What to Consider When Choosing the Right Houseplants for Your Space

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Houseplants for Your Space

Houseplants are super trendy right now. You can easily go on Instagram and see plenty of home
decor shots featuring plants. They’re cropping up everywhere from sales at the florist, the local
market, and even huge department stores have stepped in to sell fashionable plants. These
babies are an excellent replacement for gardening for those who live in apartments, the new pet,
and will always be around to spice up any interior. If you’re looking into getting yourself a
houseplant, there are some things that you should consider before your purchase.

What are the benefits of having plants in the home?

Indoor plants naturally make the air purifier due to absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen. The
presence of plants in an interior space can carry out a positive psychological effect. Plants are
also an easy way to elevate any space often for very affordable prices.

Figure out what level of plant care you’re at

When choosing houseplants, you need to figure out what level of plant care you’re at. You’ll also
need to think about how much commitment you’re willing to give a plant. If your life is hectic,
busy, or if you’re not home often then a low maintenance plant would be better suited. But if
you’re the nurturing type whose often at home then you can most likely manage caring for a high
maintenance plant.

How much light do you have in each space?

Plants need light to grow, light is their food due to the photosynthesis process. Some plants
need more light than other plants, while others hardly need any at all. This can be a bit tricky
when selecting the right plant for your plant. A good rule of thumb would be to place your
houseplants near an eastern or western-facing window. These will give enough indirect sunlight,
and less of a chance to get burned. If you’re looking for plants that love strong sunlight such as
cacti or succulents, then a south-facing window is perfect.

Put Temperature and Airflow into consideration too

Many houseplants are tropical and will need warm and humid environments to thrive. When
deciding on what sort of houseplants you’re after, keep in mind that the temperature and airflow
in your environment need to be taken into account. Artificial heating and cool fluctuations will
impact the houseplants too. This doesn’t mean that your tropical plant won’t thrive if you live in a
dry environment It just means that there will need to change, such as purchasing a humidifier.

What’s important to you when deciding on a plant?

Once you’ve looked at your space and gave yourself a reality check, ask yourself what’s
important to you. Are you wanting to have houseplants for purely aesthetic reasons? Because it’s
growing in popularity? Will it make your space better? Are you able to commit to taking care of
them? If you have pets, are you going to look into only nontoxic plants? These are all very
important questions that you need to ask yourself to help narrow down your choices to find the
most suitable plants for you.

Don’t forget to pick a suitable container

There are so many wonderful pots and other plant containers available for purchase online and in stores. With the glory of Premiere Design Interiors, finding the best pots for your space will be a breeze with our interior styling services. If you’re looking into receiving interior design services, Premiere Design Interiors is perfect for
you. Offering serval services from consultancy to E-design to Full Interior Design, and Construction. Whether you’re
wanting to transition your home or office space, we can help! 

6 Condo Cleaning Tips for a Happy Home


As more and more people living in a condominium, a small piece of property in the city. It is most likely that we do chores that should work for us. Cleaning is not everyone’s favorite task. While it certainly isn’t fun, there are ways to get some major condo cleaning done without it taking up hours of the day. Whether you’re living small or large these six essential cleaning tips will have you getting your home organized and tidy in no time.

Have an official cleaning day

Choose any day of the week for cleaning as long as it suits your schedule. Try to stick to this day very
strictly if you can. The same can be said for deep cleaning days, these should be a few times a year, such as every two to three months. Have a dedicated day for this where you’ll clean all the nooks
and crannies that are usually not scrubbed during your weekly cleanings.

A little can go a long way

Designated cleaning days don’t need to be a thing if you tidy up after yourself every day. If you can
keep top of the mess daily, then you may be able to save a lot of time. However, it’s completely
understandable if it’s not possible. Everyone has their busy schedules and it can at times be
downright impossible to always stay tidy if you have children.

Always have the right tools for the job

It’s crucial to invest in the proper cleaning tools for your condo, some items may be far superior to
cleaning than others. Vacuums are excellent for getting dirt off a floor and save time compared to
brooms. Swiffer and other modern-mops are far more efficient and time-saving compared to
scrubbing floors by hand or with an old fashion rope-mop. When you’re looking for cleaner
solutions, be sure to find those that are best suited for your space and furniture. They’re not all a

One location for all cleaning materials

To maintain efficiency in a condo, it’s best to have a designated spot for all cleaning materials. Think
of something as a box or caddy to put all on cleaning solutions and scrub brushes in. This will greatly
help with cleaning time, avoid delays, and you’ll already know where everything is. If you have large
items such as vacuum, broom, or mop, have all three in the same area such as tucked away in a

Go minimalistic

Condominiums and other apartments are often limited on space and storage solutions. Due to this,
homes can quickly become cluttered, which is a huge cleaning project on its own. If there are piles
on the floor or if countertop space is limited, it’s best to start removing those as a first step to
decluttering. Just go through what you own and what you no longer use or want. Donate unneeded
items that haven’t been put to use in the last three months or what are used sparingly. It’s also best
to just shopping for fun. If you don’t love or won’t use it frequently, why even buy it?

Bring some scents into the space

One fantastic way to make a home feel clean is to remove and musty scents. There are plenty of
wonderful ways to do this such as lighting a candle or incense, using an oil diffuser, or maybe even
spaying and aromatic. Welcoming aromas not only make the home smell great but it gives a sense of
cleanliness as well. 

As there are many ways to clean or declutter our home. There are ways we can start and work as we progress. Let us know what are your cleaning habits that worked for you.

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Green Lagoon Resort, Compostela, Cebu



Green Lagoon Beach Resort was the first resort we went to after the lockdown. First was it was just along the road and the place was nearby the city. It is an hour drive at that time during our travel but on a normal basis (pre-covid) it will take someone to go there around 2-3 hours considering the traffic jam.

The place was huge and can cater to a lot of guests who are looking for a budget resort.

First, I'll talk about my observation of the place.

They have a wide road for vehicles to park and drive without and that you can park across where your cottage was located and people who wish to walk around can just enjoy the place.

They got different categories as per occupancy from tables or even for a larger crowd in which everyone can be catered. 

A pool where kids can enjoy and they are observing protocols and like lifeguards were even there to monitor kids who might just be overjoyed while playing that they forgot some of the rules such as diving and running around the pool which they do not allow as to avoid accidents.

Even if an accident might happen in the area, they have an Ambulance Van and an area where they can do first aid which I have not seen in other budget or family resort such as Green Lagoon Resort, that made us feel safe to come back over and over after a lockdown.

They also have another amenity like a court, though I didn't see any net, I assume it can be used for volleyball and badminton. I have not asked whether they offer rental for the net or the ball to be enjoyed and if the floor worries you, then don't be as it is covered with sand.

The last is the beach, I enjoyed the beach despite its rocky and got my feet hurt. Upon going there I have to assist my mom in going down, why? the stairs may have a riser that a grandmother or toddler can't have any difficulty when raising their leg but the tread or the step needs a little to be expanded so a person who has a shoe size around 8 or more may not fall into it. because a family member did slip while taking the stairs despite being cautious. For some reason, we thought it could be the sand but as an interior designer, my technical knowledge thinks it's also the stairs.  

Overall the place is good for the budget, though they need to do some repairs and improvements as they have some rebars and some stairs that have dilapidated some construction materials are not properly in stored in a warehouse and they barricade made of sticker or this plastic tape with the word ***Caution*** may give awareness still they could have done something more as most can no longer be on site. If you aren't keen on the surroundings then you might get into an accident. Though it is also understandable that they are working on improvements to their resort.

The place is secured as they got people to check and inspect us upon entering and as well people going back and forth to check us in the beach one thing we find disturbing are the dogs that are bystanders in our cottage waiting for our food. Most of us got scared because we think the stay dogs or their dogs might just bite us anytime. Good thing these dogs are behaving and just roam around just like the people in the resort. 

The staffs are nice, friendly and accommodating and that's what we like is their customer service. They made us feel secure and make sure that we are reminded of the protocols and even calls us when its time to be off the shore as it was getting darker.

Overall I'm going to give them 4 stars the budget resort. 

A year in Review of 2020

A year in Review of 2020

 I thought I wouldn't make a video or a blog about A year in Review of 2020. As much as I wanted to show to be deep and realistic about how 2020 went with me, I wanted to show the highlights of 2020 in this post and take time to read and reflect on how things might have gone for you as well. 

Our first adventure was going to Oslob and experience our fist family bonding of the year, together with my cousin, Marc. Here's a link to the video: https://youtu.be/Jzh40LF6MdI

Who would have thought that this might be the last Sinulog before COVID hits and affected us globally and that led us to experience a new kind of normal. https://youtu.be/qcddvEG_4Nw

and This was our last Normal Chill a day before it was announced that we will be on a lockdown, and went to 10,000 Roses in Cordova.

The last events that people would come and enjoy just like everyone does, where my mom and Tita's enjoy a night that they would reminiscent a lot and the dancing that they love to show when at a party.

during quarantine of the first months, we tried to entertain ourselves by creating the following videos, from Jokai  TV's Dance cover before launching her own channel to creating a compilation of K-drama houses.

and a lot of Korean Drama binge-watching and all miscellaneous things to entertain ourselves at home, until we were temporarily allowed to go outside and it was such a breather., Experiencing the first New Normal.

As we are still stuck at home, I did a lot of doing stuff and things around here were beginning to mess up with my mind, and here are a few tips where I shared my knowledge as an Interior Designer. 

After a couple of months of being on a lockdown, when things begin to be normal for others while I am not having that. My family begins to have encouraged us to have short trips which I began to enjoy once in a while my thoughts are being stressed out on so many things and been drifting away to the reality and to most people where I began to no longer answer to them.

As I find comfort in Isolation, I was able to find myself through these short travels, though it's a work in progress. I began to find the light at the end of the tunnel, I was able to experience things that I  thought are just for others, I got to experience things that are shy from my personality nor would I have done so but in those challenging times there are quite a realization and a lot of thinking and feeling on that thing we could do more and what I might be searching for and that was progressing. 

I had a lot of first times, A lot of what could have been, and a lot of reflection. I don't lack the motivation in getting it what things just didn't work as much as I have worked hard for it and rejections just kept on coming and I didn't take it too well and things were becoming stressful as every minute is ticking. 

As each rejection, each door closed, and each opportunity that was almost in my grasp. I was drifting emotionally and surprisingly there are things that knock on your door and that was my light. 

I haven't got to the point of being normal yet but I began to show myself again and when I have to be, I got to be showing myself. Aligning ourselves was a transition and a work in progress but for me, despite it took me long to show myself and be there in the present it was a blessing as I said there was a light in a tunnel and things align ourselves to and it's not going to be overnight. It will take time. 

I wish everyone who all experiences just tremendous transformation and challenges, things will be better and it will align ourselves to where our paths will be. Until then, See you this 2021.

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