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Hotel Review: Luna Oslob Travellers Inn Room Tour and Review


Hotel Review: Luna Oslob Travellers Inn Room Tour and Review 

Last February  2021, I once had a project in Oslob,  A vacation house where I have to inspect the project from time to time. On one occasion I booked myself an overnight stay. Nope. This ain't paid by the client but still I booked. It's a 4-5 hour drive from Cebu City.

I traveled with my mom, who accompanied me on this day, and since it's an off-season. There are only a few travelers and also a few people around the central area of Oslob.

Since it was a business trip over the weekend, We somewhat explored a walking trip near Luna Oslob Travellers Inn. Which gives me nostalgia like I'm in my grandmother's province, Surigao.

The Staycation.

Luna Oslob Travellers Inn is a 4 Storey Commercial Building. A Walking Distance to the Main District. When we booked in Agoda. We checked the Location's distance to food, high-way, and the cleanliness of their hotel room and parking space.

Luna Oslob Travellers Inn is a House and then transformed into a commercial building and it's 5 minutes away to walk at the highway, nearby market, and food place.

The building has a U-Shape which makes it visually look big and because of this I personally think this is the reason why the place is cool even in hot weather. 

They have stairs that can only be accommodated by 1 person and if there are two on each side, one has to be walking on a side to fit in. No elevators since this is a 4 story building. 

The Parking Space.

The Parking Space they have is only enough for two cars I'm lucky enough to have my car inside the property. If not I would be worried to park the car outside the building.

The Reception.

The concept of the reception feels like home, "Inato Style". but even though they have this kind of concept. You can feel the warmth that they are offering and the service they provide to the transients both locals and foreigners.

The Room

The room is less than 20 m2, and they are decent. It's clean, it has our basic needs a queen Size Bed, A TV, and Curtains around the Windows in all corners. A closet and some vanity area and even on their given rate they even have a safety deposit box which is a goldmine for me. 

  • Bed with Clean white Sheets and Pillows
  • Curtains
  • TV
  • Closet and Vanity Table
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Fast WIFI

If I am to talk about interior design, I have seen a handful of errors to improve the look of their rooms from the materials to dimensions of each fixture and even the colors, which I had talked about in my youtube channel.


The bathroom is what we loved, the photos they provided didn't seem to do justice but we enjoyed the bathroom a lot. Water heater, A Fully functional Shower, and the most basic things that I would ask my clients to have whenever we work in the bathroom. But it's the amount of space that we like the most because you can rarely see a huge bathroom space that they allocated despite the not-so-big space in the room.

  • Water heat
  • Bidet
  • Shower
  • Glass Shelf
  • Towel Rings
  • Towel Bar
  • Towel Hooks

The Amenity.

They don't over anything aside from their roof deck. We stayed here late in the evening and early morning for breakfast. The air is great and you can enjoy alone time or string your guitar and they wouldn't mind as long as it isn't busy.

All you will see in the morning are the beautiful landscapes and the sunrise and sunsets on the roof deck.

The people

The people and community are friendly to locals and foreigners since we got lost at first but then everyone seems to give us a helping hand with big smiles to us, strangers.

The staffs are very accommodating and ensure that everything is alright. From the moment we arrived until we left, everything was very smooth and the service was good.

You'll spend less than $50 for the room, parking, and breakfast for 2. It is best if you are traveling on a budget for either business or exploring Oslob with all the activities they are offering. This is something you should grab for.

Thoughts and Conclusion
For a 0-1 Star Hotel: 5/5 For us, They made our stay comfortable and how they maintain the entire place a pleasant place to stay. I would recommend coming to this place with your active family and friends since there isn't much to cover but a good place to stay while you are touring and exploring the thrilling activities of Oslob. People with disabilities, not to discriminate against them, or people having heart problems walking the stairs back and forth may not be ideal for you, for health reasons as there is no elevator to accommodate.

However, As I have mentioned, if you like to explore Oslob and if you are on a tight budget you can stay at this place, and walking back and forth to your room wont be a problem. I would recommend you book this room.

and If I'll be having a visit to Oslob, I will surely be booking this place.

Book yourself here at Agoda.com

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