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Happy Galentine's Day!


Oh! It's valentine's honey! One of the cheesiest seasons of the day wherein people seem a little bit of extra in everything. Extra Sweet, Extra Effort, Extra Care, Extra High Price rate (Flowers are like x5 high in price than any regular day) and Extra Hot and Sexy!

I'm not someone who'd rant on this, but I'd love those extras seeing these people happy and making others happy what a wonderful time it is. Either you are in a relationship, with a partner or single it's definitely worth spending this annual celebration of love.

Today, As just another ordinary day for me as I have no special someone to spend my day with but I did spend it with the GALS and had a Galentine's Day! (Celebrating Valentine's with Friends). It's another special day for independent and strong women! Raise your hands.

Happy Galentine's Day!

There will be no dull moments when we are together, we certainly talk about everything that goes up and away with our imaginations and clearly, with the photos you'll see below. You can figure it out. Spending our 2 hours for lunch was amazing and the food at Trattoria di Gianni was excellent, It has the right amount of sweetness that we just wanted to taste for today a perfect date for the 4 of us.

Is that me? Hmmp! Shoot! the bear in me

Happy Galentine's Day!
Shoot! Here goes ate Sharoooooon! 

 I guess you had a good laugh on how'd we look when filtered. Taken by no other Sharon herself.

Happy Galentine's Day!
I'm pretty sure we will pass as an influencer. Point the legs out! 
 And since, it's late for us to realize that we hadn't taken photos of the food. We were definitely hungry btw. It is much appreciated that we had time to spend it and take some off as a #GIRLBOSS still discussion while eating works perfectly with us.

Happy Galentine's Day!
Oh! Sweet with the bouquet of flowers from Bim to Sharon and a Vase(s) of Flowers from the table
 We had good food and conversation at the Trattoria di Gianni and my face didn't match to how I definitely looked and feel. Apologies my friends, I have bitch face. We'll I enjoyed spending my time with these ladies and a man. It was sweet and romantic to have flowers on Valentines and Still I'd go for Lara Quigaman's practical tips for valentines #pengengpera. (I just saw it in IG just now and made me laugh so hard.)

Happy Galentine's Day!
I'm happy here with a BITCH Face!

Thank you so much, Bim for spending time with us and for giving us a lunch treat!

Oh! Before, I end this post. Whether you are single or taken, it doesn't matter for every day is Valentine's day! Remember that you are worthy of being loved and be celebrated in small or big achievements and if you are struggle and grinding give yourself a treat coz you deserve it. Happy Galentines!



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