5 things we can do on a lockdown

5 things you can do during a lockdown

Around the end of January 2020, Philippines has been hearing news about the spread of Coran Virus - COVID 19 and since then it has grown dramatically and our government made the best decision to lock down the entire country to keep safe its people. In a span of weeks, the business has begun to change, It affected my business directly as most of my clients are from abroad. I wouldn't deny that it has been a rough ride but still fortunate as we are all safe and as a citizen, we have to make our own best efforts to do what we must do.

Around March as we begin to start the construction it went full stopped in a snap, I have to do to what I needed to do the calls and visit that I have to make but those are no longer of our control but of the governments and to ensure our health and future. All of us are fighting against this Virus that no man can handle where our faiths are tested and our logical mind to keep things at bay till we can still control. 3 weeks since the announcement of the Community Quarantine and almost a week since the Enhanced Quarantine. I was in full work mode but feel a lot has been taken and slowly, I discovered a few things that I could do and so you can.

5 things you can do during a lockdown

5 things you can do during a lockdown

Clean the house and help chores

I was beginning to get bored and felt unproductive at the beginning of Enhanced Community Quarantine. I ended up cleaning our kitchen for like 3 straight days, I can't help but I was just energized to clean and do those stuff and aside from our kitchen I got to clean my room as well. To our surprise there are many treasures you'll find and "trash" you can toss. It's like updating our wardrobe but not be able to buy new stuff as of the moment. Things we kept that are no longer valuable and are ready to be recycled. 

Time to read those stack of books and e-books

Anyone who knows me that I can read a book in 1 sitting and I got number of books that have been piled up plus the ones I bought online an E-book. This helps just to get productive by learning new stuff from the books we read. One book at a time or two. Include a prayer book every morning.

Re-kindle your old hobbies

As a young kid, I was exposed to do a lot of things, enjoy simple pleasures and always exploring my creative side, Though I love outdoor activities, I enjoy doing indoors as well such as doing puzzles or drawings. Over the years, I have thought I have forgotten those basic things that I used to wherefrom one creative medium to the other until I got used to working with computers. Recently, I tried my luck to draw portraits and for a person that is rusty to draw, I felt it was an achievement. It wasn't that bad after all. I just lacked practice and other indoor activities that we can still do, call me old soul but writing poems can other creative activity can be done and dancing hip hop once again despite my heavyweight is hitting up on me. Old hobbies are just as fun as it is being done. 

Homework Out

Who says you can't do home work out? There are saying that you when you like to achieve something you only need 1 reason to go for it and 100 more excuses so you won't do it. this has hit me up and since then I tried doing homework out little by little until from 10 minutes to an hour just to keep myself productive. Imagine all you got to do is eat, sit and sleep, what's gonna happen is you'll gain much weight that you used to. 

Explore whatever crosses your mind.

Make sure that is for a good cause. Not all things we think are good and not all goodwill makes it better. So, I encourage you to do what you think you have been wanting to do that you have been telling yourself that you can't. This is the time that you have been waiting for. To have a peace of mind and do snuggle around and to get that Eureka "Aha" moment that you have been dreaming on.  Let me share with you these things that have been crossing my mind aside from those 4 things that I have already been doing.

Here's another 5 things that I am exploring

      1. Learning the Lazada Adsense which I am still struggling
      2. Making videos and make my account grow
      3. Review new plans that I have been working on and considering all the help that I need
      4. Finding a better purpose of my life
      5. Going crazy good stuff here and there.

Now is the time that we can do other productive stuff and this is time that we can be a good citizen, a good child to our parents and a time to be good to ourselves. If you have been exhausted and felt alone then let this time be the time to find your peace and let the worries go temporarily. Think of this as a pro-bono or an extension of what our daily life has been. Ther are things that are beyond our control and things we can still control and make a good decision on this. We can support and fight this virus and let us help and cooperate right now. With all the turmoils going on we need to heal ourselves and for the rest. Our mind is strong and lets us our faith be strong. Let's make peace with ourselves and remain to stick with our goals. Keep safe everyone!

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