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Get this look: Hacking Yoon Se-Ri's Brutalist Interior Design


Yoon Se-Ri Living Room of Crash Landing on You

Who would have forgotten to see these trendy interiors which we saw on Netflix? Yes. That is right, you would be able to identify that this room apartment belongs to Yoon Se-Ri, Actress Son Ye-Jin's character in the Korean tv drama hit, Crash Landing on You (C.L.OY.).

Yoon Se-Ri is an independent woman and runs a fashion line with a global market. Her Success in her Career is what defines her and it is measured found on the things that she enjoys. Her personality reflects in her choice of interiors. Bold, Warm, Trendy, and Streamlined.

Yoon Se-Ri Living Room of Crash Landing on You

The Brutalism Interiors has begun in the late 1940s that started in Le Corbusier's housing project in France.  The use of raw materials with strong geometric forms came from the Brut Architecture design and this architectural style had found a way towards the development in design which includes interior design, product design, and fashion design. As the evolution continues in today's interior design concepts, the style was brought back to life and its fundamental elements were the use of rougher texture, bold geometric patterns,  raw material finishes, and neutral tones. The Brutalist style is an obnoxious reminder that being unique and seems obtrusive design can find a way in breaking the norm of design and finding its balance to fit within the lifestyle of the end-user.

Yoon Se-Ri Living Room of Crash Landing on You

This design is somehow a new version of a Scandinavian and mid-century design combined together that is very ambitious and challenging to cater to. Finding the right balance and mixture would come a long way.

Here's a simple hack to get closer to Yoon Se-Ri's Apartment.

Yoon Se-Ri Living Room of Crash Landing on You

Let's take a look at Yoon Se-Ri's living room. Her ceiling as a striking feature of Brutalist Interior though it may have taken it from a Scandinavian Geometric Pattern. This type of ceiling is custom-built for the interiors and is achievable when done right. It can be an added expense to get this type of ceiling feature. However, there is an easy way to have a similar inspiration.

6 things you need to achieve in Yoon Se-Ri's living room.

  1. Geoetric Light. You can find this type of pendant anywhere and if you want to have good looking light. 
  2. Sofa. Get yourself a comfortable grey sofa and if you want to have a striking color for your sofa, use a seat cover that would complement your throw pillows. 
  3. Throw Pillows. Use a warm tone colorful throw pillow. A combination of bold patterns and solid color would do the trick.
  4. Side Table. You can use an ordinary coffee table and make a statement art using its legs or table top.
  5. Center Table - An Acrylic Finish or Glass Top Coffee Table would make it modern and expand the look of your living area
  6. Carpet - Purchase a carpet that is wide enough to cater to your seating arrangement. It gives us a feel of unassuming patterns. 
There you have those 6 items you need to have that Crash Landing on You's Yoon Se-Ri's Living Room look. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by on this blog. Your presence here truly means a lot. If you want to do the decorating activity and get that Crash Landing on your Vibe. Tag me in any of your social media accounts.

PS. Want to have a closer look and a professional interior designer to do the task for you? Please contact me directly. Choose the right professionals to do your interiors. 

Uncle Balbas Tea Shop: A Scandinavian Interior Design


It was another day for me when I received a call from Ana, she has this sweet voice and I could also tell that she was a foreigner asking for us to meet with her in a week's time. We scheduled and met for the first time on-site together with the contractor at that time. 

She was of Taiwanese nationality with Chinese business partners as well. She is younger than me and her partners and I were of the same age group. We discussed what they intend to see and what their plans for the shop which I took all the notes of it for our proposal for the following week including their deadline. By the time we had proposed, we immediately hit off on starting the project. All revisions were done while demolishing just to meet the required deadline.

What's good about them is that they come prepared on the look that they wanted to achieve and since they kept reminding me that the space must be something that people would remember.
  1. Scandinavian with full of white
  2. To add a brick wall
  3. Utilize a space for their kitchen and their workspace area
  4. Instagrammable in all areas that the customer can see

This is the focal point of the Uncle Balbas Tea Shop. In this area, this has become the immediate visual that a customer would see. A mural work and a man-made brick wall with a grass wall and muhuka floor tiles. Since we could not take out the concrete platform was originally planned, we made sure that this will become the focal point and lounging space for people who wanted to gather around and have fun.

The owners wanted an instagrammable area wherein they wanted everything is occupied without being far from one's theme. All sides of the wall have become a wall accentuated with a cohesive design applying different textures and elements. The main dining or cafe area became an immediate separate entity that I choose to have a 3D wall in a chevron design matching the colors of the furniture and have the wall that would carry on the design theme.

The look of the counter where the transaction happens has a pendant light that adds a touch of the cafe, fronting the dining are, Still matched with the furniture itself. Behind it are the equipment for the tea which makes their work a lot easier.

A Wall sticker was applied to both walls to pair with the striking solid materials as seen on the other side of the wall. Make sure that there is no blank wall still making sure that it is still instagrammable. It was supposed to have a mural but we have to utilize the space of making use of all stickers which came in very handy and getting the results. Glad that liked the results.

30 Things I have learned before turning 30


Whenever I hear the age 30, Often times I get scared of it back when I was in my 20s and that was a decade ago. I had such a wonderful plan targeting each year I get older and since I am and raised in a Filipino Culture, we had this connotation that I have to get married by the age of 25 and raise kids or I'll be left out. I feared being left out in any way possible that I could imagine at the back of my mind. But here's the thing, As those years passed you got to embrace that things are different than the way it was before and embracing it brought a lot of joy and tears along. 

A month ago, I have celebrated my 30th birthday. A literal Single - No child, No husband nor a partner. Before I was hitting my age, I was going through a lot of feelings and it has been dragging me for some time. I was scared. Things like these have brought me to my alone time, A time for me to reflect on the past decade every now and then.

  1. Be specific. No one is born in mediocrity. Our parents have taught us how to reach for the stars and that star is within us. You gotta be the best that you can be and be specific about what you think you deserve. No one deserves less than what they think. 
  2. Write down your goal. Writing your goals will help you achieve them. It gives you clarity on the end result that you wanted. Add a date on when you want to achieve it. It worked well with me and it should work with you too. 
  3. You're one decision away from your goal. In my previous post, I mentioned how many times I flanked in my college years but I didn't regret it because it taught me valuable things that only experiences would allow me to. I was supposed to graduate in 2011 and took me 3 years to accomplish it by the time I decided to graduate in 2014. All things were all worth it and the following year I had my license in 2015. My wrong turns gave me life lessons and it's something that I would cherish, up to now, I still stumble and make wrong terms but this time I know it's a lesson for me to take.
  4. Create a life that you deserve. We have our own dreams and we want things to happen when we reach them we should never forget the things that brought us to that wonderful journey. 
  5. Never let your talent go to waste. Everyone is unique, we got talents that we acquired through practice and there are talents that are innate, don't put these talents in jeopardy. Do well and share it whenever you can.
  6. Learn how to forgive yourself and those who never asked for it. It's being at peace with yourself from the mistakes and regrets you felt over the past years and forgiving yourself and the people who have hurt you and move-on and seeing the beauty of life and the wonders of it.
  7. Give Back. My mom would often encourage me to give back and though I agree with her, Every year we always make it to a point to donate to an institution without having our names labeled. For me, A true giver is not to have your name written on the donation envelope. 
  8.  Stand up for yourself. One of the biggest regrets is that we prolong the longevity of people taking advantage of us. We help the neediness of people who we try to accommodate and yet we felt left out because we felt unworthy. It has to start by saying NO without an explanation.
  9. You are your own happiness. We don't share the same journey and as individuals, we experience different things and handle different things the way we perceive them. The opinion of other people is not something we should dwell on.
  10. Write your reflection. Up to this day, I keep a diary where I express thoughts and experiences, good or bad. it gives me a reflection on the things I could do better and I think we all need that. In this social media and materialistic world, we focused our energy on temporary things that we forgot how to live on what is important.
  11. Write those Baddass breathtaking lists. Write the things that you have been wanting to do but fear gets in the way. I tried a few things but sometimes it takes a little more push to do those things again. How about Bungee jumping, Canyoneering, Skydiving, and the list goes on. Enjoy things that make you happy and try things you want to explore. It's no wonder how many trials and errors I have gone through. From writing this blog, baking, and selling cakes at bazaars, and whatever my mind has set on. I would try to explore and follow the trend and see whether I'd like to continue it in the long haul. 
  12. Get that haircut. Every woman needs a haircut, but a haircut isn't just what you feel like maintaining it for a trim. It means a more powerful message that you want something new and a bolder risk you want to take for yourself.
  13. Breaking up with friends. It's normal to break up with friends with whom you no longer see eye to eye, but it doesn't say that either one of you is a bad friend. It only means that many life events between you are no longer aligned and you are growing apart but then you'll always be friends despite those shifts of priorities.
  14. Self Care. Every day is a Self-Care day, we need to relax and enjoy a quiet time in our own space may it be a home or just a place where we feel relaxed. Enjoy the things you love and be able to nurture your inner peace. We must also never forget that our health is our wealth, We spend too much on our careers and other extra-curricular activities and have forgotten the basic core of life is to keep our bodies healthy. Health is our wealth and we should take care of this.  
  15. Make every day special. I enjoy quick meet-ups with friends, this kind of randomness makes me go away from my daily routine. Catching them up makes both our days special and when we are determined to make someone's day special, one could go the extra mile. 
  16. Reality is in the eyes of the beholder. 2 persons may be in the same spot but will never have the same thoughts and experiences. We just have to understand the other in order to see and understand the shoes that they are wearing.
  17. Life at the moment.  Social media helped us reach out to many people and sometimes because of too much exposure, we tend to forget that there is more to it. Instead, we should interact more and live in the moment with our families and friends. Social Media helps us get connected, so why not do Tiktok with Family when bored?
  18. Invest Small. I have been financially savvy back then all I thought about was the NOW. Young and Carefree, I was solving things that will solve my small goals until I realized as I grow older, some small things are of no value. It gave me temporary happiness - retail therapy. So when I decided to invest, I invested a small amount of 1,000 PHP ($20 - $25) per month and took me a while to get used to it. I still have this account as a reminder of me that I just have to start somewhere and learn things later. 
  19. Listen to your Intuition. How many times you have neglected your intuition? I did more than I used to but many times we should listen to it, it's like the angels and Gods telling us what we should be doing.
  20. Say it when you need to be heard. Often times we keep our thoughts and opinions to ourselves to avoid conflict with the other person. Our thoughts are powerful enough to get the point and constructing our thoughts into words without getting into conflict keeps us the way on how we point out our point of view and that's where a healthy conversation lasts.
  21. Leaving behind toxic people. I find it hard to say no to people and that makes me feel guilty. Only to realize that I was eating myself inside, it takes time and reflection before you can own yourself again allowing you to go through a process of loving yourself again. It takes one person out of the list until the next one and there you'll see another door opening brighter than before. Be careful with the snake's eyes. Not all people will love you and admire you. Not all in your circle are in your circle. These people are hardly seen as toxic and waiting for you to be their prey. 
  22. Never be afraid to ask for help. We were once a child who was helpless and when we feel stuck we asked for help and it doesn't matter how old we are. We just have to ask for help when we needed one and if they say No., there will be someone who would be happy to help you. 
  23. Acknowledge other people's strengths. We can't handle things on our own so we asked help from other people to do things for us and if we can't, there is another way to get that kind of help by hiring them. Focus on your strengths and what you feel like doing. 
  24. Life is full of surprises.  Don't take things seriously. You just have to laugh and enjoy the things that happened after some time in dealing with what had just happened. Things may go out of hand but it won't last long and oftentimes these little surprises made the most memories. 
  25. Gratitude makes our hearts full. Not all things go well according to our plans but these things might have happened to give us learning and exercise our little more patience and still be grateful that it happened.
  26. Travel Alone. I went to travel alone for the first time and it was a fulfilling journey. Through travel, you will be able to do things and explore things on your own. Traveling keeps you grounded and you'll learn about yourself.
  27. Explore and Enjoy things while young. Enjoy things that make you happy and try things you want to explore. It's no wonder how many trials and errors I have gone through. From writing this blog, baking, and selling cakes at bazaars, and whatever my mind has set on. I would try to explore and follow the trend and see whether I'd like to continue it in the long haul. 
  28. Celebrate your Milestones. Big or Small it has become a habit that I'll be celebrating with my family or with my friends. I'll bring food from a restaurant or a food place that we haven't tried and have a gathering every time I accomplished something good. With friends, it's either coffee or wine, and most importantly is spending time with the people with whom you'd love to share and are happy for your success.
  29. Make a Room for Spiritual Connection. I was once given a book by a friend, Didache, a small book similar to Our Daily Bread. I was in a black hole and out of the blue someone made me borrow this certain book and made me read aloud. I hated it and then from time to time we meet, it seems I grew fond of it and when Christmas came, I received a book with it coming from her. I started and still trying to have a spiritual connection since then and try to give this book to some of my friends, who knows that this little gesture would have a different effect on them. 
  30. Get out and be seen. Push yourself to the limits get out and be seen. It may be for your career, relationship or just being you. You stand out because you are unique in your own way.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned and it is not enough to list 30 of them. Turning 30 may be a scary thing and it puts a lot of pressure on you both in silence and on point. At the end of the day, it boils down to you and what you want to do next. I'm pretty sure that you've seen Crash Landing on you's Seo Dan's statement, "Single is the new trend.". Let's enjoy life and let the spark come in.

Behind-the-Scene: Uncle Balbas Tea Shop


Last September 2019, I received a call from Anna to meet up with her in her shop the following day, in which I was available then. Great! That within that week we have closed the contract and started the execution of the project as we move forward with the design and construction details of the project.

Premiere Design Interiors | Uncle Balbas Project

The place was bare and ruined, stagnant and leaking water was all over the place (where I got infected with dengue). Everything must be changed in order for the desired look that we both visualized. A Minimalist Scandinavian which the owners have envisioned with the following request: 

  1. White, must have a white place to feel relaxed and make the area big
  2. Instagrammable Walls
  3. Focal Point of  the Shop
  4. Function Space for the reception, kitchen, and storage
  5. Must accommodate around 20 people 

We were able to document two videos showcasing the update of what we did before we turned over the unit. We had such a wonderful time and we were glad that at the end the day we were able to successfully turn over the unit. However, We are able to capture some behind the scenes when we are just about to complete the project.

Premiere Design Interiors | Uncle Balbas Project

Premiere Design Interiors | Uncle Balbas Project

For days we more than a week in doing the murals and finishing touches, we end up having a graveyard shift and going home by 5:00am in the morning and be back by 10:00am for another day to complete the project.  Below is the last day we doing the Murals by Nicole Ases and Emmanuel.

Premiere Design Interiors | Uncle Balbas Project

Premiere Design Interiors | Uncle Balbas Project

While the signage was done by my good friend since college, Graphic Designer Bong Kho.

Premiere Design Interiors | Uncle Balbas Project

Here's another link on the day of my site visit. Click this link. 

What's in our food in Island Seafood Grill?


One of the things that I share a lot with my family is the love of food. We enjoy eating out as much time as we could have and though we don't eat every day outside the house or a fancy place we make time to bond with each other.

Marc has stayed in the United States for more than a decade perhaps and from time to time he comes to Cebu for a quick vacation and those are the times that we get to explore new places as well and indulge ourselves with a sumptuous meal. Filipino food has always been his favorite because he can't have the exact taste or feeling when he comes home to the USA. The taste would be different nor the familiarity and eating with family.

We went for a quick lunch before going to our next destination and Since Marc requested Filipino food, which my head is wondering which to go. I'm not a fan of Filipino food when eating out, I like to explore new dishes though it may not be authentic as most fine-dining to indulge in a new cuisine.

Upon passing along the long stretch of Sky Park area, good thing we found Island Seaside Grill. I have tried their food back then with my peers and we had an excellent experience of the boodle fight dining. I spoke to Marc about it and he happily would want to try since he hasn't experienced it after a long period of time. 

Let's eat the Filipino way by using our bare hands.

As the eldest of the three cousins, and a foodie by heart. Marc asks for recommendations asking what restaurant or food place to go and settled in Island Seafood grill. Choose a Magellan (if memory serves me right) and there we had a feast in our eyes and stomach with butterflies.

There is calamari (fried squid), a crab, fried fish, green mango, milkfish, eggplant, seaweed, roasted chicken, hanging shrimp and squid and even fruits.

We were even impressed by how they prepared the food and how enticing it is to dine that if you do have the option not to eat, I think it would happen but No! because we were famished at that time and we have to do Mukbang, that only Lorenz and I could relate to the slang word.  The food we ordered is good for 3-4 persons and has 2 boys with me, I would have ordered a good for 6 people but we didn't. The food was well done and every bite was worth eating. It was fresh and sumptuous as we finished our food to the last grain.

Before we had our lunch, our phone was top of every angle, and that the ever-camera-shy, Marc happily posed for a photo with his quirky and sweet side which only his close family and friends know of.

The obligatory photo that I would not try to miss and our dessert was fried ice cream. The boys aren't a fan of sweets but I do. The ice cream itself is delicious and the serving was good based on the price they offered. I may not be a fan of Filipino food but I do like how the cooking and serving were made. I'd be coming back and even recommend the place.

My Weekend Getaway: 10,000 Roses in Cordova


It was one sunny morning that I went to drive for my mom, it was nothing special on that day. AS we are just about to come home. I received a text message from my aunt on our whereabouts. There was an exchange of messages between my mom and my aunt. I thought it was a quick chat between the two when we arrived back at our house. A few moments later, we are setting ourselves to go for a ride going to Mountain View and we end up going to Cordova, Cebu to see the 10,000 Roses.

From afar, I thought of seeing such a forest-like flower farm, I was somehow disappointed that we all seemed don't want to push thru in going inside the place. There was a 20.00 pesos entrance fee though. Cheap but somehow I did lose my appetite in wanting to go in. My expectation was different though, I have seen beautiful photos of it. Still, My auntie pushed thru since we were all there.


We all did come and checked the place for a few hours. It was almost 2:00 pm when we did arrive there. It was sunny and windy at the same time. The place was an open ground more than 1,000+ square meters in concrete cement nearby the shoreline.  As you get closer, you'll see these artificial white flowers with turf grass beneath them that was about 3 feet in height.


As we begin to take photos, You'll see the beautiful view that takes away your breath. The sunkissed went well with our trip. The clear crispy sky was such beautiful to look at as each minute passes by.  I enjoyed taking photos of the scenery as much as I do portraits. They have an area for the couples which I guess was for last Valentine. Aside from that, they do accept Pre-Nuptial Photoshoots amounting to 10,000pesos.


At some point, as I walked around and enjoy the view, I thought of 3 places in my mind. The Hongkong View, a sort of Miami Vibe and San Francisco as I looked across the other islands. Even from afar, you'll see the development of a bridge that I think will be coming from Cebu to Cordova. Soon, the beauty of the other island will no longer be visible.


Once inside the place, you'll just fall in love with the serenity that it gives. It was just another chill day that you want to spend time on yourself or being away in a crowded place which I suggest that you have to be there early but once when 4 o'clock in the afternoon hits, even it has beautiful scenery and even wanting to see the sunset. The people began flocking in and have become more alive.


They got a cafe where you can relax, eat and drink with friends and family and feel wanting to be alone without scratching off your pocket then this must be your place.


Since it was still early, my ever-game mom would give in to the request of her nephew and niece, a "photoshoot". My mom does enjoy having her photos taken and even she feels good. She would be very happy to strike a pose. (If you happen to see my post in Oslob or even my video about it, you'll understand)


As we do have family time, Cole was just pinning on my mom to create a video about her, Single Lady looking for love. As always, she's game for this as long as her photo or video looks good.


Cole and Chanel striking a pose with Mom and the famous 10,000 Roses. Did you know that their mom and my mom has a striking similarities?!? My Aunt isn't a fan of having her photos taken. I'll just hope one day. I could get a good photo of them together.



We had a fun day during our weekend, somethings unplanned things can be pretty amusing. We are planning to have another chill weekend in Cebu. As the Covid-19, goes on offshore vacations will be postponed. This must be one way of saying, Explore Cebu.

5 Gift Guide for Grandparents this Holyweek

5 Gift Guide for Grandparents this Holyweek

The holy week may not be the best time to travel and have fun. However, for some people living in the province or whose hometown is in the province, traditionally they come home to find solace in their hometown and relax for at least five days in a row to unwind, reflect and connect with their loved ones. Once in a while, my relatives come home to their hometown in Surigao del Sur including my mom to visit my grandmother, whom we fondly call "Nanay", a Filipino term for mother.

Since I rarely visit Surigao due to personal commitments,  I would make it up to a point that I have something to be brought there as my present and it is one thing that they, family members living in the province, look forward to and one person we look forward to seeing the most and be happy with our gifts is Nanay, and here are the things she enjoys in her slow-paced life. 5 Gift Guide for Grandparents this Holy Week.

5 gift ideas to choose from

1. Large TV

Looking back in my younger years, I have seen large TV in my grandparents' house and up to this day, it is still a must for one good reason that my grandmother like is to watch TV drama in the afternoon and Primetime show at night as to entertain themselves imagine living in the province and almost nothing to do which I couldn't imagine myself to stay longer than three days. The Large TV as I could recall is the heart of entertainment as this is where the karaoke, sing-along activities are always a thing in the province and they love to sing their hearts out with or without an occasion. 

2. A Karaoke Set or A Magic Sing

Though "Nanay" enjoys a digital network in a sing-along channel, A Karaoke or Magic Sing is still a must as there are songs that family members like to sing pouring their heart out on it. Better wait until they got a bit tipsy over "Tuba", A Native fermented drink in the province.

3. Speakers

I recently had an entertainment speaker brought to the province and I am glad that "Nanay" and the rest of the family enjoyed it. As my uncle said, it is the best matched for Karaoke which everyone will definitely enjoy the sound music. That was good to hear, and they now never let go of it as they enjoy listening to music when they're not singing from a compiled song during her time. 

4. A delicacy from your place 

Cebu is known for "Lechon", roasted pig and it's not only "Lechon" that we can be proud of there are plenty of things that can be brought and shared such as "Chicaron", a fried fat of the pork with skin and some likes the dried fish and if you're not a fan on these things then there is "Shamrock" a place where biscuits and other delicacies are brought in the province. They also enjoy a new taste once in a while. 

5. Guitar

Playing guitar is one of the most relaxing to do in the province where people gather and share stories outside of the house and meet new friends. Playing guitar became a hobby for most people in the province and plus they sing as well. "Nanay" enjoys the acoustic music and at times I hear her hum with it when my uncles pay their strings.

Having all these 5 Gift Guides for our Grandparents are as easy as it is. We connect with them through music and we feel how they enjoyed being in the province with life that is simple and traditional most time. 

5 Gift Guides for Grandparents

5 Things to do this summer when you're the boss

5 Things to do this summer when you're the boss

11 years ago, I started working work a food chain and at that time I just wanted to have an experience and maybe I thought why can't I have a job in summer now that I'm 18. A lot of those things may have influenced me from watching movies that American girls are working on in summer and that may have given an impact on me. Fast forward 11 years after, I have my own design interior design studio and I am enjoying everything that comes with it as I learned a lot of things daily.

Sometimes, I thought about why I choose this path, no summer and lost many important and just wanting to be there occasion and for almost two years since I choose this journey, things are getting smoother on how I could have handled things and as an entrepreneur, I still have this thing inside me, why can't I have a vacation this summer? But No, it boils down to my priorities and Summer is no exception to enjoy.  There are 5 Things to do this summer when you're the boss.

1. Go on a Vacation.

We all need to unwind from time to time and to be our best version of ourselves. What I mean by planning a trip is to have the alone time of oneself. You owe this to yourself and traveling alone gives you a lot of insight without the voices of people surrounding you.

2. Learn something new

At least once in a while, we have a bucket list of million things to do this summer, and trying something in the local area or to the places we've visited won't even hurt. If you feel like doing an extreme sport, how about bungee jumping or skydiving, and if you wanted to kind of a little less extreme why not go for an ATV or Canyoneering and you enjoy the safer zone, go camping and stargaze or maybe hiking.

3. Volunteer

Have you tried volunteering for a cause aside from being a requirement from school? I have not and I am also not referring to the monetary solution in volunteering but rather to give one's self credit of volunteering for a cause you believed of may believe. This activity gives a humbling experience on the things that we have forgotten to be grateful and you'll be surprised that these activities has come a long way to be part of the things to do this summer, after all, it needs to have a lot of courage to take part in these causes.

4. Relax and Whine it out

Being on a vacation mode, especially on a different country means to me learning a new culture and things that surround us at that particular moment and often times we are too excited that relaxing has been overlooked. Having a vacation may be relaxing but there's a difference when you just want to relax, sit and chill no nothing all day at one place rather than moving from one place to the other. There are times I find myself lost in my own room relaxing with all the Netflix and Chill kind of stuff and yet there I am going to a place with friends whom I share my sentiments that makes me feel good as I am able to whine out all my negative energies and start afresh. Giving me newer perspectives.

5. Get that paper and pen with a pint of ice cream

Does anyone, want to have a pint of ice cream? I want. I'm Guilty of this having ice cream just as aI please and having a paper and pen with me helps me jot down the things I just wanted to do, have thought about and just random thoughts, It has become a pleasure for me to have it all at once wherever I go to have a paper and pen. A lot of things and ideas are seen on a paper and even the list of things I have listed to do this summer or things I have planned for summer and the other days. It's a live saver for and then I have my brain freeze for a moment and get recharged for new ideas flowing on to me.

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