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5 Gift Guide for Grandparents this Holyweek


5 Gift Guide for Grandparents this Holyweek

The holy week may not be the best time to travel and have fun. However, for some people living in the province or whose hometown is in the province, traditionally they come home to find solace in their hometown and relax for at least five days in a row to unwind, reflect and connect with their loved ones. Once in a while, my relatives come home to their hometown in Surigao del Sur including my mom to visit my grandmother, whom we fondly call "Nanay", a Filipino term for mother.

Since I rarely visit Surigao due to personal commitments,  I would make it up to a point that I have something to be brought there as my present and it is one thing that they, family members living in the province, look forward to and one person we look forward to seeing the most and be happy with our gifts is Nanay, and here are the things she enjoys in her slow-paced life. 5 Gift Guide for Grandparents this Holy Week.

5 gift ideas to choose from

1. Large TV

Looking back on my younger years, I have seen large TV in my grandparents' house and up to this day, it is still a must for one good reason my grandmother liked to watch TV drama in the afternoon and Primetime shows at night as to entertain themselves imagine living in the province and almost nothing to do which I couldn't imagine myself to stay longer than three days. The Large TV as I could recall is the heart of entertainment as this is where the karaoke and sing-along activities are always a thing in the province and they love to sing their hearts out with or without an occasion. 

2. A Karaoke Set or A Magic Sing

Though "Nanay" enjoys a digital network in a sing-along channel, A Karaoke or Magic Sing is still a must as there are songs that family members like to sing pouring their hearts out on it. Better wait until they got a bit tipsy over "Tuba", A Native fermented drink in the province.

3. Speakers

I recently had an entertainment speaker brought to the province and I am glad that "Nanay" and the rest of the family enjoyed it. As my uncle said, it is the best match for Karaoke which everyone will definitely enjoy the sound music. That was good to hear, and they now never let go of it as they enjoy listening to music when they're not singing from a compiled song during her time. 

4. A delicacy from your place 

Cebu is known for "Lechon", roasted pig and it's not only "Lechon" that we can be proud of there are plenty of things that can be brought and shared such as "Chicaron", a fried fat of the pork with skin and some likes the dried fish and if you're not a fan on these things then there is "Shamrock" a place where biscuits and other delicacies are brought in the province. They also enjoy a new taste once in a while. 

5. Guitar

Playing guitar is one of the most relaxing to do in the province where people gather and share stories outside of the house and meet new friends. Playing guitar became a hobby for most people in the province and plus they sing as well. "Nanay" enjoys acoustic music and at times I hear her hum with it when my uncles pay their strings.

Having all these 5 Gift Guides for our Grandparents are as easy as it is. We connect with them through music and we feel how they enjoyed being in the province with a life that is simple and traditional most time. 

5 Gift Guides for Grandparents



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