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5 Things to do this summer when you're the boss


5 Things to do this summer when you're the boss

11 years ago, I started working work a food chain and at that time I just wanted to have an experience and maybe I thought why can't I have a job in summer now that I'm 18. A lot of those things may have influenced me from watching movies that American girls are working on in summer and that may have given an impact on me. Fast forward 11 years after, I have my own design interior design studio and I am enjoying everything that comes with it as I learned a lot of things daily.

Sometimes, I thought about why I choose this path, no summer and lost many important and just wanting to be there occasion and for almost two years since I choose this journey, things are getting smoother on how I could have handled things and as an entrepreneur, I still have this thing inside me, why can't I have a vacation this summer? But No, it boils down to my priorities and Summer is no exception to enjoy.  There are 5 Things to do this summer when you're the boss.

1. Go on a Vacation.

We all need to unwind from time to time and to be our best version of ourselves. What I mean by planning a trip is to have the alone time of oneself. You owe this to yourself and traveling alone gives you a lot of insight without the voices of people surrounding you.

2. Learn something new

At least once in a while, we have a bucket list of million things to do this summer, and trying something in the local area or to the places we've visited won't even hurt. If you feel like doing an extreme sport, how about bungee jumping or skydiving, and if you wanted to kind of a little less extreme why not go for an ATV or Canyoneering and you enjoy the safer zone, go camping and stargaze or maybe hiking.

3. Volunteer

Have you tried volunteering for a cause aside from being a requirement from school? I have not and I am also not referring to the monetary solution in volunteering but rather to give one's self credit of volunteering for a cause you believed of may believe. This activity gives a humbling experience on the things that we have forgotten to be grateful and you'll be surprised that these activities has come a long way to be part of the things to do this summer, after all, it needs to have a lot of courage to take part in these causes.

4. Relax and Whine it out

Being on a vacation mode, especially on a different country means to me learning a new culture and things that surround us at that particular moment and often times we are too excited that relaxing has been overlooked. Having a vacation may be relaxing but there's a difference when you just want to relax, sit and chill no nothing all day at one place rather than moving from one place to the other. There are times I find myself lost in my own room relaxing with all the Netflix and Chill kind of stuff and yet there I am going to a place with friends whom I share my sentiments that makes me feel good as I am able to whine out all my negative energies and start afresh. Giving me newer perspectives.

5. Get that paper and pen with a pint of ice cream

Does anyone, want to have a pint of ice cream? I want. I'm Guilty of this having ice cream just as aI please and having a paper and pen with me helps me jot down the things I just wanted to do, have thought about and just random thoughts, It has become a pleasure for me to have it all at once wherever I go to have a paper and pen. A lot of things and ideas are seen on a paper and even the list of things I have listed to do this summer or things I have planned for summer and the other days. It's a live saver for and then I have my brain freeze for a moment and get recharged for new ideas flowing on to me.



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