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6 Condo Cleaning Tips for a Happy Home


6 Condo Cleaning Tips for a Happy Home

As more and more people live in a condominium, a small piece of property in the city. It is most likely that we do chores that should work for us. Cleaning is not everyone’s favorite task. While it certainly isn’t fun, there are ways to get some major condo cleaning done without it taking up hours of the day. Whether you’re living small or large these six essential cleaning tips will have you getting your home organized and tidy in no time.

Have an official cleaning day

Choose any day of the week for cleaning as long as it suits your schedule. Try to stick to this day very strictly if you can. The same can be said for deep cleaning days, these should be a few times a year, such as every two to three months. Have a dedicated day for this where you’ll clean all the nooks and crannies that are usually not scrubbed during your weekly cleanings.

A little can go a long way

Designated cleaning days don’t need to be a thing if you tidy up after yourself every day. If you can keep on top of the mess daily, then you may be able to save a lot of time. However, it’s completely understandable if it’s not possible. Everyone has a busy schedule and it can sometimes be downright impossible to always stay tidy if you have children.

Always have the right tools for the job

It’s crucial to invest in the proper cleaning tools for your condo, some items may be far superior to cleaning than others. Vacuums are excellent for getting dirt off a floor and saving time compared to brooms. Swiffer and other modern mops are far more efficient and time-saving compared to scrubbing floors by hand or with an old fashion rope-mop. When you’re looking for cleaner solutions, be sure to find those that are best suited for your space and furniture. They’re not all a one-size-fits-all.

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One location for all cleaning materials

To maintain efficiency in a condo, it’s best to have a designated spot for all cleaning materials. Think of something as a box or caddy to put all on cleaning solutions and scrub brushes in. This will greatly help with cleaning time, avoid delays, and you’ll already know where everything is. If you have large items such as a vacuum, broom, or mop, have all three in the same area such as tucked away in a closet.

Go minimalistic

Condominiums and other apartments are often limited in space and storage solutions. Due to this, homes can quickly become cluttered, which is a huge cleaning project on its own. If there are piles on the floor or countertop space is limited, it’s best to start removing those as a first step to decluttering. Just go through what you own and what you no longer use or want. Donate unneeded items that haven’t been put to use in the last three months or that are used sparingly. It’s also best to just shop for fun. If you don’t love or won’t use it frequently, why even buy it?

Bring some scents into the space

Removing musty scents is a fantastic way to make a home feel clean. There are plenty of beautiful ways to do this such as lighting a candle or incense, using an oil diffuser, or maybe even spaying an aromatic. Welcoming aromas not only make the home smell great but gives a sense of cleanliness as well. 

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As there are many ways to clean or declutter our home. There are ways we can start and work as we progress. Let us know what cleaning habits work for you.

Are there any cleaning tips that you want to share? 

Comment down below and share with us some tips and tricks for your cleaning hacks! 

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