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Crash Landing on You

I honestly have limited myself in watching Korean drama's over the past few months, though I must admit that I would give in once in a while and one of those Korean dramas was Crash Landing on You. With all the promotions I saw on different social media from friends and Netflix, from Youtube relating to C.L.O.Y, I became curious and I was literally hooked from the very start and still got hooked, I literally have to write this post after a month as I don't want' to be biased on my review. 

A Unique Plotline between the lead stars

Their story talks about a man and a woman fell in love under unusual circumstances, wherein they meet in a "Force Majure", an act of God. They met when Yoon Se-Ri, a South Korean heiress got caught in a storm while paragliding and ended up in North Korea and found by Captain Ri Jeung-Hyuk while checking his outpost. It is forbidden to cross one's border and one may end up being dead as their country is separated by different political beliefs. Captain Ri decided to help Se-ri to get back to South Korea without the knowledge of his government and along the way, conflict arose between them.

Beautiful and Charismatic Actors playing their part.

Each character is relatable and they have given justice to their portrayals as the story progresses. I find their acting prowess mature and natural that made us fall in love (pro-protagonist) and hate (pro-antagonist) at the same time which gave justice to their character given the situation; their portrayal wasn't cheezy nor overly dramatic, though a lot of scenes made me cry because of RiRi Couple and Gu Seung Jun and Seo Dan's tragic love story.  Still, It is worth remembering that the supporting leads have given justice the portray both serious and funny character that adds depth the story.

Fashion Moments

One reason that I watch a Korean drama is a base on their fashion, and it didn't fail me. I love each clothing that they gathered and showcase in every scene. It's a high-end fashion and that you enjoy watching, a classic with a trend that fits well.

Trendy Interiors

For the interiors, each location and scene was well thought of. From their personalities and as well as their culture. What I enjoyed looking at was the interior design of Yoon Se-Ri's Apartment and Office. It's a brutalist interior design with a touch of warm and bold colors that makes the interiors add a character of its own. Also, there were a lot of indoor plants taht are easy to maintain and thus a representation of mindfulness towards the user itself. 

Cinematic Scenery

Cross-Cultural Tourism in both North Korea and South Korea, though the story was said to be romanticized. The point was well taken that despite in one country both are divided with different ways of how the government was being governed. North was represented in a Traditional, which was described by its researches and South was the representation of the modern world, similar to what we know now. Plus Switzerland, where everything had started to all of the story plots. This is where paragliding seems too beautiful and thrilling to try and a must-try adventure when visiting. 

Empowered Women

There are many empowered women in this story, which I also enjoyed. It's just perfect that this kind of story was to unfold on these women and I'll focus on 5 women that molds the characters of our 4 protagonists. Yoon Se-Ri is the lady boss whos successful on its own and made an empire even without the support of her family despite being born with a silver spoon. Her step-mother has the biggest factor in what made her become a woman of influence, that was because she, Yoon Se-Ri was the daughter of his husband's affair with Yoon Se-Ri's mother. The Step-Mother had a hard time dealing with this and trying to hold on to their family of five. Ri Jeong-Hyuk's mom is a wife to a Military mand and 2 male children in the Military with one child being dead. Her daily hardship was due to fear whether her loved-one will be back alive especially her living child. Seo Dan is the only daughter of a Hotel Mogul in North Korea and also, she is similar to Yoon Se-Ri, the difference is she had her family's support in anything she wanted. Her mother, a hotel owner is strong and does anything for her only child. 

The Family Background

The lead character's portrayal has to do about their upbringing and the experiences that they went through in both happiness and sadness, that gives their characters life on why the do what they do. In the Ri Family, their position in the Military - Government was put into emphasis when his eldest brother has to follow the footsteps of their Father, the Director-General in North Korea and Since he has an elder brother, he was able to pursue his passion of becoming a Pianist but after his brother's death, he had joined the military and this is how his antagonist, emphasize their family's reputation might be stained because of his ordeal in crossing the borders.

His Engagement with Seo Dan, who is a woman of his own due and has explored the world in her own comfort that's because she is a hotel heiress, born to a business family which allows her to pursue things on her passion in music without worrying who would be handling their businesses as she has a supportive family both coming from business and military-government. Unlike Yoon Se-Ri, She established herself in creating a company on her own without the help of her family despite coming from a Rich Family. She didn't have a family who would support and whom she could rely on as she was growing up and thus finding solace and fulfillment in her business. She has an estranged family, whom she has to keep fighting against in both business and in their personal lives, despite his father's effort to keep her and his family, wife and two sons together in one roof. It can't be denied that she grew up unloved by her stepmother and two brothers.

Gu Seung-Jun, whom Se-Ri was once engaged too, told his story that he has to live and survive because he has no family and he has been in streets wanting to have a better life and despite his best efforts, he ends up being a con-man for him to live.

Supportive Friends and Loyal Comrade

In Captain Ri's Circle, they form like a boyband, whom we could relate too. The baby of the group, the Boy-Next-Door, the K-Pop Fan (Kim Joo-Mook), The Atribida Friend (Pyo Chi-Soo) and Yoon Se-Ri had loyal employees that she could count on. 

Up to this time, I couldn't still get over with it and I am just not allowing myself to watch another second round of this movie as it will make me cry once more. Overall I rate this Drama 5 Stars. This is definitely a Korena Drama that people should watch, Crash Landing on You is a time worthy and definitely, you will fall in love, their romance it's very realistic and mature enough that all ages would love to watch.  You can catch the drama on Netflix and Binge watch it. 

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