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Get this look: Hacking Yoon Se-Ri's Brutalist Interior Design


Yoon Se-Ri Living Room of Crash Landing on You

Who would have forgotten to see these trendy interiors which we saw on Netflix? Yes. That is right, you would be able to identify that this room apartment belongs to Yoon Se-Ri, Actress Son Ye-Jin's character in the Korean tv drama hit, Crash Landing on You (C.L.OY.).

Yoon Se-Ri is an independent woman and runs a fashion line with a global market. Her Success in her Career is what defines her and it is measured found on the things that she enjoys. Her personality reflects in her choice of interiors. Bold, Warm, Trendy, and Streamlined.

Yoon Se-Ri Living Room of Crash Landing on You

The Brutalism of Interiors has begun in the late 1940s that started in Le Corbusier's housing project in France.  The use of raw materials with strong geometric forms came from the Brut Architecture design and this architectural style found a way towards the development in design which includes interior design, product design, and fashion design. As the evolution continues in today's interior design concepts, the style was brought back to life and its fundamental elements were the use of rougher texture, bold geometric patterns,  raw material finishes, and neutral tones. The Brutalist style is an obnoxious reminder that being unique and seems obtrusive design can find a way in breaking the norm of design and finding its balance to fit within the lifestyle of the end-user.

Yoon Se-Ri Living Room of Crash Landing on You

This design is somehow a new version of a Scandinavian and mid-century design combined together that is very ambitious and challenging to cater to. Finding the right balance and mixture would come a long way.

Here's a simple hack to get closer to Yoon Se-Ri's Apartment.

Yoon Se-Ri Living Room of Crash Landing on You

Let's take a look at Yoon Se-Ri's living room. Her ceiling as a striking feature of Brutalist Interior though it may have taken it from a Scandinavian Geometric Pattern. This type of ceiling is custom-built for the interiors and is achievable when done right. It can be an added expense to get this type of ceiling feature. However, there is an easy way to have a similar inspiration.

6 things you need to achieve in Yoon Se-Ri's living room.

  1. Geoetric Light. You can find this type of pendant anywhere and if you want to have good looking light. 
  2. Sofa. Get yourself a comfortable grey sofa and if you want to have a striking color for your sofa, use a seat cover that would complement your throw pillows. 
  3. Throw Pillows. Use a warm tone colorful throw pillow. A combination of bold patterns and solid color would do the trick.
  4. Side Table. You can use an ordinary coffee table and make a statement art using its legs or table top.
  5. Center Table - An Acrylic Finish or Glass Top Coffee Table would make it modern and expand the look of your living area
  6. Carpet - Purchase a carpet that is wide enough to cater to your seating arrangement. It gives us a feel of unassuming patterns. 
There you have those 6 items you need to have that Crash Landing on You's Yoon Se-Ri's Living Room look. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by on this blog. Your presence here truly means a lot. If you want to do the decorating activity and get that Crash Landing on your Vibe. Tag me in any of your social media accounts.

PS. Want to have a closer look and a professional interior designer to do the task for you? Please contact me directly. Choose the right professionals to do your interiors. 

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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to achieve an Open Plan Living Area in Modern Mission Style Home

  • Start by having a Rough Sketch Floor Plan of your Living Area including those that are around it indicate the dimension on all sides and include your Ceiling Height.

Here is a guide on how to take your measurements

  • Create a Folder where you have 3-5 Images of your ideal Living Area. In this way, you are able to communicate your ideas to your virtual interior designer to create your desired living area.

  • Select a Color Palette of your choice in Cool Colors that use Blue Accents and A lot of Brown Hues in the house using Pantone Colors or Benjamine Moore Paints. Blue is the main color except for this house which represents her dominant masculine character and that she is surrounded by mostly men in her life with a touch of warm feminine colors such as pinks, yellows, and oranges.

Check our Pinterest Moodboards to get Inspired

  • If you are planning to use an existing Flooring Material, Match it with your color palette and if you are planning to replace your flooring materials, It is best that you use Laminated Flooring or Wood Plank in Light to Medium Tone Brown this will make the overall look of your Kitchen.

  • Maximize using the walls at their optimum use to display a lot of items and achievement trophies, family memorabilia. Keep things wireless-free at all costs to maintain a clean. 

Here are some unique handmade doorknobs I found that you'll love:
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  • The Most important in Achieving the Living Room is to select the right piece of furniture in your home. Having the Right Space Planning should be the top priority before any renovations or upgrades are done. So your items would fit perfectly well. As you furnish your home.

Here are some unique handmade doorknobs I found that you'll love:
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  • Hire a Kitchen Designer to help you visualize your Space before you contact any Cabinet Maker who can do the Cabinetry Works for you. Where you would see the overall look of the Kitchen before it will be quoted to your preferred Kitchen Cabinet Maker. You can either hire them for Visualization or include Technical or Working Drawings or Kitchen Elevations Designs for your Kitchen.

Here's how we can help you visualize your kitchen

  • Hire a Kitchen Cabinet Maker who is familiar with creating this kind of design as you would like to avoid costly mistakes during the process and after the kitchen had been installed.

Designer Tip: Check out their Workshop or Showroom to ensure that you know what you are expecting.

Check out Lily Ann Kitchen Cabinets, it fits perfectly to Susan Mayer's Desired look. See the photo on our Top Most Page, That's her work.

  • It has also to be clear to the maker how you wanted the finish or the outcome of the kitchen would look. Either you wanted it Spray Painted (Laquered Paint Finish) to Achieve the Desired White Kitchen Design Look in Plain Paint to Look more Modern Look or a Distressed Finish to Look Shabby and Chic. There are various ways to achieve this look

Designer Tip: Ask for 2 Paint Samples on each look, design, or even color and sign which one you selected in this way you have a reference to what you will be expecting as a color.

  • Choose a Countert Top the best suited for you, as for Susan Mayer's Kitchen used a Butcher Block Type of Wood for her countertop. As an Interior Designer - I would recommend you use Quartz or Solid Surface Countertop for your kitchen as it has an Anti-bacterial Capacity and also the longevity of the product. Read  - The Best Countertop to Use. 

  • Choose a Backsplash in White Subway Tile Design. There are different patterns you can use from Staked to Key Style or in Chevron. The Choice is yours. 

  • Kitchen Upgrades you will be needing. There are many kitchen accessories and mechanisms that can make your kitchen fit your current lifestyle and also make your life easier. Each varies based on cabinet sizes. 

Here are essential checklists you needed for your Living Area essentials and accessories that you might find useful.

Editors Note: This was originally posted last September 12, 2016. This article has been updated for the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the topic. 



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