Fashion Friday: How to wear a Halloween Costume from your closet

Halloween Season, is just around the corner and parties will be everyone's talk of the town. Honestly, I haven't attended any parties involving this season or I knew someone would held a party here in the Philippines. However, party venues or bars are not an exception which are held on the last weekend of October. 

In some cases, we don't need a party where we will have a costume theme. Often times, we find ourselves part in a bigger group either friends or company to welcome the upcoming season and during this time, one of the perks is to dress up. Dressing up is one of the things I enjoy, and often than not I don't plan to spend a lot of these occasions without seeing myself wearing a particular outfit for another occasion.

Have you thought on these characters that you can copy and still look fabulous after the event?

We'll here's my top 5 picks on getting ready for the halloween. 

Mavis from Hotel Transylvania by 臺灣cosplaymolly芽の窩

1. Mavis of Hotel Transylvania. Mavis is my top pick, her character is sweet and perky even if she is Dracula's daughter. Either short or long back dress, this can be worn in any other occasions. Just add some details where to enhance and get the look. The brooch is her statement accessory.

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2. Wednesday Adams . Short Long cocktail and white collars and sleeves will definitely give you that vibe. Don't forget the braid and the long socks to complete your look.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Promo shot of Kiernan Shipka

3. Sabrina Spellman. If you are a fan of "Sweet" Sabrina, the teenage witch up to the suspense thriller, The Chilling Adventures of "Scary" Sabrina. We'll I wanted to go for her casual look to make it you look sweet, red tops and black skirt with your headband and oh! did I say the book of spell will give you that perfect Sabrina look. 

Bellatrix Lestrange - Harry Potter Photo (37437271) - Fanpop

4. Beatrix Lestrange. I just saw Harry Potter on my feed and saw, Lestrange. We'll I thought she was part of Jack Sparrow's team with the layers of black fabrics around her. We'll if you are feeling this vibe and a lot of textured fabrics to go along with it, then you should at least try this look and by the look itself, make sure you have the wand and that Oh! So gorgeous hair! (you better by a wig for this.)

DIY Corpse Bride Emily Halloween Costume Idea 3

5. Emily of Corpse of the Bride. I haven't watched this movie but this movie reminds me of my friend, who loves this and have this, you only needed a white long dress and a make up to complete the look. 

Among these five fabulous ladies who made your day in theaters or on TV, who do you think you like to play the character even for a moment?
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