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What to Consider When Choosing the Right Houseplants for Your Space

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Houseplants for Your Space

 What to Consider When Choosing the Right Houseplants for Your Space

Houseplants are super trendy right now. You can easily go on Instagram and see plenty of home decor shots featuring plants. They’re cropping up everywhere from sales at the florist to the local market, and even huge department stores have stepped in to sell fashionable plants. These babies are an excellent replacement for gardening for those who live in apartments, the new pet, and will always be around to spice up any interior. If you’re looking into getting yourself a houseplant, there are some things that you should consider before your purchase.

What are the benefits of having plants in the home?

Indoor plants naturally make the air purifier due to absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen. The presence of plants in an interior space can carry out a positive psychological effect. Plants are also, an easy way to elevate any space often for very affordable prices.

Figure out what level of plant care you’re at

When choosing houseplants, you need to figure out what level of plant care you’re at. You’ll also need to think about how much commitment you’re willing to give a plant. If your life is hectic, and busy, or if you’re not home often then a low-maintenance plant would be better suited. But if you’re the nurturing type whose often at home then you can most likely manage caring for a high-maintenance plant.

How much light do you have in each space?

Plants need light to grow, light is their food due to the photosynthesis process. Some plants need more light than other plants, while others hardly need any at all. This can be a bit tricky when selecting the right plant for your plant. A good rule of thumb would be to place your houseplants near an eastern or western-facing window. These will give enough indirect sunlight, and less of a chance to get burned. If you’re looking for plants that love strong sunlight such as cacti or succulents, then a south-facing window is perfect.

Put Temperature and Airflow into consideration too

Many houseplants are tropical and will need warm and humid environments to thrive. When deciding on what sort of houseplants you’re after, keep in mind that the temperature and airflow in your environment need to be taken into account. Artificial heating and cool fluctuations will impact the houseplants too. This doesn’t mean that your tropical plant won’t thrive if you live in a dry environment It just means that there will need to change, such as purchasing a humidifier.

What’s important to you when deciding on a plant?

Once you’ve looked at your space and given yourself a reality check, ask yourself what’s important to you. Are you wanting to have houseplants for purely aesthetic reasons? Because it’s growing in popularity? Will it make your space better? Are you able to commit to taking care of them? If you have pets, are you going to look into only nontoxic plants? These are all very important questions that you need to ask yourself to help narrow down your choices to find the most suitable plants for you.

Don’t forget to pick a suitable container

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