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5 things to when when starting a vlog

Vlogging, A short terminology for video blog has become a norm to the Filipino community and this has spread enormously to all ends of the world. Though it did not start in the Philippines, as I have observed that every day, more and more people are getting into this platform; whether they have a piece of information or educational content to share or simply capturing their daily lives or spreading happiness to people. As each content has become valuable for their viewers.

12 years ago I did a post about a famous Korean actor, Lee Dong Wook. He was the leading man of a Korean TV series "My Girl". I was a fan and we and my friend Jo Mari Domingo went to ABS-CBN just to see and we did and were close enough to touch, I did for a nano-second and most importantly we were able to see him in person and can't help myself shouting and calling out his name. It was a wonderful experience. We were a Hallyu Fans at it was termed back then, now its K-pop!

5 things to when when starting a vlog

At this present time, I started to capture videos and of course vlogging;  I just decided to do it after a long period of time procrastinating on starting and on how it will be. this is a one-man show for me and took me years to realize that, thankfully, a friend, Sharon had that guts and showed me that there is nothing to be scared of trying. So I did. Despite my unpreparedness to start due to a list of excuses that I had listed on paper and on the mind.  I hate to admit that I suck, I suck on my videos, I hate the way I talk and project knowing that's not how I would talk but If I hadn't started I wouldn't know how to improve myself on doing things and needed to learn a lot about this new venture which is another activity I want to work on. Just like any other business, you got to work hard and know how these things would click. To leverage on my vlog, I focused on which I am good at rather than focus on my flaws and from there I tried and practice as the same time trying to work on my flaw and that I wouldn't have grown this channel if it wasn't for COVID 19, I got more spare time to think and also work on it. It takes a lot of time and effort to work and people if you needed to and for a better results marketing it would be your best shot. Like in my earlier post, I'm not used not to make myself productive and that's why one of my other thoughts are to work on YouTube Channel. 

5 Things that helped me in my vlogging journey

  • Just do it.
You thought of having your own youtube channel and want to create those videos that you have been wanting. Now is the time to start it. Use your Camera phone and if you have a compact camera or DSLR make use of it and it should have a durable tripod.
  • Work on with what you are good at.
I don't enjoy talking in front of the camera simply because I'm not comfortable seeing my face and talking especially on a crown it makes me feel anxious and weird. Though I am weird in my own way. I know that talking to a camera won't work yet for me and so I did took videos of scenery and other people and from there. I did edit it because I know I'm got at it as well which you can definitely see in my videos. Purchase a good video editing software, I use Wondershare Filmora. 
  • Grab the spare time you got.
In my earlier post, I only capture the things that I visited or the memories that I was able to capture. I have a lot of videos but those videos seem raw and for personal which I am hesitant to share with the world.  I studied what I could think of and know how it will work, my uncle Randy W. Horton is a vlogger and my cousin, Cole is the one doing all the videos and content as well and we did exchange some thoughts on this and gave me an insight as well. Humblegera Diaries has given me advice as well on how I should plan to grow my channel. Both have different ways of growing and I applied all of which I know of both traditional, new media and the advice given. I took the chance of COVID 19 to work on my vlog. 
  • Ask for Support.
During the time of COVID since I have no content to share I thought of collaborating with Paula who has her own TikTok account since kids like it there more than anything and since she knows how to dance. Also, I asked help from different people to support my channel in order to get the subscribers and leverage on what they are good at with their permission as well. 
  • Market when necessary.

In order for me to grow my channel and also my other social media, I have to promote it in all sectors both organic and paid. Yes, I have to spare a few bucks in order to promote my channel and get make time to market almost every day because of the goal that I wanted to. This all applies to all my social media and also my businesses. 

Now you have those 5 things when starting a vlog, don't forget to subscribe me in my channel  . Don't forget to enjoy the journey and have fun.

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