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What's in our food in Island Seafood Grill?


One of the things that I share a lot with my family is the love of food. We enjoy eating out as much time as we could have and though we don't eat every day outside the house or a fancy place we make time to bond with each other.

Marc has stayed in the United States for more than a decade perhaps and from time to time he comes to Cebu for a quick vacation and those are the times that we get to explore new places as well and indulge ourselves with a sumptuous meal. Filipino food has always been his favorite because he can't have the exact taste or feeling when he comes home to the USA. The taste would be different nor the familiarity and eating with family.

We went for a quick lunch before going to our next destination and Since Marc requested Filipino food, which my head is wondering which to go. I'm not a fan of Filipino food when eating out, I like to explore new dishes though it may not be authentic as most fine-dining to indulge in a new cuisine.

Upon passing along the long stretch of Sky Park area, good thing we found Island Seaside Grill. I have tried their food back then with my peers and we had an excellent experience of the boodle fight dining. I spoke to Marc about it and he happily would want to try since he hasn't experienced it after a long period of time. 

Let's eat the Filipino way by using our bare hands.

As the eldest of the three cousins, and a foodie by heart. Marc asks for recommendations asking what restaurant or food place to go and settled in Island Seafood grill. Choose a Magellan (if memory serves me right) and there we had a feast in our eyes and stomach with butterflies.

There is calamari (fried squid), a crab, fried fish, green mango, milkfish, eggplant, seaweed, roasted chicken, hanging shrimp and squid and even fruits.

We were even impressed by how they prepared the food and how enticing it is to dine that if you do have the option not to eat, I think it would happen but No! because we were famished at that time and we have to do Mukbang, that only Lorenz and I could relate to the slang word.  The food we ordered is good for 3-4 persons and has 2 boys with me, I would have ordered a good for 6 people but we didn't. The food was well done and every bite was worth eating. It was fresh and sumptuous as we finished our food to the last grain.

Before we had our lunch, our phone was top of every angle, and that the ever-camera-shy, Marc happily posed for a photo with his quirky and sweet side which only his close family and friends know of.

The obligatory photo that I would not try to miss and our dessert was fried ice cream. The boys aren't a fan of sweets but I do. The ice cream itself is delicious and the serving was good based on the price they offered. I may not be a fan of Filipino food but I do like how the cooking and serving were made. I'd be coming back and even recommend the place.



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