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Green Lagoon Resort, Compostela, Cebu



Green Lagoon Beach Resort was the first resort we went to after the lockdown. First was it was just along the road and the place was nearby the city. It is an hour drive at that time during our travel but on a normal basis (pre-covid) it will take someone to go there around 2-3 hours considering the traffic jam.

The place was huge and can cater to a lot of guests who are looking for a budget resort.

First, I'll talk about my observation of the place.

They have a wide road for vehicles to park and drive without and that you can park across where your cottage was located and people who wish to walk around can just enjoy the place.

They got different categories as per occupancy from tables or even for a larger crowd in which everyone can be catered. 

A pool where kids can enjoy and they are observing protocols and like lifeguards were even there to monitor kids who might just be overjoyed while playing that they forgot some of the rules such as diving and running around the pool which they do not allow as to avoid accidents.

Even if an accident might happen in the area, they have an Ambulance Van and an area where they can do first aid which I have not seen in other budget or family resort such as Green Lagoon Resort, that made us feel safe to come back over and over after a lockdown.

They also have another amenity like a court, though I didn't see any net, I assume it can be used for volleyball and badminton. I have not asked whether they offer rental for the net or the ball to be enjoyed and if the floor worries you, then don't be as it is covered with sand.

The last is the beach, I enjoyed the beach despite its rocky and got my feet hurt. Upon going there I have to assist my mom in going down, why? the stairs may have a riser that a grandmother or toddler can't have any difficulty when raising their leg but the tread or the step needs a little to be expanded so a person who has a shoe size around 8 or more may not fall into it. because a family member did slip while taking the stairs despite being cautious. For some reason, we thought it could be the sand but as an interior designer, my technical knowledge thinks it's also the stairs.  

Overall the place is good for the budget, though they need to do some repairs and improvements as they have some rebars and some stairs that have dilapidated some construction materials are not properly in stored in a warehouse and they barricade made of sticker or this plastic tape with the word ***Caution*** may give awareness still they could have done something more as most can no longer be on site. If you aren't keen on the surroundings then you might get into an accident. Though it is also understandable that they are working on improvements to their resort.

The place is secured as they got people to check and inspect us upon entering and as well people going back and forth to check us in the beach one thing we find disturbing are the dogs that are bystanders in our cottage waiting for our food. Most of us got scared because we think the stay dogs or their dogs might just bite us anytime. Good thing these dogs are behaving and just roam around just like the people in the resort. 

The staffs are nice, friendly and accommodating and that's what we like is their customer service. They made us feel secure and make sure that we are reminded of the protocols and even calls us when its time to be off the shore as it was getting darker.

Overall I'm going to give them 4 stars the budget resort. 

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