My Top 5 Travel Bucket List this Summer


Coming forward this Summer 2020, There are quite a number of Travel List that I have listed and one of it is to go to the beach, land, and mountains. Crazy right? I don't think so.

The five things I wanted to do as I have hit my 30th Birthday is to travel on these countries that I have never been to.

  • Boracay
It's one of my dream destinations this year after postponing several occasions and opportunities come. However, I planned that this year would be different as I am rewarding myself in going to the places I wanted. I remember back in college my friends planned to go on this trip and look its past 10 years since we all first met and now, we are having different paths and priorities and Before I have another milestone in the coming years. I better grab this.

  • Hong Kong
I have seen so many pictures on Instagram and all over the internets photos about Hongkong and I have never been one a trip to Hongkong including last year since I had a full schedule that my life took away vacation time. Hongkong has given me an exotic feel and I just wanted to explore the things I could explore with at least 2 days trip in Macau, that would be an adventure for me.

  • Bali
I remember wanting to visit Bali was because of "Full House" a Korean TV drama starring Song Hye Kyo and Rain and wanting to visit the hotel they stayed and have a bike ride with a special someone. So many K-drama's had featured Bali, like Memories in Bali and the movie series Twilight Saga. Aside from that, they have beautiful beaches I wanted to explore their night market as my cousin had visited the country and her favorite vacation so far because of the beach.

  • Spain
Spain has always been one of my European dream destinations and going there to explore the beautiful country where my mother side's ancestors came from would be great to know it. Sagrada de Familia would be one of my top destinations and should I take a little refreshment for my Spanish Language Skills? Fingers crossed.

  • Maldives
The Maldives is one of the top beach destinations I have in mind, an ultimate getaway from the busy life. The beach and villas they have are great and there's no reason to explain why its one of my bucket list this summer.

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