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Green Lagoon Resort, Compostela, Cebu




Green Lagoon Beach Resort in Compostela, Cebu is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by those who are looking for an affordable and convenient getaway. After a long period of lockdown due to the pandemic, my family and I decided to visit this resort for a much-needed break. It was a relatively short drive, just an hour away from the city, and we were excited to see what the resort had to offer.

Upon arriving at Green Lagoon, we were pleasantly surprised by how spacious the place was. It had ample parking space, and the roads were wide enough to accommodate vehicles without any hassle. There were also different cottages to choose from, depending on your group's size and preference.

One of the amenities we enjoyed was the pool, especially for the kids. We appreciated that the resort was strict in implementing safety protocols, and there were lifeguards stationed to monitor the pool area. In case of an emergency, we felt secure knowing that there was an ambulance van and a designated area for first aid.

For those who love sports, the resort also had a court that could be used for volleyball and badminton. Although we did not see any nets, we assume they could be rented from the resort. The sand-covered floor added to the resort's beach vibe.

Now, let's talk about the beach. Despite the rocky terrain, we enjoyed our time there. However, we did have a minor mishap when a family member slipped on the stairs going down to the beach. We noticed that the risers were safe for toddlers and the elderly, but the treads were a bit narrow, causing larger shoes to slip. As an interior designer, I also observed some dilapidated construction materials that could be repaired or properly stored. Although the resort had caution tape in some areas, it could use more improvements to ensure guests' safety.

The resort's security measures were commendable, with staff checking and inspecting everyone entering the premises. However, one downside we noticed was the stray dogs roaming around the resort. Although they were generally well-behaved, they would occasionally linger near our cottage while waiting for food, causing some unease.

Despite these minor drawbacks, we were impressed with the staff's excellent customer service. They were accommodating, and friendly, and made sure we were reminded of the health and safety protocols. Overall, Green Lagoon Beach Resort is a budget-friendly destination that can cater to a wide range of guests. We give it 4 stars and recommend it to those who want a quick and affordable getaway from the city.

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