabric research, computer-aided design (CAD) training, sketching, space planning, furniture design, and architecture are all common tasks. Designers typically work as apprentices for a certified and experienced interior designer after graduation before starting their own businesses.



Professional designers must pass an exam and register with a governing council (which one depends on which nation and state/province they are in) before they can call themselves designers in some states and provinces. There are, however, numerous places where no credentials are necessary. As a result, before beginning your search, it's a good idea to learn more about the situation in your region.


What they do

Designers are skilled in spatial planning and may assist in the design and renovation of interiors, from the first floor plans to the final decorative accent. Designers don't simply improve a room's appearance; they also improve its functionality.

Who they collaborate with: 

Whether designing a private house, an office, a hotel, or any other interior space, interior designers frequently collaborate with architects and constructors to create the desired appearance.


Interior Decorator


Interior decorators are not necessary to have official training or schooling in order to work professionally because they mostly focus on aesthetics and do not engage in restorations or structural design. After the structural planning and execution are finished, a decorator is brought in to focus on the space's surface appearance. College degrees in related disciplines are common among professional interior decorators, but they are not required.



Although no formal education is necessary to work as an interior decorator, there are several programmers and courses available. Color and fabric, room layouts, space planning, furniture designs, and other topics are frequently covered in these classes. C.I.D. (Certified Interior Decorators International) certifications provide courses and certification to enable decorators to verify their practices.


What they do

A good decorator is capable of entering a space and whipping it into shape visually. They may assist customers with deciding on a style, selecting a color palette, purchasing furniture, and accessorizing new rooms. They're also frequently hired to tidy up an existing area that requires updating or redoing.


Who they work with

Decorators seldom collaborate alongside contractors or architects because the structural work is usually completed before they arrive. They do, however, collaborate with furniture builders, upholsterers, and other experts in the business. Most of the time, though, they work with homes or company owners directly.

Now that you have an insight into these two professions. Choosing the right professional would be a breeze. However,  We must understand our own needs for the project - our wants and needs in order to relay our thoughts when collaborating with a professional. It is best when you are making your choice of who to hire, choose a pro to help you in your interior design journey. 

Here are my takeaways for you! 

Listen, I know there are many times you tell yourself you can DIY the work of both an interior designer and an interior decorator work and as mentioned above both professions are trained differently. They have their own specialization take makes them stand out.

However, Just like any other professions and services that we hire for them for specific tasks, Interior Designers will help you get organized and look into a detailed look from the technical aspect to the design aspect in which you only see the results after the backend of the service provided. So, hop on a discovery call with IDR. Emari Pimentel, Principal Interior Designer of Premiere Design Interiors for 30 minutes virtual consultation of your space and find out what services would best fit your needs.

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Editors Note: This was originally posted last September 2016. This article has been updated for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the topic. 



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