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Halloween Decor: How to Spice up your living area


With the holidays coming up, you're probably already creating or possibly thinking about parties to attend and one of the holidays is Halloween. Before we could ever attend the Halloween Party, we thought of having decorations around the house or even an office to have some fun and perk things a little. I'm excited to share the top 5 Pinterest boards I found online.

How to Spice up your living area this Halloween Season! 

Last year, I have been crushing on Halloween decor and wanted to throw small parties at home, it's a simple gathering to lighten up the place and set aside those creepy things that our minds had instilled. This year, fingers crossed. I had checked out some Pinterest-worthy boards that are not so creepy to decorate our place. Here are the top 5 boards I got.

Step 1: Decorate your foyer area

Nice 30+ Casual Halloween Decorations Ideas That Are So Scary.

This foyer decor is just amazing to welcome our guests, It has this fun vibe to greet our guests upon entering the house and it also doesn't share off kids instead they'll have fun. In a household like ours, every weekend there are guests visiting along with their kids and I would like to avoid kids crying. Oh! The dried flowers just added spark to brighten the not-so-creepy decor.

Use a skeleton accessory to make your decor stand out, he will become your "usher" for the welcome committee and those witch hats add some glitter and decor to glam it up. Sounds fun! Add some woven baskets to add another touch of your place with flowers on it in bold with some fun headings to capture our attention. Use the power of three when decorating.

Step 2: Decorate your Coffee table

Halloween coffee table vignette found via Pink Peppermint Design.

One of the easiest areas of your house to decorate is your living area and that means decorating your coffee table. Just make sure you decorate it sparsely and avoid too many small things around and occupy only the base on your tray. To achieve this look, Get a tray and work around the space. Collect a book with a black cover, a creepy hand, black and white boxes, pumpkin figures, and lastly if you have the magic box with the word, trick or treat.

Step 3: Add fun stuff to your open-shelves

43 Cool Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Open shelves are a great way to showcase items that you wanted to display and be seen by your guest for this season. Showcasing a Halloween decor would make it more lively, by the time you decorate back your all-year-round decor your guest would still appreciate it knowing that the decor has been replaced. 

When buying decors, there are items that are in excess when used this gives you extra room around the place to get creative. Sometimes can be taken from your kitchen such as the garlic while some things you can work on by making it look brand new. Remember those jars you planning to toss out? How about we use it here.

Step 4: Decorate your walls

Your Halloween Mantel 3 Ways: Modern, Glam Goth & Classic #falldecorideasforthehome #falldecorideas #halloweendecorideas » tendollarbux.com

Are you getting those extra wall spaces or planning to go a little extra in your living room by decorating your walls? Decorate it with something black or even vintage because it looks great to add something that would make it look old, a vintage-looking decor would fit perfectly in this area with a little paper works forming a bat while your side table will have those brooms - Are you a Harry Potter fan? How about using the sorting hat and the Nimbus 2000 as part of the decor. 

Step 5: Decorate your Sofa


One of the few things you can decorate without spending much is using your throw pillows, every now and then our throw pillows are changed from one theme to the other. You can actually spend a little when using this decor and you can re-use it again for the following or add another. 

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