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Cascades Nature Park, Compostela, Cebu


 After months of being staying at home and for like almost a year for not being able to do some activities. We finally found a place where we can catch up with our family once again and enjoy a beautiful time to experience nature.

It looks around almost 2 hours to reach the place from where I live and when we go there. If felt so beautiful and romantic. Just like going to a farmhouse.

I drove there and welcomes by these huge rocks and as I go through the driveway,  I was enthralled by how huge the landscape is and also the trees that surround us. It got me even more excited to go there. 

We settled in a tent with tables and chairs and were able to sleep in the grass as if we are actually in a picnic enjoying the sun rays and also the scenery as I drift away to sleep.

By the time I woke up, I checked the place and played along with family members and this huge swimming pool where everyone jumped in and played to their extent until it was time for more adventure.

We did the kayaking, paddleboard, and that 4 people like biking in the lake. It was such a great experience that everyone should try and enjoy. 

Check out our videos to get a glimpse of our adventure.

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