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5 things to when when starting a vlog

Vlogging, A short terminology for video blog has become a norm to the Filipino community and this has spread enormously to all ends of the world. Though it did not start in the Philippines, as I have observed that every day, more and more people are getting into this platform; whether they have a piece of information or educational content to share or simply capturing their daily lives or spreading happiness to people. As each content has become valuable for their viewers.

12 years ago I did a post about a famous Korean actor, Lee Dong Wook. He was the leading man of a Korean TV series "My Girl". I was a fan and we and my friend Jo Mari Domingo went to ABS-CBN just to see and we did and were close enough to touch, I did for a nano-second and most importantly we were able to see him in person and can't help myself shouting and calling out his name. It was a wonderful experience. We were a Hallyu Fans at it was termed back then, now its K-pop!

5 things to when when starting a vlog

At this present time, I started to capture videos and of course vlogging;  I just decided to do it after a long period of time procrastinating on starting and on how it will be. this is a one-man show for me and took me years to realize that, thankfully, a friend, Sharon had that guts and showed me that there is nothing to be scared of trying. So I did. Despite my unpreparedness to start due to a list of excuses that I had listed on paper and on the mind.  I hate to admit that I suck, I suck on my videos, I hate the way I talk and project knowing that's not how I would talk but If I hadn't started I wouldn't know how to improve myself on doing things and needed to learn a lot about this new venture which is another activity I want to work on. Just like any other business, you got to work hard and know how these things would click. To leverage on my vlog, I focused on which I am good at rather than focus on my flaws and from there I tried and practice as the same time trying to work on my flaw and that I wouldn't have grown this channel if it wasn't for COVID 19, I got more spare time to think and also work on it. It takes a lot of time and effort to work and people if you needed to and for a better results marketing it would be your best shot. Like in my earlier post, I'm not used not to make myself productive and that's why one of my other thoughts are to work on YouTube Channel. 

5 Things that helped me in my vlogging journey

  • Just do it.
You thought of having your own youtube channel and want to create those videos that you have been wanting. Now is the time to start it. Use your Camera phone and if you have a compact camera or DSLR make use of it and it should have a durable tripod.
  • Work on with what you are good at.
I don't enjoy talking in front of the camera simply because I'm not comfortable seeing my face and talking especially on a crown it makes me feel anxious and weird. Though I am weird in my own way. I know that talking to a camera won't work yet for me and so I did took videos of scenery and other people and from there. I did edit it because I know I'm got at it as well which you can definitely see in my videos. Purchase a good video editing software, I use Wondershare Filmora. 
  • Grab the spare time you got.
In my earlier post, I only capture the things that I visited or the memories that I was able to capture. I have a lot of videos but those videos seem raw and for personal which I am hesitant to share with the world.  I studied what I could think of and know how it will work, my uncle Randy W. Horton is a vlogger and my cousin, Cole is the one doing all the videos and content as well and we did exchange some thoughts on this and gave me an insight as well. Humblegera Diaries has given me advice as well on how I should plan to grow my channel. Both have different ways of growing and I applied all of which I know of both traditional, new media and the advice given. I took the chance of COVID 19 to work on my vlog. 
  • Ask for Support.
During the time of COVID since I have no content to share I thought of collaborating with Paula who has her own TikTok account since kids like it there more than anything and since she knows how to dance. Also, I asked help from different people to support my channel in order to get the subscribers and leverage on what they are good at with their permission as well. 
  • Market when necessary.

In order for me to grow my channel and also my other social media, I have to promote it in all sectors both organic and paid. Yes, I have to spare a few bucks in order to promote my channel and get make time to market almost every day because of the goal that I wanted to. This all applies to all my social media and also my businesses. 

Now you have those 5 things when starting a vlog, don't forget to subscribe me in my channel  . Don't forget to enjoy the journey and have fun.

Get Inspired: Yoon Se-Ri's Apartment

Two months have gone by since I finished watching Crash Landing on you and still, I can't help but killing despite watching other movies. Yes movies - I didn't watched another Kdrama yet because I felt there was an unfulfilled satisfaction in featuring Crash Landing You Topics and still had a handful of it. One of it is featuring Yoon Se-Ri's House, which I grabbed from @firstzyxx (della) Instagram account and these photos can be found also from Metro.Style and other websites. 

Yoon Se-Ri's Apartment

Brutalist Interior Design

It's refreshing to see this kind of production concept in Korean Dramas and the fact that they experimented on a new design trend. The element of Concrete finishes and Natural Stones and wood, for me, signifies its connection to the earth.  Thee use
Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

WAll Material Alternatives and where to get them: / Brick Wallpaper / Ceiling Wood Panel / Concrete Finish Wallper/

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

 Material Alternatives and where to get them: / Concrete Pots / Wall Art / Lighting Fixture/ Ostrich Feather / Spotlight
/Nest Side Table/ 

 Material Alternatives and where to get them: / Acrylic Center Table / Oval Center Table /Side Table /

 Material Alternatives and where to get them: / Yellow throw Pillow / Floral Throw Pillow /Orange Cushion /
/ Side Lamp / Bamboo Accessories/ 

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

Home Office: Material Alternatives and where to get them: / Desk Table / Side Table / Gold Lamp /
/ White Swivel Chair / Table Accessories /  
/ Floral Thow Pillo on Couch /

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

Home Office: Material Alternatives and where to get them: / TV Stand / Hexagon Shelves /  

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

 Material Alternatives and where to get them: / Yellow throw Pillow / Floral Throw Pillow /Orange Cushion /
/Terracotta Pots/ Terracotta Pots - Small / 

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

 Material Alternatives and where to get them: / Lounge Table / Orange Cushion / White Blanket /
/ Side Table / Incensed /  Round Rug / 

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

 Material Alternatives and where to get them: /Black Sculpture / Blue Concrete Pot / Side Lamp
/ Terracotta Ceiling Lamp / 

Yoon Se-Ri Interior Design

 Material Alternatives and where to get them: / Coffee Table / Yellow Cushion/
Round Mirror / Console Table/
Track Lights

Cafe Series: How to make an Iced Mocha Latte

Iced Mocha Latte

Want to create more homemade coffee drinks? How about drinks for the chocolate lovers and still want to enjoy the bitterness of Coffee. An Iced Mocha Latte would be a great idea for the sweet tooth(s). Let's create a coffee recipe that everyone is familiar with and still opting for Starbucks or a Coffee Shop. You can create this drink in less than 5 minutes as long as you have your iced cubes done a night before. I would recommend this to those who wanted a smaller amount of caffeine in their drinks.

Iced Mocha Latte

************ GET THIS RECIPE ************

▶ Nescafe Gold → ▶ Ice Cube mold → ▶ Mixing Bowl → ▶ Electric Egg Beater → ▶ Electric Machine → ▶ Soy Milk → ▶ Milo Powder →

Things you need:

  1. Ice Cube Molder
  2. A Glass
  3. Milk
  4. Chocolate Garnish
  5. 1 Sachet of Milo

Leftover Dalgona Coffee? Let's make a Dalgona Iced Mocha Latte

Let me teach you some tips and tricks that you don't need to throw away your Dalgona Coffee or Any Coffee
  1. Mix well your leftover Dalgona Coffee - the whipped Dalgona Coffee, the milk and the ice.
  2. Pour it into the Ice Cube Mold
  3. and Let it freeze for 4 hours or overnight, So you will have an Iced Coffee Cubes

How to make a Dalgona Iced Mocha Latte?

  1. In a glass, pour 1 sachet of Milo Powder or 2 tbsp of Milo
  2. Next is to pour your Dalgona Iced Coffee Cubes until it fills the 3/4 of the glass.
  3. Pour milk on it until full or at its peak. 
  4. You may add a whipped cream on it (As for what I made, I didn't add whipped cream)
  5. Garnish it with chocolate syrup or chocolate powder.
Enjoy the sweetness of chocolate during a hot summer day. No need to go out of the house and still be able to enjoy the sweet taste of a homemade coffee drink.

I hope you are enjoying our cafe series and please do watch the following videos that we have on my channel. 

Ratings: 5/5 Stars 

Cafe Series: Cocoa Milk by Frnk


Cocoa Milk by Frnk Bar

A few days ago, As I was scrolling over my IG Stories. I saw Isabelle Daza preparing one of Frnk Milk's concoction and probably as I recall, it's her own version since she's in lockdown as well. I decided to make my own - base on the memory that I saw on Instagram. I made my own version, hence the look of it. Here is my own version of Frnk Milk. Can't wait to visit Manila and drink their beverage. 

************ GET THIS RECIPE ************

▶ Ice Cube mold → ▶ Mixing Bowl → ▶ Electric Machine → ▶ Soy Milk → ▶ Milo Powder → , if in case you don't have cocoa

Things you need:

  1. Ice Cube Molder
  2. A Glass
  3. Soy Milk
  4. Cocoa Powder

Let's make a Cocoa Milk by Frnk Milk Bar 

  1. Get 2 tbsp of Cocoa Powder and Mix 2 Tbsp. just make sure you have that sticky consistency that you want to have. 
  2. Place Cocoa Mixture on the side of the glass
  3. Pour Ice Cubes on the glass for about 3/4's
  4. Add Milk of your preference, make sure its cold
  5. Add remaining cholocate on top of it, just like you are making a Dalgona Coffee, just don't fill the entire glass
  6. Add crushed biscuits of your preference
  7. Add dash of cocoa toppings and you are all set! 

Enjoy the sweetness of chocolate during a hot summer day. No need to go out of the house and still be able to enjoy the sweet taste of a homemade cocoa mik drink
I hope you are enjoying our cafe series and please do watch the following videos that we have on my channel. 

Ratings: 5/5 Stars 

Cafe Series: How to make a Dalgona Latte

Dalgona Latte

Nope! Let me start the talking first before you complain about doing a 20-30 minutes manual hand whisking of coffee. We won't be doing that unless you want. Last time, we made a Coffee Dalgona and if you happen to have an extra glass and or if you haven't finished your Dalgona Coffee Drink. Don't throw it away! Listen, Here's what you have to do.

Dalgona Latte

************ GET THIS RECIPE ************

▶ Nescafe Gold → ▶ Ice Cube mold → ▶ Mixing Bowl → ▶ Electric Egg Beater → ▶ Electric Machine → ▶ Soy Milk → ▶ Milo Powder →

Things you need:

  1. Ice Cube Molder
  2. A Glass
  3. Milk
  4. Chocolate Garnish

Leftover Dalgona Coffee? Let's make a Dalgona Iced Coffee Cubes

Let me teach you some tips and tricks that you don't need to throw away your Dalgona Coffee or Any Coffee
  1. Mix well your leftover Dalgona Coffee - the whipped Dalgona Coffee, the milk and the ice.
  2. Pour it into the Ice Cube Mold
  3. and Let it freeze for 4 hours or overnight, So you will have an Iced Coffee Cubes

How to make a Dalgona Latte?

  1. In a glass, pour your Dalgona Iced Coffee Cubes until it fills the 3/4 of the glass.
  2. Pour milk on it until full or at its peak. 
  3. You may add a whipped cream on it (As for what I made, I didn't add whipped cream)
  4. Garnish it with chocolate syrup or chocolate powder.
You are now all set if another cafe recipe. Also, you didn't waste money in creating a new drink and if you feel like wanting to re-create this kind of drink, I encourage you to do so.It helps you save money after all and makes you awake all day to day long - 24 hours awake? 

I hope you are enjoying our cafe series and please do watch the following videos that we have on my channel. 

Ratings: 5/5 Stars 

Cafe Series: How to make a Dalgona Coffee


How to make Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee has become a sensation in Tiktok and that's all because of Korean Actor Jung Il-Woo, who named this particular drink Dalgona. Dalgona in Korea is a coffee taste candy and when he drank this particular beverage that was served to him in one of his engagements. Boom! It became a huge hit not only in Korea but it has become a sensational drink for everyone, most especially those who are into K-drama and K-pop. For the past few months, it has reached thousands of different versions of Dalgona and Millions of views worldwide. I couldn't help myself thinking about it on how I could make one and it was definitely easy but you must have the patience to do so. As per recommended by Actor Jung Il-Woo, the best way to get the recipe is through manual - referring to a 20-30minutes hand whisking to get the exact consistency that one may have aimed for.

How to make Dalgona Coffee

How to make a Dalgona Coffee

************ GET THIS RECIPE ************

▶ Nescafe Gold → ▶ Ice Cube mold → ▶ Mixing Bowl → ▶ Electric Egg Beater → ▶ Electric Machine → ▶ Soy Milk → ▶ Milo Powder →


  • 2 tbsp of Coffee (either black coffee or 3 in 1 coffee; it's up to you)
  • 2 tbsp of Sugar  (i prefer to use brown sugar or muscovado)
  • 2 tbsp of hot water 
  • 1 liter of milk (i preffer soya milk or almond milk)

Tools you need

  • 1 medium-size bowl
  • 1 stainless fork or a small egg beater
  • 1 ice cube molder (if you are still about to make an ice cube)
  • 1 glass 

This is the instruction for making a Dalgona Coffee

  1. First is you have to prepare your tools to make it easier. Find a comfortable place where you plan to do it, Kitchen is your best place or Dining Area (when nobody is using)
  2. In your bowl, place 2 tbsp of Coffee, Sugar, and Hot water. Mix it well using your fork (if you don't have a small egg beater)
  3. Once you see that it has been mixed, start whisking for about 20-30 minutes and this time you have to do it a little bit faster (3x your normal speed). I would recommend you to ask for help in case you got tired to whisk it, as not to lose the consistency of your "foamy" Dalgona.
  4. Check from time to time in every 10 minutes, you'll see that the color changes as well it's consistency. You'll notice that the sugar has mixed well and color has become lighter and the texture has become smoother.
  5. Make sure that your whipped coffee will not fall off, it's like icing when you checked it when foamy, then set it aside.
  6. Get your Milk, Glass and Ice Cube. Fill your Glass with 3/4 Ice and Pour your Milk about 3/4 or more.
  7. On top of your Iced Milk, place the Whipped Coffee - Dalgona on top of it until it reaches its peak.
  8. Add some creativity, As for me, I liked it Garnished with Chocolate Powder to make me feel like I'm in a Cafe Shop.
Now you are all set! It is now ready to serve. I may not be a fan of Coffee but still, I tried it, I'm ready glad that I made it and also it was satisfying to drink as well as the process that I went to, just to create a coffee drink. I'm really glad that I was able to make it. I would recommend that you must do it manually. You can check our video on how we made our own version of Dalgona Coffee.

Recipe Rating: 5/5 Stars

Review: Crash Landing on You


Crash Landing on You

I honestly have limited myself in watching Korean drama's over the past few months, though I must admit that I would give in once in a while and one of those Korean dramas was Crash Landing on You. With all the promotions I saw on different social media from friends and Netflix, from Youtube relating to C.L.O.Y, I became curious and I was literally hooked from the very start and still got hooked, I literally have to write this post after a month as I don't want' to be biased on my review. 

A Unique Plotline between the lead stars

Their story talks about a man and a woman fell in love under unusual circumstances, wherein they meet in a "Force Majure", an act of God. They met when Yoon Se-Ri, a South Korean heiress got caught in a storm while paragliding and ended up in North Korea and found by Captain Ri Jeung-Hyuk while checking his outpost. It is forbidden to cross one's border and one may end up being dead as their country is separated by different political beliefs. Captain Ri decided to help Se-ri to get back to South Korea without the knowledge of his government and along the way, conflict arose between them.

Beautiful and Charismatic Actors playing their part.

Each character is relatable and they have given justice to their portrayals as the story progresses. I find their acting prowess mature and natural that made us fall in love (pro-protagonist) and hate (pro-antagonist) at the same time which gave justice to their character given the situation; their portrayal wasn't cheezy nor overly dramatic, though a lot of scenes made me cry because of RiRi Couple and Gu Seung Jun and Seo Dan's tragic love story.  Still, It is worth remembering that the supporting leads have given justice the portray both serious and funny character that adds depth the story.

Fashion Moments

One reason that I watch a Korean drama is a base on their fashion, and it didn't fail me. I love each clothing that they gathered and showcase in every scene. It's a high-end fashion and that you enjoy watching, a classic with a trend that fits well.

Trendy Interiors

For the interiors, each location and scene was well thought of. From their personalities and as well as their culture. What I enjoyed looking at was the interior design of Yoon Se-Ri's Apartment and Office. It's a brutalist interior design with a touch of warm and bold colors that makes the interiors add a character of its own. Also, there were a lot of indoor plants taht are easy to maintain and thus a representation of mindfulness towards the user itself. 

Cinematic Scenery

Cross-Cultural Tourism in both North Korea and South Korea, though the story was said to be romanticized. The point was well taken that despite in one country both are divided with different ways of how the government was being governed. North was represented in a Traditional, which was described by its researches and South was the representation of the modern world, similar to what we know now. Plus Switzerland, where everything had started to all of the story plots. This is where paragliding seems too beautiful and thrilling to try and a must-try adventure when visiting. 

Empowered Women

There are many empowered women in this story, which I also enjoyed. It's just perfect that this kind of story was to unfold on these women and I'll focus on 5 women that molds the characters of our 4 protagonists. Yoon Se-Ri is the lady boss whos successful on its own and made an empire even without the support of her family despite being born with a silver spoon. Her step-mother has the biggest factor in what made her become a woman of influence, that was because she, Yoon Se-Ri was the daughter of his husband's affair with Yoon Se-Ri's mother. The Step-Mother had a hard time dealing with this and trying to hold on to their family of five. Ri Jeong-Hyuk's mom is a wife to a Military mand and 2 male children in the Military with one child being dead. Her daily hardship was due to fear whether her loved-one will be back alive especially her living child. Seo Dan is the only daughter of a Hotel Mogul in North Korea and also, she is similar to Yoon Se-Ri, the difference is she had her family's support in anything she wanted. Her mother, a hotel owner is strong and does anything for her only child. 

The Family Background

The lead character's portrayal has to do about their upbringing and the experiences that they went through in both happiness and sadness, that gives their characters life on why the do what they do. In the Ri Family, their position in the Military - Government was put into emphasis when his eldest brother has to follow the footsteps of their Father, the Director-General in North Korea and Since he has an elder brother, he was able to pursue his passion of becoming a Pianist but after his brother's death, he had joined the military and this is how his antagonist, emphasize their family's reputation might be stained because of his ordeal in crossing the borders.

His Engagement with Seo Dan, who is a woman of his own due and has explored the world in her own comfort that's because she is a hotel heiress, born to a business family which allows her to pursue things on her passion in music without worrying who would be handling their businesses as she has a supportive family both coming from business and military-government. Unlike Yoon Se-Ri, She established herself in creating a company on her own without the help of her family despite coming from a Rich Family. She didn't have a family who would support and whom she could rely on as she was growing up and thus finding solace and fulfillment in her business. She has an estranged family, whom she has to keep fighting against in both business and in their personal lives, despite his father's effort to keep her and his family, wife and two sons together in one roof. It can't be denied that she grew up unloved by her stepmother and two brothers.

Gu Seung-Jun, whom Se-Ri was once engaged too, told his story that he has to live and survive because he has no family and he has been in streets wanting to have a better life and despite his best efforts, he ends up being a con-man for him to live.

Supportive Friends and Loyal Comrade

In Captain Ri's Circle, they form like a boyband, whom we could relate too. The baby of the group, the Boy-Next-Door, the K-Pop Fan (Kim Joo-Mook), The Atribida Friend (Pyo Chi-Soo) and Yoon Se-Ri had loyal employees that she could count on. 

Up to this time, I couldn't still get over with it and I am just not allowing myself to watch another second round of this movie as it will make me cry once more. Overall I rate this Drama 5 Stars. This is definitely a Korena Drama that people should watch, Crash Landing on You is a time worthy and definitely, you will fall in love, their romance it's very realistic and mature enough that all ages would love to watch.  You can catch the drama on Netflix and Binge watch it. 

Watsons App - Your Online Companion


There is no other time that we stayed home longer than usual, it's a 24/7 Rule that we follow our government and as an individual to keep safe and be healthy as we all fight against coronavirus in one different way. We are all given all the precautionary measures and a constant reminder as we deal with this pandemic. Since the national government announced to have a community quarantine up to declaring an enhanced quarantine period it doesn't give us the assurance of sustaining our daily needs at home. We are in the fourth week since the community quarantine and on the second week of the enhanced quarantine, our daily needs and stocks have to be re-filled in the coming days. There are selected areas that are open to cater to our needs but still, the fear of going out and getting infected is there.  

The Solution for some business is to go e-commerce and one of those businesses is Watsons

Watsons, as we should know, is the largest health care and beauty and beauty care chain in Asia. It operates over 7,200 stores in 1,500 pharmacies all over Asia including the Philippines. It all started in 1845 by Dr. Thomas Boswell Watsons and in his beginnings as a private practitioner, it has become a conglomerate, passed from one generation to the other. For more than 100 years in the business, they have developed and innovated alongside the needs of the consumers and understand its market. 

Watsons can be found in Lazada, an online shopping store and even before COVID they already have launched their e-commerce website. In Lazada they only offer selected items on the shop and if you want to see the full range of Watsons product you should visit their website, and this also works with their Watsons App.

As the world is fighting against the virus, Technology has become our very best friend, to communicate, to learn and to understand and be updated on the developments. The need for us to reach out. 

Few clicks at your Fingertips by using Watsons App

Watsons App | Influencer MarketingWatsons App | Influencer Marketing   Watsons App | Influencer Marketing
Photos posted in my Instagram Account

Watson's App is here to the rescue at the click of our fingertips we are able to buy the daily essentials that we need without going out of our home. It's fast and reliable, there is no need for us to worry when purchasing.  I'm sure a lot of us had gone and went to Watsons from our to-go malls or shopping stores and I do purchase most of my health and beauty needs as well. Wherever you are and wherever part of the house you will be. You can definitely it out.

All you have to do is search and download the Watsons App from your Apple Phone (IOS) and/or Google Play (Android). Register and once you register its easy to search and click the items of your choosing and you'll have it delivered right at your doorstep. Just like any other e-commerce website and application, Watsons app is easy to use with a one-time registration and unlimited purchase that you can do. 

Be Safe, Keep Safe and Be healthy. Have a healthy lifestyle in your home while you wait for your orders. Download the Watsons App now! 

Note: This collaboration is intended for Instagram under Pop Star Influencer.

5 things we can do on a lockdown

5 things you can do during a lockdown

Around the end of January 2020, Philippines has been hearing news about the spread of Coran Virus - COVID 19 and since then it has grown dramatically and our government made the best decision to lock down the entire country to keep safe its people. In a span of weeks, the business has begun to change, It affected my business directly as most of my clients are from abroad. I wouldn't deny that it has been a rough ride but still fortunate as we are all safe and as a citizen, we have to make our own best efforts to do what we must do.

Around March as we begin to start the construction it went full stopped in a snap, I have to do to what I needed to do the calls and visit that I have to make but those are no longer of our control but of the governments and to ensure our health and future. All of us are fighting against this Virus that no man can handle where our faiths are tested and our logical mind to keep things at bay till we can still control. 3 weeks since the announcement of the Community Quarantine and almost a week since the Enhanced Quarantine. I was in full work mode but feel a lot has been taken and slowly, I discovered a few things that I could do and so you can.

5 things you can do during a lockdown

5 things you can do during a lockdown

Clean the house and help chores

I was beginning to get bored and felt unproductive at the beginning of Enhanced Community Quarantine. I ended up cleaning our kitchen for like 3 straight days, I can't help but I was just energized to clean and do those stuff and aside from our kitchen I got to clean my room as well. To our surprise there are many treasures you'll find and "trash" you can toss. It's like updating our wardrobe but not be able to buy new stuff as of the moment. Things we kept that are no longer valuable and are ready to be recycled. 

Time to read those stack of books and e-books

Anyone who knows me that I can read a book in 1 sitting and I got number of books that have been piled up plus the ones I bought online an E-book. This helps just to get productive by learning new stuff from the books we read. One book at a time or two. Include a prayer book every morning.

Re-kindle your old hobbies

As a young kid, I was exposed to do a lot of things, enjoy simple pleasures and always exploring my creative side, Though I love outdoor activities, I enjoy doing indoors as well such as doing puzzles or drawings. Over the years, I have thought I have forgotten those basic things that I used to wherefrom one creative medium to the other until I got used to working with computers. Recently, I tried my luck to draw portraits and for a person that is rusty to draw, I felt it was an achievement. It wasn't that bad after all. I just lacked practice and other indoor activities that we can still do, call me old soul but writing poems can other creative activity can be done and dancing hip hop once again despite my heavyweight is hitting up on me. Old hobbies are just as fun as it is being done. 

Homework Out

Who says you can't do home work out? There are saying that you when you like to achieve something you only need 1 reason to go for it and 100 more excuses so you won't do it. this has hit me up and since then I tried doing homework out little by little until from 10 minutes to an hour just to keep myself productive. Imagine all you got to do is eat, sit and sleep, what's gonna happen is you'll gain much weight that you used to. 

Explore whatever crosses your mind.

Make sure that is for a good cause. Not all things we think are good and not all goodwill makes it better. So, I encourage you to do what you think you have been wanting to do that you have been telling yourself that you can't. This is the time that you have been waiting for. To have a peace of mind and do snuggle around and to get that Eureka "Aha" moment that you have been dreaming on.  Let me share with you these things that have been crossing my mind aside from those 4 things that I have already been doing.

Here's another 5 things that I am exploring

      1. Learning the Lazada Adsense which I am still struggling
      2. Making videos and make my account grow
      3. Review new plans that I have been working on and considering all the help that I need
      4. Finding a better purpose of my life
      5. Going crazy good stuff here and there.

Now is the time that we can do other productive stuff and this is time that we can be a good citizen, a good child to our parents and a time to be good to ourselves. If you have been exhausted and felt alone then let this time be the time to find your peace and let the worries go temporarily. Think of this as a pro-bono or an extension of what our daily life has been. Ther are things that are beyond our control and things we can still control and make a good decision on this. We can support and fight this virus and let us help and cooperate right now. With all the turmoils going on we need to heal ourselves and for the rest. Our mind is strong and lets us our faith be strong. Let's make peace with ourselves and remain to stick with our goals. Keep safe everyone!

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