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Watsons App - Your Online Companion


There is no other time that we stayed home longer than usual, it's a 24/7 Rule that we follow our government and as an individual to keep safe and be healthy as we all fight against coronavirus in one different way. We are all given all the precautionary measures and a constant reminder as we deal with this pandemic. Since the national government announced to have a community quarantine up to declaring an enhanced quarantine period it doesn't give us the assurance of sustaining our daily needs at home. We are in the fourth week of the community quarantine and on the second week of the enhanced quarantine, our daily needs and stocks have to be re-filled in the coming days. There are selected areas that are open to cater to our needs but still, the fear of going out and getting infected is there.  

The Solution for some businesses is to go e-commerce and one of those businesses is Watsons

Watsons, as we should know, is the largest health care and beauty and beauty care chain in Asia. It operates over 7,200 stores in 1,500 pharmacies all over Asia including the Philippines. It all started in 1845 by Dr. Thomas Boswell Watsons and in his beginnings as a private practitioner, it has become a conglomerate, passed from one generation to the other. For more than 100 years in the business, they have developed and innovated alongside the needs of the consumers and understand its market. 

Watsons can be found in Lazada, an online shopping store and even before COVID they already have launched their e-commerce website. In Lazada they only offer selected items on the shop and if you want to see the full range of Watsons products you should visit their website, www.watsons.com.ph and this also works with their Watsons App.

As the world is fighting against the virus, Technology has become our very best friend, to communicate, to learn and to understand and be updated on the developments. The need for us to reach out. 

Few clicks at your Fingertips by using Watsons App

Watsons App | Influencer MarketingWatsons App | Influencer Marketing   Watsons App | Influencer Marketing
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Watson's App is here to the rescue at the click of our fingertips we are able to buy the daily essentials that we need without going out of our home. It's fast and reliable, there is no need for us to worry when purchasing.  I'm sure a lot of us had gone and went to Watsons from our to-go malls or shopping stores and I do purchase most of my health and beauty needs as well. Wherever you are and wherever part of the house you will be. You can definitely it out.

All you have to do is search and download the Watsons App from your Apple Phone (IOS) and/or Google Play (Android). Register and once you register it's easy to search and click the items of your choosing and you'll have it delivered right to your doorstep. Just like any other e-commerce website and application, Watsons app is easy to use with a one-time registration and unlimited purchase that you can do. 

Be Safe, Keep Safe and Be healthy. Have a healthy lifestyle in your home while you wait for your orders. Download the Watsons App now! 

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